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  1. Bill it's actually the pain meds making her look like that. Here's what your nurse really looks like.
  2. The TOS here is the same as the old CH except there the TOS was not enforced. A lot of us myself included have committed banishable TOS violations here and we're still here so I don't think it's anything personal.
  3. I saw that and it really bothered me. I see no reason for it. Someone must just want to turn the CH in to something it never was. I worry they'll start banning after so many deletions. Not that it really matters but I'll be gone if that starts happening. Censorship is becoming a serious problem everywhere. (2nd attempt at replying. 1st didn't go through. Operator error?)
  4. I have an i5 650 I want to make an NAS system out of to back up all my song projects and movie collection that I plan to rip. Has anyone here had any experience with DIY NAS systems? I found an Open Source NAS program called, FreeNAS that seems to be what most people are using and love it. I've been trying to find info on setting it up but haven't found what I'm looking for. When you connect your HDD's do you set your SATA ports to RAID in the mobo BIOS or does FreeNAS take care of all of that? How fast are the files transferred to the NAS device? It as well as all what I want to backup will be connected via LAN. No Wifi in the loop at all. The main reason for wanting to stream my own movies is they keep changing specs on players especially with 4K discs and I have a hard time getting some of my movies to play. I have a Samsung 4K player but they got out of the disc player business and no longer put out firmware updates for it so I'm screwed. Plus I can get around the Region B DVD and Blu-ray problem if I stream them from my PC. Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. It depends on what you will be doing. Will you be working with a lot of synth VST's? Large projects? Lot's of samples? If so then you'd be happier with an i7 or i9 but an i5 would work just as well if you freeze your synths taking them out of memory or record them live to a wave file. An i5 based system will serve most of the home user crowd. If you are mainly dealing with wave files and drag and drop samples and don't mind freezing synth's if your latency starts to get bad than an i5 is perfectly fine. To give some perspective the new i5's are faster than my i7 6700K and I have no problem running projects with 30 or more tracks with dozens of plugin's and 7 or 8 synth's/drum samplers. I do have to freeze some things when the project builds and gets a lot of synths vst's but that's not a big deal. Your CPU/RAM/Mobo won't effect latency but your audio interface will. Research those and look for sites that have tested them and show how well the ASIO drivers work. If you're a home user with a limited budget you would be better served by putting a majority of your money in a solid reliable and low latency audio interface. You'll spend almost as much if not more on it than your PC. An i5 w/32GB RAM and an SSD for your programs and vst's and a secondary drive for your samples. Or one large SSD for everything. Get a CPU with built in video output unless you are going to be editing video. Then you'll need a dedicated card. Not all CPU's have built in GPU's so check to make sure. Also you'll need Windows 10 Pro not Home because you can tweak it more to set it up for DAW usage. The two most important factors I have run in to for stability is RAM and good audio interface drivers. Once you pick out a Mobo go to their web site and search for supported RAM and CPU's. They will show you what they have tested with that particular motherboard. Not all ram works reliably with all motherboards even though spec wise it may fit. Always choose RAM they have actually tested with the motherboard that they verified works. I avoid Corsair even if they test it and it's in the list. I personally prefer Kingston. I've never had Corsair RAM last more than a couple years in any PC I've ever had. I also don't like to overclock. It creates more heat and stresses everything. Some people do and it works fine for them. Some people like Corsair too. I avoid both at all costs. You can build your own but I would also check out a prebuilt DAW here. You may find the price is about the same as DIY especially if you factor in the research time and aggravation factor. Hope this helps.
  6. My first introduction to The Rutles was a mint original release LP of Let It Rot and Tragical History Tour. It was in a 150 LP collection I bought at a flea market one time back before the internet. I had no idea who they were and had no way to find out anything about them. I was shocked to see how popular they were when I finally was able to research them. Piggy In The Middle has backmasking in an obvious spot. He says, "This little piggy went to market." when you play it backwards. I was reading the US release of Tragical History Tour didn't have Piggy In The Middle on it so this must have been an import? I don't know. Lost them both along with about 600 other albums when my basement flooded one time.
  7. It went all crash in the loudspeaker. I think I need to replace it with a higher power larger unit.
  8. Wow. I forgot all about Bobby. The only forum double I ever had was Mickey McFinnigan. My/his avatar was the Irish version of Peter Griffin. I/he only ever posted a couple times but the one was epic. It's so strange I can remember some of those old posts but recent stuff escapes me. Good times. All but dead and gone now. I just found the thread that was epic but it's probably best not to link to it. Hah.
  9. Speaking of cute little cuddly bunnies, last spring I was out weed whacking behind the cord of firewood I had stacked up against my shop. I intentionally stacked it so I could walk behind it to trim the grass. Long story short before I realized what I had done there was blood and fir all over the building and me. I felt so bad I kicked the wood row down and built 3 racks and now it's all stored under the porch of the shop and my back porch.
