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  1. Whoa! That's cool! I always just click the smiley face thingymabob next to the quote mark up above in the reply screen.
  2. It was the sound quality and how it flowed I think. And the album cover too. It all just seems to flow like one piece of artwork. It's hard to explain. And back then those sound effects were ahead of their time. Now days it's super easy to do those kind of things with loops and DAW's and samples so it may not seem so revolutionary now. Also it had the F word in it which was kind of unheard of at the time too. What fascinates me is the story behind the album, but I didn't know any of that until recently. Some of the songs were done as demo's for other projects. The clock chimes were part of another project they were doing. The voices in the background were just random recordings they made of various people around the studio. The woman's voice was just an off the cuff thing. I think that was the first take of her warming up iirc. In other words, the entire album was sort of pieced together and not this big 'concept project' everyone thought it was at the time.
  3. They went through a lot of changes over the years. When they started they were more of a 60's psychedelic band. When their lead singer OD'd on acid and went nuts and left they got more serious. Then came Dark Side Of The Moon and it's the best album, ever. Literally. The Wall is extremely overrated. Mother and Whatever Happened to Vera Lynn (who actually died recently) are my favorite songs on the entire 2 LP set. That's the entire Pink Floyd story.
  4. I tried, but there was nothing on. 😁 I was able to use my cell though. I was watching the Weird Paul Pooperbowl Special on Twitch until the battery got too low. 🤘
  5. None of your appliances came with plugs until 1992?! Zoinks Scoob! We do all of that here too but voluntarily. The child safety outlets aren't required. One thing I want to do is install the combo GFCI/AFCI breakers right in the breaker box but they are expensive. I would think code will require them eventually. We have a whole house surge suppressor from the power company on the meter plus I have GFCI's through the house. I also have one of these ... We had a big outage this summer too. The neighbors kid rammed their lawn mower in to the transformer box in their yard and moved it and shorted out the mains coming from underground. We were without power for over 12 hours. It fried my coffee pot which is on a GFCI, took out the ARC HDMI port on my TV so I can't use the surround via HDMI now, blew up the subwoofer amp. It was all connected to the Monster Power thing in the pic except for the coffee pot. Sometimes there's just nothing you can do. The whole house surge suppressor comes with a warranty but you have to jump through a 1,000 hoops to get anything out of them. This time I might try and also make them pay for the TV and surround and coffee pot as well. So far it's looking like the only thing that got fried is the oven but a lot of times you can't tell until days or weeks after.
  6. Power came back on. So far the only thing that verifiably let the magic smoke out was the oven in the kitchen. Dead as a doornail. What the h e double hockey sticks are those blue eyes in the pic I posted!!!??? I'm not joking, what the?? Cue Rod Sterling again.
  7. Oh just me trying to stay warm in the 6 degree ice stormy weather while the power is out. Sitting here alone with my sickly dog while my wife is in Waikiki for work for the next 2 weeks. I was using my DAW when it happened several hours ago. Power went on and off 4 times and there were 3 explosions up the street. Roads are icy and someone wrecked into the transformer substation a couple miles away. I could smell the magic smoke before I got a chance to yank the plug. Maybe it's God's way of telling me it's time to pack in the music Hah
  8. Those bad boys put my deceptive 11.5 Quadruple Wide's to shame!
  9. I used to squeeze in to shoes that were 3 sizes too small so they'd be surprised.
  10. That whole 'the bigger the shoe size the bigger the ...' thing is a myth. Don't ask me how I know, I just do.
  11. I think you can use Safe Mode to start CbB without VST's. Hold Shift and start CbB and click Ok. Then on the start screen hold shift again when opening a project. Or hold shift while opening up an individual project file. It will prompt you to load VST's 1 at a time or all or none at all.
  12. Huh. I thought H was the Help button. Boy would I have had egg on my foot.
  13. I rarely turn on my DAW anymore. In fact, I repurposed it for other things. I still record and dabble, but mainly when I'm stuck inside during the winter or a world wide disaster. As soon as spring hits it all gets unplugged and goes back in the basement. So Sphere for me is the way to go. Everything they offer for $14.95 a month is perfect, for me. I doubt I'll ever upgrade again. I'm on S1P3.5 but I find myself mostly using CbB now. It's like visiting an old friend you haven't seen in years. I just checked and I've been using Cakewalk since Pro Audio 4.5. I didn't upgrade every time, and back then I used it in a friends home studio, but I've been using Cake products for a very long time. One of the big complaints I have with S1 that drives me crazy is you can't hit play and stop while holding down your mouse button making adjustments to a VST. I never did like that but I was recently in an accident and developed essential tremors so it's really hard now. It's a design choice on their part because some 3rd party VST's will allow you to hit play/stop while making adjustments in S1. Melda VST's are ones that come to mind off the top of my head. I really try not to use 3rd party VST's in CbB. I never had any for years and listening back to my old mixes they all sound better back when I was only using Sonitus and the stock VST's, so that's what I try to do now. K.I.S.S.. I worry about Sphere though. You know how these things can turn in to a slippery slope and I could very well see S1 going the way of Adobe Photoshop. Not cool.
