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  1. I wonder if they keep track of how much you paid? I think I paid full price for it a very long time ago but can't remember for sure. Maybe you got yours on sale and they aren't as willing to give as much back?
  2. Darn. I was hoping to catch another deal like this and cancel my Sphere membership. They just charged me for another month last night. Now I might as well stick with it because if I bought it now with this deal and cancelled Sphere I'd still be at $130. I like Sphere and recommend it but it's not for me because I just don't spend the time at my DAW that I used to to make use of all the samples and loops and storage.
  3. Hah! I was just going to post about this and your reply popped up. Good timing. Yes, I was able to get a discount. A huge one. I own MAutoDynamicEQ. I can get the Essential bundle for $19. On sale it's $119. So they are giving me $100 U.S. off for already owning their dynamic EQ. To be honest, I'm only really interested in the MAutoVolume plugin. It also has MAutoAlign. They are two awesome plugins. I haven't used MAutoAlign in a while and thought I owned it but I must have used a demo because it's not in my account. For $19 bucks this is a no brainer.
  4. Samsung. Grrr. Not a big fan of them anymore like I used to be. I have an old pair of K240 MKII's. They sound good but I've never been able to get a good mix on them. I ended up getting far better mixes in a bad room with my speakers about 4 feet away from the wall and me about 2 ~ 3 feet from the speakers. But with the headphone software available now I'm wondering if a better pair coupled with software would be good. On the other hand, if I bought everything I felt I needed right now I'd be about $15,000 in the hole. ๐Ÿ™
  5. I wish they had a 'Create Your Own' bundle and let you pick 10, 20, or 30 plugins of your choice. All the bundles I would be interested in include some I already own.
  6. I was looking at the AKG 712's. They are $550 at Sweetwater and Guitar Center but $389 from AKG on Amazon. Makes me wonder if the ones on Amazon are fake? That's quite a price difference.
  7. I'm sorry to hear that. My laptop died and I never replaced it and at the time my DAW was in my basement. Your site didn't work on any Android device I had or I would have been there a lot more not that 1 guy would have made a difference. Now I've moved my gear out of the dungeon in to the dining room so I'm on more regularly again. Lucky you guys eh? ๐Ÿคจ I like it here and I'm very grateful that we have access to this forum. It's easy to forget where I'm at and go off topic though. It's not intentional I just get used to being here and let my guard down because I feel at home so to speak. I need to be more mindful and respectful of the policies here and all will be just swell. Back on topic, I've been thinking about this a lot since I started this thread. I can't decide what I would do. If they updated a few things, one being make it look better on a 4K monitor, I have to admit I would have a really hard time deciding. IRT the 4K thing, I'm running 4K on a budget so maybe the scaling on my end isn't right. It would be interesting to know how CbB looks on other people's 4K setups.
  8. A guy at the gym I go to claims to be one of the sound guys for H&O. I imagine he's telling the truth. Who would be so desperate for attention that your claim to fame us H&O's sound.
  9. I have a copy of an old tintype photo of my Great (x4 or 5) Grandmother. She was a full blooded Mohawk. I always wanted to get that tattooed on my arm up high enough so a shirt would cover it. I imagine something realistic looking would be expensive.
  10. I have a degausser too. I'll try it on my HDD. If I'm not back in 5 minutes you'll know it worked. Maybe I should think this through a little more. ๐Ÿคช
  11. I just grabbed a GTX 1060 on eBay for $60.70 Buy It Now free shipping. The guy has a ton of them for sale. We'll see what happens. Link here. Never mind then. LOL. As soon as I ordered it eBay removed the auction. Must have been a scam.
  12. OMG! FULL SCREEN MODE! YES! LOL! Shift + F. If you're like me and assigned a macro to Shift + F so it worked like CbB then make sure you re-assign full screen mode toggle to another key. F seems to not be used by S1 for anything so I used that. I manually went in to full screen mode by clicking View on the menu area and scrolling down to Windows and then Fullscreen. Problem is, once the menu area is gone while in full screen mode there is no way to bring it back. I had to hit the Windows key to bring up the task bar then close and reopen S1. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
  13. @Wibbles Sorry to hear that. I have been off line for several years and every time I checked his forum via my cell phone it just showed everything in a jumbled text format that was unreadable. I've only gotten back on the net in the last few months. Ain't you guys's lucky. ๐Ÿ™„
  14. @InstrEd @Bapu Apparently the site rating is on a sliding scale depending on participant. I wish Bapu's forum was still going. I'd be willing to pitch in if cost was a problem. Back to the topic at hand ๐Ÿ™„, I'd rather forget those X# days to be honest. Not very good memories of that era.
  15. @SteveStrummerUK Yes, 8.5.3. I still have the update backed up. As well as Dim Pro and Rapture updates. I also have a bunch of free add-ons for Dim and Rap too. I really need to back all this stuff up. I'm playing a risky game with these old HDD's. But if I went out and bought everything I needed today to backup and update my PC it would total in the thousands. Prices of this stuff is getting out of control. I'd rather not see that screenshot. My BP is already elevated.
  16. @Bapu I just roll with it and carry a travel sized spritz bottle of Febreze.
  17. I still have my original 8.5P installation discs. Paid extra to get a hard copy. It was the last stable version for me until CbB. I also have a slipstream XP install disc I made with the final updates and drivers on it. I would have no problem going back to that if I had to. I miss a lot of things about the pre-X versions. I had a ton of old projects I did in 8.5P. Lost them all in a HDD crash. It just flatlined with no warning at all which is pretty rare for an HDD.
  18. That's me at the top. My wife next one down. July 23, 1998 @ 3:47am according to the timestamp.
  19. I just wanted to surprise you to make your day. ๐Ÿฅฐ
  20. Hey, I'm old skool. I got no time for fancy black borders. ๐Ÿ˜
  21. *with one raised eyebrow* Fascinating. As I was downloading it through S1 it said the file size was 149MB. I just looked at the actual downloaded file and it says something very different. I'm still shocked at how fast I got it.
  22. I liked the video. Thanks! TTS-1 also has 4 outputs so you could for example have your drums, strings, piano, and bass all go to their own bus and process them separately. I like to have even greater control and separate out the drum tracks to individual midi tracks and add a different TTS-1 to each individual drum in the kit. I've gotten in to the habit of using a separate instance of TTS-1 for every instrument. It makes it easier for me to work with individual instruments and bounce them to a wave to edit and use VST's. I was actually working on the I'm A Believer challenge but got sidetracked at home and never finished it. I think I'll try to finish it and find the thread and post the CWP of how I use it. I was intentionally using only VST's that come with CbB so anyone could open the CWP file and see/hear exactly what I did.
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