  10. I recently got the rescanned and restored Scream Factory release of that movie. The wife just rolled her eyes at me. Wasn't the first time she's done that and I suspect it won't be the last. I also just received my preorder of Dawn of the Dead on Monday. Brand new 4K scan and restoration including the extended Cannes Cut. They did a superb job. It wad sold out before the pre-orders shipped. Can only get it 5 times the original cost from scalpers on ebay now.
  11. This is an original song posted by a forum member on the old Sonar Song forum. Posted well over 10 years ago IIRC.
  12. Reminds me of that video you posted years ago with that kid singing something about peeing in his bed? Funny how I can remember one of your posts from like 8 years ago but I can't remember what I had for breakfast today. 😁
  13. The only problem I had with BMD was I couldn't get the site to work on any android device. My laptop died and at the time my PC was in the basement not easily accessible. If it comes back I hope there is a way to make it work on android.
  14. Twitch or similar avenues seems to be the way to go. It astounds me how much people will donate. Some of the ones I follow have thousands of subscribers. If they are all Tier 1 ($4.99) and they have 5000 that's $12.5K a month after Twitch takes their cut. Plus all the Bit donations. Streamers get 100% of those. 100 bits is $1 dollar. Plus patreon. Plus paypal. Amazon wish list. Some of the big gamers have 10s of thousands of subs. Seems to me live streaming is the way to go. Youtube is done. They have gone corporate.
  15. Unless I misunderstood it's not the mods here. It's coming from elsewhere. If I had to guess it's more about avoiding upsetting the sjw/canc.cult. crowd than it is about silencing us. Total speculation but it's the only thing that makes sense to me. I wouldn't be surprised to hear they are changing the name to Sonar by Bandlab ...
  16. Your threads and others make this miserable world a little happier and I'm sad this is happening. I'm sorry I said anything about it. I should have just shut the funions up.
  17. Those couple paragraphs at the top of the forum we all skip over ... the details are in there. 😁 And it appears to have been updated recently. fwiw I see nothing wrong with anything that's been posted since I started hanging out here again. I haven't even seen a single post by anyone that has upset me in the least. I do know it's coming from above the mods and they have nothing to do with it. I'm just happy to be alive and here with like minded folks. If they want it strictly music related I'm ok with that but there are ways around it. For example start a Humble Pie thread and post a vid. Then go off with the pie pics. I'd consider myself lucky (special?) that a couple of the huge OT threads are still there based off what I've seen happening lately and the updated TOS. I still can't believe my thread with the pic of a stupid box with a clown on it got axed. LOL. How much pull do the clownies have? They're like .0000002% of the population. What are they gonna do retaliate by spritzing us in the eye with seltzer water? Nail us with a hand buzzer? Make an anatomically incorrect balloon animal? Clowngate 2021.
  18. Here is part of the soundtrack if anyone is interested. This is actual game footage. It looks better than this compressed video and there are mods to where you can make it look even better but still, this is pretty incredible. There is also a Day version of this too. The music is excellent. It's an actual real orchestra, no midi. This is what is included on that 4 LP set.
  19. That's great! I get that. I'm more in to the graphics and story aspect of it now. I like to shoot IRL but the old style cap and ball black powder. I keep the real ones locked away. I like the process you have to go through to load and be accurate with the old school black powder arms. Lot's of smoke and noise.
  20. PC gaming is more of a money pit than DAW PC's and requires a never ending array of tweaking patches and adjustments. A DAW you just set it and forget it for the most part. The hardware required to keep up with the ever changing graphics requirements is a never ending money drain also. It's going to change in the near future though. Everything is going to streaming. Internet speeds are getting to the point where it's better to have the game run in a dedicated high powered server and you simply play it remotely via your ISP. Amazon and Sony are doing it now and it works pretty good with less graphically intense games at the moment. I switched to Playstation many years ago but they slowly turned in to a function limited, GPU deprived, vastly slower PC and ruined it. Every game now on release day has a patch some the size of the original game install. If you want to access any aspect of the game online such as in game purchases, mods, dlc, playing against others, Sony forces you to do the update and locks you out of doing anything online until you do update. Same with their system software. I'm a PS fanboi. Now that the studio (Bethesda) that makes the only games I play just got bought by Microsoft all future games are Xbox and PC only so I'm jumping ship.
  21. I wouldn't hesitate to grab that as long as the neck is good and can be adjusted. Checking for adjustability is the hard part though. You can't tell until you take strings off and actually try to adjust the rod. If it's stuck you're screwed. I bought a used Sheraton II at G.C. about 10 years ago. I love it. $245 iirc with Epi logo'd hardshell case. Like new. Lefty. Craig is right about the electronics. They were all loose and crackly. I dripped a tiny amount of denatured alcohol in the pots and switch and worked it in really good. I also took apart the jack and cleaned, sanded, tightened, and greased it. So far so good 10 years later. I also recommend going to Epiphone's web site and downloading the setup instructions for it. It made an enormous difference and it felt like a completely different guitar afterwards.
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