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  1. Hi John (Ampfixer). I was Bub on the old forum.

    I joined in 2005. I forget the original name I used. I think it was just Shane or ShaneB or something like that. Long story short, and I'm going from very poor memory here, I switched ISP's (dial up back then) and lost my email account  through them. Forgot my password, couldn't reset it because my email changed, and that's when I created a new account. Several for that very same reason. I think I joined just after they went from BB to the old forum. It's seemed relatively new at the time and I didn't hang out there much.

    I vividly remember posting a Halloween song and DaveNY complete laying in to me telling me what a piece of garbage it was. It drove me away for long time, then I slowly started poking my head around again.

    The Song forum was fantastic back in the day. There were some really talented people there. Still are, don't get me wrong, but it was significantly more active back then.

    Hope you come back regularly John. It's slower paced than it used to be, but it's still the same great place.

  2. 1 hour ago, Jonathan Sasor said:


    Sad news indeed. My dad actually knew Dave back in the day. Their shop in Flemington is where I bought my #1 Les Paul and Jazz Bass (among others), although that location has been gone for a little while now. 

    He had 3 stores at one time. Flemington, Bethlehem PA, and the location that just closed in Phillipsburg. I also remember his original location on Rt. 57 before he expanded.

    I had dinner tonight at a restaurant in PA and as I was leaving I saw a guy with a D.P. t-shirt on. I stopped and was talking to him about it closing. He said he went in and bought all the old neon signs Dave got from the various vendors over the years that he had in the display cases. It was really weird bumping in to some random guy like that with that t-shirt on. Never saw one before.

  3. Wow. I replied to this thread twice and I have no recollection of this thread at all.

    Funny how I can still remember the time my mom caught my belly in the zipper of my footy pajamas when I was 4, but I can't remember this thread, or even what I had for breakfast this morning. Of course, mentally I'm only 4 and a half now so there is that.

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  4. Happy New Year to all.

    I don't know exactly why, but this song felt fitting to share.

    I always look back when I start to think it was a bad time or year and say to myself, well dumbass, you're doing better than you should be, so chin(s) up.

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  5. https://www.davephillipsmusicstore.com/blogs/news/the-end-of-an-era

    This was the place I bought my first guitar. First 3 actually. I still have them. I bought my first 2 amps there, my band got all their PA gear there. My first guitar rack gear, mic, keyboard, 8 track recording machine. Countless strings, cables, and a 100 other pieces of gear over the years. Basically from the time before I was in a band, all through my 16 years playing out, till the day I moved away, everything I bought that was music related came from there.

    The first time I went there was with my brother when I was a little kid back in the 70s. We went together one last time on Friday. They were selling the guitar racks off the walls and everything else was gone by the time we got there.

    It was the last music store in our area. Oh well. I still have Sweets I guess.

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  6. Merry Christmas everyone. There's so many albums it's hard to choose what to postas my favorites. I seem to play these a lot. I have over 40 albums I shuffle in my Christmas playlist.




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  7. 9 hours ago, michaelhanson said:

    I can relate.  A little over 2 years ago I became full time remote at my work position.  My office serves both as a studio and remote work office.  Two separate computer systems, each with a set of dual monitors.   Lunch hours often become recording sessions. 

    Yeah, a lot of people are doing that now. I've been trying to buy a house here in NJ. In my old hometown. The realtor I talked to said 100% of the sales she's made there in the last year were all to NYers that are now working from home. They are using their NYC salaries and coming in and bidding at least $100K over asking and paying cash. Houses that should be going for 300K are going for 400K and 450K and up and a lot of people that are from this area making local wages are leaving the state because it's raised the cost of living and taxes so much

    When companies start to equalize the WAH/salary ratio it's gonna get real fugly.

    I don't think I could take working from home. I sort of do now. I do all the maintenance and remodelling work at the apartment complex I'm temporarily staying at. I get in my truck and drive around almost every night just to get away. Lol.

    I'd like to set up some kind of makeshift recording rig but I'd be restricted to headphones and it's not the same, for me. My ears get tired using headphones really quick and I end up increasing the volume more and more to get over the ringing in my ears. It's a viscous cycle. 😄🎧🙉

  8. 5 minutes ago, Shane_B. said:

    I don't know how in depth of a Sonar/CbB user you are, but in the end I found S1 to be far easier to use ...

    I'm sure I could fly around CbB just as fast as I always could if I started using it regularly again. I didn't mean that as a slam on CbB. I guess a better more PC way of saying what I did would be to say I found the transition easy and I had no trouble with the differences in workflow. But yeah, it is always difficult switching software we're so intimately involved with. 👍

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  9. The hardest part of switching from Sonar to Studio One is still, to this day, the visual aspect of S1. I simply hate how S1 looks and the convoluted way they force you to change the limited color scheme.

    I'll trade that though for the stability. I can count on 3 fingers of 1 hand the number of times S1 has crashed. And at no time did I ever lose any tracks.

    I remember at one point I had set X2 to auto save ever 5 minutes iirc?