  14. Yep. While 'technically' you can mix and match different types and speeds of RAM, it's not a good idea. Too many things can go wrong.
  15. Can you loop with it? Cause you have to loop. It's all the rage with the youngsters these days.
  16. Wow. I just looked at the website of where I used to go in NJ. He only has 2 bass guitars and they are cheaper ones. He had 3 locations. Back down to one.
  17. I can't imagine that. It must have been great going in there. The one up in DSM was huge. I'm having Deja Vu. I seem to remember talking about this with you or here with someone before. Hmmm. They actually handed out business cards with their cell numbers on it and what instruments they played. Really nice store and nice people. This is where I spent my time. I used to tag along with my brother when I was little and go to his original location a few miles away back in the late 70's. My brother is quite a bit older than me. I still have every guitar I ever bought from there except for 1. An 83 Lefty Gibson Black Beauty Custom. Hated it. Sounded like a wet sponge was rammed between the pickups and strings. Never could get it worked out. I only bought it because opportunities for left handed gear of that caliber are pretty rare.
  18. G.C. is horrible. It has been long before C19. I'll never buy a thing from them again. They tried to screw me on gear trade in's, told me high dollar items I ordered would be here in 2 days and after 2 weeks they ask me why the hell I want it so bad and to just wait. Me=Done. G.C.=💩💩💩 Of course, that was around here. The one up in Des Moines was actually great. Well, 15 years ago. Probably a Starbucks or some hipster oxygen bar now.
  19. I doubt you would see any performance improvements unless you replaced all of your RAM with faster RAM. You always want to add the exact same ones you already have, and even then sometimes you will run in to problems. The manufacturer could use different IC's for the actual memory/RAM chips of the memory module and on rare occasion that will cause problems. You definitely won't see any latency improvements regardless of RAM speed. CbB shows you your entire system's RAM usage. Unless you see that over 50% while working in CbB I wouldn't worry about it. Get a cheap little wrist harness to ground yourself to your PC case so you don't fry anything. Run Memtest 86 before installing the new RAM and after to make sure everything is working properly. You may find you actually have a failing stick of RAM and you might as well replace it all now. Don't overclock. All it does is stress your system. Buy actual faster RAM if it's that big of a deal to you. I ordered one of the recommended memory modules that my mobo manufacturer actually tested with the mobo. It's just straight RAM, none of the fancy stuff with heat sinks that are designed to be overclocked. I have 16GB. I just loaded a song with 9 tracks of TTS-1 and have at least 1 VST on every track, 4 busses with several VST's and Pro Channel in use on almost every track. I'm at 21% RAM usage for my entire system. It loads almost instantly and I have my buffer settings at 64. See my specs in my sig.. HTH.
  20. "Act Fast – Only 1 left at your store!" Good luck getting one. The stock shows 1 or 2 available at every B.B. in the KC Metro area, which translates to 0 actually on hand. You can get a USB 3.0 4TB backup drive on Amazon regular price $96 and have it in 2 days. I recently wanted to play some old Bethesda games on my PC and was looking for an older video card but PC parts are getting extremely hard to get hold of unless you pay a premium online. There is a massive PC parts store here in the KC area. Bigger than most big chain grocery stores to give you an idea of the size of the place. The shelves are empty except for Routers, cables, blank discs, misc. small stuff like drives and keyboards and mice. The only Mobo's left are high end ones, a hand full of SSD's and HDD's, and only high end video cards. I didn't see any RAM. Basically the only thing left on hand are the high end things most people can't afford. I went there because their online inventory said they had a video card I wanted. There were 3 video cards left in the entire 2 isle area designated for video cards. They said they stopped updating their website months ago because everything is flying off the shelves due to people being stuck in from the Wuflu. Everyone is on their PC's and upgrading, fixing, expanding, gaming, streaming. It's a golden age for PC parts manufacturers. The cheapest I could find a 6 year old video card that would play a handful of old games at a reasonable frame rate is $300 used on eBay. It's crazy.
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