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  1. 2 hours ago, Bapu said:

    Big amps are all gone in favor of small combos.

    All amps are gone here in favor of my ART hardware as a compressor/preamp combo into VST's.

    I do have an amp just in case I want to play live, but I never record with it. It's a Fender Champion 100, 212 combo. It's a very basic modeling amp with 2 channels. It has a knob with only a few built in modeling presets, but I'm more than happy with it.

    I wish someone still made a 1 x 15 combo. Those were my favorites to play clean through. I saw an old Kustom cream colored one in a used guitar shop years ago. It had a bad buzzing sound so I passed on it.

  2. I could part with all of my guitars except for one. My customized and truely road worn 1985 (84?) Made In Japan left handed black strat.

    I joined my first band when I had just turned 13. My brother bought me a used red Montaya which was pretty much only good for kindling. The neck looked like one of those plastic pieces of flexible Hot Wheels track. And no amount of trying or switch position would stop the terrible buzzing. It was horrible.

    Ronnie the drummer in the band took me to the local music store and bought me the MIJ strat. I still have it and it still plays like a dream. I customized it with EMG's and a volume mute switch shortly after I got it. I had to replace the bridge due to rust from sweating on it over the years and I had to have the frets raised once about 15 years ago. They were flattened but not worn away so they were able to raise them rather than replace them.

    After all these years the intonation is still dead on and it still plays like a dream. I played that guitar every weekend for 16 years straight and use it to record and practice to this day.

    Ronnie died a few years ago. This guitar has so much sentimental value to me beside the fact that it plays like nothing I've ever tried.

    I bought a used left handed Gibson Black Beauty Custom one time. I could never warm up to it and eventually sold it. It was weird, I sold it through a music store in Kansas when I lived near Kansas City years ago. Someone on this forum, back before we moved over to Bandlab, saw it on the music stores website and bought it.

    Now that I'm getting older I worry about who will get my strat and make sure it's taken care of when I'm gone.

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  3. 2 hours ago, Tim Smith said:

    Go into the clip you created and drag the measure marker to fit. Now you have a tight part.

    FWIW, this works really well in Studio 1 too. But I don't think it works that way by default and it sounds like Ableton is set up to do this more easily.

    Iirc you can do it after the fact in clip properties or set the entire project up to be able to do that. I've used it a few times but not a lot.

    What I have done a lot is transfer 8 track tapes from a machine with only 4 outputs. The timing floats because it's a cassette based machine.

    I transfer the first batch of 4 tracks including drums and group them. Do the second batch and include the drums again and group that batch of tracks.

    Grouping makes it so if you edit timing on a single track in the group, all the other tracks in that group follow the edit.

    Detect transients on the drums in both groups, quantize to transients, and done. All tracks line up in both groups to the detected drum transients.

    Sometimes I'll have to do a 3rd group for the 8th track and again include the drums due to the distinct transients. It would have been so much easier if my machine had 8 outs instead of 4. Hah.

    I mention that process because it uses the same algorithm to do that as it does per clip and it's flawless.

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  4. 57 minutes ago, pwalpwal said:

    ot, but this is actually why it's all going subscription - if you can already do what you need to do, why would you upgrade/buy a new version? tools for jobs - i don't need to upgrade my hammer because i can still hit nails in with the one i've already got

    I agree. A lot of things are going subscription-based now. For example, my older truck has the GMC version of Google maps built in. 

    All newer GMC's require you to subscribe to OnStar to get access. You can plug your cell in and use Google maps, but if you want to use the built in navigation you have to subscribe to OnStar.

    I'm in the Point Of Sales business. You have to subscribe to get the latest software version to keep some systems running. If you ignore the reminder and don't do it, your entire system goes down.

    A lot of POS systems now are free to the business IF they use their credit card services and pay them 3.5% per transaction, which gets passed along to the customer of course.

    But IRT software subscriptions, I like the option, but also want to be able to buy it outright if I choose to. Studio One offers both options for now, but the second that changes I will no longer use their software.

    I tried their all inclusive option one time. I forget what it's called, but you get access to all their VSTs and samples. I ended up using exactly 0% of it. I already had everything I use, a lot of it I got for free, and most of it was unusable unless you are a BIAB type user. Edit: You also get the latest full version of Studio One Producer that subscription, which is huge.

    I'm not knocking BIAB, I really like it. They got a bug fixed that crippled the way I tried to use it and fortunatley Sweets let me return it. I will jump back in again when the dust settles here and I get a studio set up again.

  5. Studio One, depending on how deep in to Midi you are.

    I've never not been able to do anything in Studio One that I could do in Sonar.

    That said, I used to read all the time about people complaining of the lack of Midi in Studio One compared to Sonar.