    It's not that way now with CbB, but back when I switched, losing the visuals was well worth the gained stability.

    I don't know how in depth of a Sonar/CbB user you are, but in the end I found S1 to be far easier to use, once I learned where everything was laid out. Then I added custom macros, and well, I'm happy. And I'm not a happy person by nature. 😁🤪

  10. I had very good luck selling through an actual music store. I sold through a local shop near me in the KC area.

    I don't know what state or country you're in. The place I used was in Lawrence Kansas. 

    I got away from buying and selling on places like eBay and Reverb. Places where scamming is almost encouraged.

    My suggestion would be a local place if you can or Facebook marketplace where you have total control over the transaction, where and when you meet, and getting cash with no refunds in hand directly from the person.

    That said, the shop I sold through in KS is large and well known. I don't know how many places like that are left. They took a lot of great photos, set up the guitar and verified it was 100% original and did a very professional online ad on their website. I forget what their cut was, but with all they went through to sell it for me I thought it was fair. They took care of shipping and everything and it actual sat in their shop for walk on traffic too.

    Good luck!

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  11. 5 hours ago, bitflipper said:

    An electrician once told me that plumbers only need to know two things: sh*t rolls downhill and payday's on Friday.

    I actually did some plumbing myself for awhile. It was industrial plumbing of corrosive chemicals. Stuff that would dissolve the soles off your shoes. Working with compression fittings and titanium tubes that could snap in two if you tightened or bent them too far. Surprisingly, it was actually fun work.

    But I hated working with water. Water lets you know that if there is any way for it to get out, it will find it. I have respect for any professional who can consistently make soldered copper and glued PVC connections that don't leak.


    I was on my side in a crawlspace with a plumber under one of the buildings last year at this time. One of the main drain lines cracked right at a joint the went through the foundation into an adjoining building. I noticed it leaking while down there plumbing a handicapped shower I had to install that week. I was afraid to do it alone so I called a plumber. As we're laying there on our sides right underneath the main he goes, "Oh **c*!". I said what's wrong and he replied that someone just flushed. We both got someone's dump splattered all over us. So yes, I can verify the saying that saying is true.

    I do a lot of soldering and pvc. I'm currently converting as much as I can to pex. I like it but would hate to have to do thus all day long in different areas. After you do a few here you get really good because it's all cookie cutter repeat.

  12. I took over the maintenance on an apartment complex almost 2 years ago now. Basically nobody has done anything here since it was built in the mid 80's except the bare minimum, and very poorly. 90% of what I run in to was caused by the previous guys before me.

    I run in to this kind of thing almost every day. I do all the plumbing (toilet replacement, faucets, showers, water heaters), all electrical from the panel to the buildings, complete remodeling from the kitchen to the bathroom when a tenant moves out, drywall start to finish too. When I think of what these companies charge, and what I actually get paid, it makes me sick.

    That much money to replace shutoff valves and return for a leak that he should have checked for while he was there the first time is a total screw job. I can 99% guarantee you it was leaking while he was under there. I would never use them again and make it known to the owner how much his company screwed me. Unless of course it was the owner that came out.

    I've had similar experiences with appliance repair companies, ironically, seeing how I used to work on appliances. I had to use a company for insurance to cover it, I couldn't fix it myself. The guy came out and refused to give me an invoice and said, "The women in the office deal with paperwork, I just fix things" and he refused to leave me a bill. They never sent a bill and would call and accuse me of not paying them. They wanted me to send a check to them with no invoice. All I simply needed was something in writing saying what they charged me, what was wrong, and how how much the parts would be to send to the insurance company. In the end I had to drive to their office and pay them and have "one of the women" hand write me an invoice marked paid, and they fought me on that.

    It's getting really hard to find anyone reputable in any service industry.

  13. 1 hour ago, bitflipper said:

    Which reminds me, I need to create a will. I'd hate to have all my stuff end up in a yard sale to be snatched up by Craigslist resellers.

    I was just talking about this today with someone. All the hours I've put in to creating music, all of my guitars that I cherish so much. My guitars will end up at a pawn shop and all my music I have created will simply be deleted. I keep everything private on YouTube and Soundcloud so eventually after years of inactivity that will be eliminated too.

    It made me feel selfish and kind of sad to think I created all this, just for myself. All the hours, months, weeks, probably totalling years of actual hours I've spent that never benefitted anyone but me.

    I share what I created with a handful of friends and family that listen to it once, say it's nice, then never listen again. It makes me question why I even bothered to be honest.

    I was with my wife 26 years. She never once actually sat down and listened or enjoyed anything I recorded nor was interested in my playing in the least. It was just a thing I wasted time and money on to her. I can't say she was wrong I guess.

    I've always been in to woodworking too, but now Im diving in to it like I did music. At least it will leave something behind. I still have the itch to record and create music but I don't because it consumes me and I realize I'm not good enough to creat something quickly and it just takes me too much time.

    I haven't touched my guitar seriously in years. My new 'family' keeps asking me to play at parties and in their living room but I'm too embarrassed. I'm way out of practice.