    And that said, I've skipped the last 2 upgrades to Studio One so that situation may have changed as well.

    I actually found Midi and Midi editing a lot better in Studio One than Sonar but I'm a basic user. 

    If you are a long time Sonar user, Studio One is the logical choice and is closest to what Sonar is.

    Plus Studio One supports 4K monitors. It was great on my 40" TV.

    Edited to add: Macros are great in Studio One. Very easy to make your own and there are more than you could ever ask for to download on their Exchange server, which is accessed directly from the main screen when start Studio One.

    Editing of Midi and audio in Studio One was significantly better for me. It was more fluid for lack of a better term? Smoother editing. Easier to see, zoom, and maneuver around especially when zoomed in.

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  6. I prefer listening to vinyl from back in the day when it was a room full of musicians being recorded live and recordings were made to sound good on LP. I never liked listening to rock on LP. It always sounded thin to me.

    I remember when Mobile Fidelity used to boast about their half speed master recordings. I read an article about Decca one time and they did it that way back in the day because it sounded better. IOW, those old LP's sound really good because they recorded and mastered the audio for that medium. At some point that started to change and it became more about getting LPs out as fast as they could and sound quality became secondary.

    My collection is mostly stuff from the 50s and 60s just because of the sound quality. I've picked up LPs I've never heard of just because they were original Decca, and other labels, from that era.

    Old LPs really need to be deep cleaned to truly hear them. You have to get the 50+ years of gunk and dust out of the grooves to get full needle depth and the full sound 'data' from the grooves so to speak. You really don't need high end equipment. Does it help, yeah, but Im more than happy with the current setup I have. I have a Technics turntable I got at a yardsale when I was a kid. Its still chugging along. I've taken it apart a few times and cleaned it. I did replace the head. Its so old now that the needles are discontinued. This was the only place I could find them. 


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  7. I had the opportunity to move to Hawaii a couple years ago. I've never been there but my wife at the time spent a lot of time there for work. She was working in a military base. Stayed there for 2 weeks at a time then the last trip she stayed there an entire month. They liked her so much down there that her company asked us to relocate to their office there. Wages aren't the same there as everywhere else and she would have taken a massive pay cut so we declined.

    We used to travel all over the country. I'd take work vacations with her where she was traveling. I've been to 20 states that I can recall off the top of my head, probably more, all at no travel cost other than food. I was very lucky to have that opportunity. 

    By far Utah was my favorite. If I win the $700 million Power Ball drawing tonight that's where I'm going. Buy a 10,000 acre ranch. Build a modest little log cabin right in the middle. And nobody would ever see me again.

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  8. I'm so lost with some of the replies here. Lol. I don't know who is mad at who or what in blazes is going on. I think someone requested rear end ointment for some odd reason, but I'm not sure.

    I like toasted Rhye breed. It's good. Anyone else like it?

    I just watched 2 good movies from my personal movie collection collection. Night of the Creeps and The Toolbox Murders. Fell asleep during toolbox..woke up and now I can't get back to sleep. Arf. I mean, argh!

    "OH look, frost!" (From Dumb & Dumber) I learned a lot from that documentary.

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  9. 3 hours ago, pwalpwal said:

    nice, but you didn't mention room treatment? not worth the money if you're playing it back in a box

    There really wasn't any room treatment. Just a bunch of amps and speakers in a big open room so you could compare them.  Thats some serious money your talking about with those items I linked to. That's beyond the grasp of most people. Although Magnapan is making affordable speaker versions now. I think, not sure, the ones I linked to are $1,000 a pair. The two things I noticed were the imaging which was more the speakers probably and the lack of distortion from the amp. 

    I can only guess that designing a very low distortion amp is a lot harder and more costly than building a high wattage amp. I A/B'd it with other amps and the clarity was night and day. I never really understood what they meant by "distortion" in the amp specs until I could actually hear the difference.

  10. 31 minutes ago, paulo said:

    Turntable question......

    Mine has just started playing up... It was fine the last time I used it (a few months maybe) but when I tried to use the other day the speed is all over the place. It's not a belt issue because there isn't one. I know nothing about it as I was given it by someone who has moved away now. Is this likely to be a fixable (assuming that I can find anyone who fixes them) or is it just junk now?

    FWIW Toshiba SR-Q660...




    Could be dust inside the contacts of the speed control knob. Spin it all the way back and forth a bunch of times really fast to see if the speed variation changes or it may fix it. Sometimes if it's old it can be a bad capacitor in the speed control circuit. They go bad over time. Motor going bad. There really isn't much to them.

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  11. I was at a high end audio shop in KC one time a few years ago.

    I heard one of these ...


    Through one of these ...


    Over a pair of these (with a sub but I dont remember what it was) ...