    After proofreading this I realize how dark this post is. Sorry. But it is the sad truth. Lol.

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  14. 3 hours ago, craigb said:

    Yep.  Jan left us many years ago now.  BA-MIDI, Bill, Space Cowboy, all gone.

    I still have our last email exchanges, with Jan and Billy (BA-MIDI), archived after all these years.

    The thing that bothered me most when I was banned years ago was not talking to all of you here. This always has been a special place on the internet with a really great group of people. I don't include myself in that category because I really used to let the software side of this place get to me. My behavior wasn't up to par with the rest of the group. But I'm grateful I was accepted warts and all. I've grown up a lot since then, I think/hope.

    It would be very painful and a great loss if anyone here, including the ones we greatly disagree with, were to pass away.

  15. 8 hours ago, John Maar said:

    still remember what SONAR went through with the development of the Skylight GUI after v8.5 into X1, then X2, then X3. That was far from painless.

    Yepper. I was there for that. The great thing about 8.5 was, you could customize almost everything. I still miss the gui in it.

    I really liked using BiaB. I got the version with the uncompressed realtracks on a hard drive. Now I have lightning fast internet so I wouldnt do that again, I'd just download it. 

    Long story short, it had a bug that effected very few users, they couldn't patch it, I returned it to Sweets, and a couple months later they released a new version and fixed it. Lol. It is what it is. Someday when I get a studio set up again I will definitely jump back in.

    Who knows, maybe they are working on some eye candy improvements now and it will be out by then. 👍


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  16. 3 hours ago, craigb said:

    So, using a drum machine isn't really an option then? 🤔

    I don't think they make one with accurate enough timing to replicate his playing. Haha.

    Now their position is one where using footage of him in the background or holograms or whatever it is that Abba did and Kiss is going to do would work.

    Isolate his playing and have them play live to it. They did an Elvis concert like that years ago long before Abba did what they did. I've never seen what Abba did so I have no clue how they went about it, but imho that's the only way they should do this. Otherwise it just feels really wrong to me for a couple reasons.

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  17. I really like BiaB. I ran in to a couple of hiccups that they did eventually fix, so some day I will definitely jump back in.

    That said, for the love of God, can they please update the Windows 3.11 looking gui. It's been around a long time, it could really use a face lift. 

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  18. Rush is one of those rare bands where not a single member is replaceable. You lose any one of those guys and it's over imho.

    There is nobody who could replace Lee's voice, Lifeson's guitar work, and sure as heck Peart's drumming. Him especially. Nobody could ever come close to him on drums in my opinion, plus he wrote most of their songs according to what I've read about them.

    They can do what they want of course, its their baby. I'm not even that big of a fan of theirs tbh, but it feels wrong to me to keep going without him.

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  19. On 11/7/2023 at 1:40 PM, craigb said:

    Just noticed I had said 2k, I actually keep it at 4k and zoom in 125%.  That said, you're missing the fact that everything is bigger and easier on old eyes.


    Does the NAD+ help with that? This summer they had a sale on it on Amzon. 50% off if you bought 4 or more so I got 4.

    I just started taking it regularly again for about a month. I think it actually improved, but it could just be my imagination. 100% for sure it reduces my Tinnitus.

    One of my neighbors got a 40 something inch Vizio 4K TV for $137 on Black Friday. I'm impressed at how good they are for the price.

  20. 12 minutes ago, Grem said:

    just learned the solo to  Page's "Stairway". And it's not like he plays it. At least it's not what the tab sheet is telling me to play. But I do make it sound real close. This is something I have always done, make it sound like the real thing. IDKWTF I was doing. All I knew was the band smiled when I got a hard solo to sound like the record!! (Living Color's "Cult")

    Which brings me to this:

    38 minutes ago, Rain said:

    Part of me is glad that I struggled so hard for every note and every little thing I've learned. That's how music becomes part of your soul. 

    Well said.

    And I mean it was a struggle. Hours upon hours upon hours.... but it's there... in my soul!

    The lead to Hotel California is my "Stairway" moment. Back when I learned it I didnt have a DAW so there was no ripping and looping a section to slow it down, learn it, and practice it.

    It took me years of playing it live to perfect it to sound as close to the original as I could with just me on a single guitar. There's multiole guitars in the original. Nobody even attempted that song in our area. We were the only band to do it.

    One thing that stands out in my mind about it is, after I got to the point where I could play it live. We were at our first band practice attempting to do it all together and the singer said, "Man I can't sing it that high. We have to drop it a step and pick up the tempo a little.". I almost had a freaking heart attack and I had to learn it all over again in a different key and then play it faster.

    It's one of those things that, like you guys said, it becomes part of you. I don't even know what I'm playing, it's instinct and muscle memory at this point. I could never tab it out or teach someone how to play it. I just know that when the break happens and it's my cue to go, I go no matter what anyone else is doing and they can come along for the ride.

    I'm very proud of the fact that I can play that lead and it sounds as close to the original as it can with a single guitar.

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