    Nothing I've ever heard before or since even comes close. You could actually hear where everyone was standing/mixed in the sound stage. It was as if you could get up and walk around and go to where everyone was at. It was astounding.

    BTW I looked online to see if Ritchie is still there. He is, but I see he hasn't changed based on his reviews. Expect to bring a wallet with 6 credit cards. Hah.

    I've been hitting the local thrift stores. I've got my collection up over 300 LPs. I lost my 700+ collection whne my basement flooded many years ago. I refuse to pay any more than a $1 per LP.

    I also made my own LP cleaning system. If I can find the pics I'll post them some time.

  12. 21 minutes ago, Grem said:

    That's the Shane I remember!!

    I remember when I did that. I was away from the forum a while and couldn't remember my login info. Iirc it was around Halloween and I just randomly picked that. My user name was "Shane" before that. But it was just easier at the time to make another one. I know that was highly irregular and nobody else ever had more than one account there. 😜😁

    It was Bub when it was transferred here but I asked to have it changed to what it originally was and buried Bub once and for all. Hah.

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  13. 11 hours ago, hockeyjx said:

    What part of NJ @Shane_B.? North or South??? I'm originally from a small town outside of Cherry Hill NJ.

    Northwest. A small town right on the Delaware. I moved out to the Midwest 25 + years ago and recently moved back.

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  14. 9 minutes ago, Jeremy Oakes said:

    You’re still hung up about Gibson ?

    Nope. Not at all. I just saw a post and responded. Actually, I wasn't even around when all that went down. I just remember reading about it and something in that thread triggered my memory about it. It wouldn't even effect me as I never bought in to that offer.

    I simply saw a post in a thread that kept showing up in my notifications for some unknown reason and I spoke my mind.

    Nuttin' more, nuttin' less, and certainly no apologies.

    I will say I was a hell of a lot more civil about my opinion than the rest of the replies. But that comes with the territory and it's ok.

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  15. 23 hours ago, Jeremy Oakes said:

    Well, maybe you should get upstairs more often, you’d have found the answer to your rhetoric question/statement a long time ago……….. 😜

    Well a strange thing happened since the recent forum updates. I keep getting random notifications about threads. I never go up there but for some reason that thread popped up in my notifications multiple times and I replied. Silly me. That'll teach me to try and participate in the forums that they ask me to. 😁

    I see the drooling fanboy attitude still hasn't changed. Same ol' same ol'. Heaven forbid someone suggests that a corporation with 30 plus million users might have a little heart and take the loyal user base in to consideration. You would have thought I pewpew'd the pope for whatshisnames sake. Sheesh.

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  16. 18 hours ago, Byron Dickens said:

    I'm really disappointed, man. I thought you were a lot smarter than this but you're sounding just like all the other entitlement-mentality crybabies who can't let it go.

    Thanks B.D.. I can always count on you for your honest opinion. That's why I like you. 😁

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  17. ... I go upstairs, one of you hop a flight to NJ, kick me in the balls, and throw me back down the stairs. LOL. I'll reimburse your travelling expenses. 

    That said, I do have a question I'm afraid to ask anywhere else ....

    Does CbB look right on 4K monitors now? The last time I tried it, it did not. That is really the only thing keeping me from using it. I ask because I don't have my DAW set up right now but will in the future. Just wanted to know out of curiosity, how others are 'seeing' it.


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  18. 1 hour ago, Craig Anderton said:

    They didn't make the commitment. They bought intellectual property, not a business model.

    I can understand both sides. It's a business decision though. They could honor that if they wished to. Again, not trying to stir the pot or argue. Just giving my thoughts on it in hopes that maybe someone with the authority to make that calls sees all the discussions about it and considers what happened.

    I have nothing bad to say at all about the current state of CbB or the people behind it all now. I've always felt it was worth paying for now that they have taken over and have absolutely no problem with that at all.

    I put it right up there equal with S1 in terms of stability now, and above in a lot of other ways. I'm glad it's still going strong and hope it continues to do so for a very long time.

    P.s. Good to see you here. I haven't been on the S1 forum in years. Haven't had time to even touch my DAW in about 2 years. I'm getting the itch again though.

  19. 2 minutes ago, User 905133 said:

    As I have said, Bandlab has more than made up for the $500 (or less, if there were loyalty discounts; not sure) by giving everyone five years of a quality DAW. 

    Didn't a lot of people get screwed out of 'lifetime upgrades' that paid for them? I doubt they would agree with you.

    It would be one thing if the product totally went away, but it didn't. In my opinion the new owners should honor that commitment.

    They honor the fact that we can still access and use everything else we paid for with the old company, why not that?

    Please don't answer. That was a rhetorical question. It's just food for thought/thinking out loud/other side of the coin ... you know what I mean.

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