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  1. In the U.S. there are actually dB level ordinaces. You can get a knock on the door from the police, and a ticket if a neighbor complains and you don't comply with police request to turn it down, but what's happening in the U.K. is over the top. In NJ it's 65 dB from 7am to 10pm and 50db 10pm to 7am. I would guess it varies state to state.
  2. So, now that I have to pay for it again, will I be re-banned?
  3. Ozone 9 Advanced completely changed everything for me from mixing to mastering. I'm able to get to a finished master now significantly quicker, with subpar headphones. 2 years ago now, which BTW was the last time I turned on my DAW, I transferred some old 4 track masters my brother and I recorded in the 80s. I did a massive amount of editing including extensive vocal repair (using Melodyne) and added new instruments. I did it all with headphones using O9A. I didn't even have my monitors hooked up. It only took 2 or 3 trips to the car and listening to YouTube uploads to get the best masters that I've ever done. Those are my main listening environments so that's what I was shooting for. I really like O9A but I'm also 100% certain the same results could be achieved just as easily by someone with other plugs and a better setup than I have. I'm just a home DIY/hobbyist when it comes to all this. The visual plugs that help you master helped me significantly. The big downside I ran in to is, you need a powerful system. Even if you don't embed it in to all your tracks and just use the stand alone plugs it can bog you down real quick.
  4. I remember an original series episode along those lines. I forget the actors name that played the part of the creator of the AI, but I do remember he also played Dracula in the Blacula franchise in the 70s. He was a very good and underrated actor.
  5. I would be worried that the current free version wouldn't work anymore if they did go to a paid thing and those that can't afford to pay would be locked out of their work. You would be locked out of all the work you've one since the X series. I always preferred using Cakewalk but never switched back once the free version came out for fear of this happening, getting reinvested in it, then have it disappear again. That's why I stuck with another DAW. That said, you could look at as the best demo period of any software ever and just start paying if it comes to that and not miss a step. I just hope that they do not go with subscription service only if the time comes when we have to start paying.
  6. OpenOffice for documents and spreadsheets and Gimp for photo editing are just as good as MS and Adobe for my needs. I did buy Adobe Light room for RAW editing. I have the last version you could buy. I have nothing against subscriptions as an option. Most times it's actually cheaper if you are one to always upgrade to new versions when they are released. I just don't like the idea of being locked out if I don't keep paying a fee monthly.
  7. It's possible they weren't, but I have never heard a band so tight before. Maybe being from the big apple the bar is a lot higher and there's a better talent pool to form a group from? IDK. They even had a full sized sound shield in front of the drummer. I noticed when they started, the low mids were brutal. A guy came out from the back of the stage area. He had an iPad and was walking around the room making adjustments to their sound system with it and got it cleared up before the first song ended. That was the only time I saw him. The singers had iPads on their mic stands too. There were two small column like monitors that they were all mixed through. There was a drummer, bass, sax, lead guitar player, lead singer/acoustic player, keyboard, and a second lead singer. It was all controlled via an iPad wirelessly. I've been thinking about playing live again but after seeing that kind of competition I think I'll just slink back in to my hole and find another hobby. I'd be a hypocrite if I cried foul though. Toward the end of my band days we prerecorded tracks and played along. At least we did it old school. It was me playing all the backing tracks on an 8 track I then transferred to DAT and we didn't hide it. And we did do about half of the night 100% live. But it's accepted now and the norm I guess.
  8. I went to my neice's wedding this weekend in upstate NY. They had a 7 piece band at the reception that was out of NYC. My brother was a drummer playing live for over 30 years and I played geetar live for over 16. We weren't used to being on that side of the mic and we were sitting there critiquing them the whole time. They were so tight there is no way they were truly live. They had to be playing to some kind of backing tracks and never varied their songs with an extra lead or repeated verse when the dance floor was packed to keep them up there dancing. Don't get me wrong, they were excellent, but there is no way they were fully live. During one of the breaks I saw the lead singer sitting out in a seperate room by one of the bars by herself. She didn't associated with the other members. It was just the two of us and the bartender. After I did the 'Lenny and Squiggy palm bite' I mustered up the courage to go sit down and talk to her. We were trading band stories and said she'd been singing in bands professionally for 15 years. I swear she didn't look a day over 20 but man could she sing. She was off a couple times so I know at least the singing was live.
  9. It's all about the compression. I'm talking about physical media, not streaming. Streaming compresses everything and degrades it. An uncompressed 1080p video is every bit (hah!) as good as a 4K video. Side by side you couldn't tell the difference if both were full uncompressed files. HDR disc's have better compression and hold more data than a Blu-ray's so whenever we watch a Blu-ray, it's compressed, a lot in some cases. What they seem to be doing is, on older movies shot on film, they are using software to restore them after scanning them in 4K. But the benefit you are actually getting is from the restoration. If they did two scans, one in 1080p and one in 4K, set up the software to do the exact same thing to both, then released the uncompressed version of both files, you couldn't see a difference, unless you tried to watch them on a ridiculously sized monitor. On our typical home screens up to 70" you couldn't see a difference. Same thing with new movies shot in digital. If you had two cameras side by side or two different resolutions built inside the camera, one at 1080p and one at 4K, then viewed the uncompressed files side by side, you couldn't tell the difference. I actually have a couple movies that look better on Blu-ray vs. the 4K release. That said, the second 8K becomes mainstream, I'll be lusting for an 8K player and TV. 😁
  10. I do think a good spell checker would sovle a lot of problems 'round here.
  11. I miss the 'eating popcorn' emoji. We used to use it a lot around here. 😁
  12. I will not use anything that I use to create my music with that requires a subscription. I think it's a sleezy scummy way to scam people out of more money coupled with the threat of locking them out of their own work if they don't continue to pay forever. My brother owns a business machine company. I started running calls for him again once in a while when he gets really busy. Some of those fancy touchscreen point of sales systems you see in stores and restaurants require a "software" license to be purchased yearly. You know, just to keep everything up to date. You get a warning message on the screen saying you have 30 days left to renew your license. If you don't do it the system shuts down and will not work. You can't renew the license remotely. A tech has to go out and do it.
  13. Shane_B.

    Flying V

    A friend of mine bought a V one time. It could never be set up properly and played like πŸ’©, according to him. He got so frustrated with it that he took it out in his back yard, dumped gas on it, and burned it. True story.
  14. Perennial Encroachment Needed Imaginative Sickling
  15. I was asked to join the Chip 'N Whales one time. Me and two bandmates were out trying to book gigs at a dance club one night and this short very wide gentleman dressed in a very expensive suit came up to me and asked me if I would be interested in joining. The guy gave me his business card and told me if I was interested they'd send a limo to my house and take me to an audition in NYC. From that day on our bass player Terry called me Chip. He passed away about 15 years ago but the guys in the band that are still alive rib me about it to this day. Terry was laying on his stomach on the bar laughing so hard he was crying and pounding his fists and kicking his feet. I admit it was really funny. One of those band stories you never forget.
  16. I don't think he records there anymore because they are still only tracking at 192/16. "24bit matters" ...
  17. Bad day today. Makes me wonder and worry who is next.
  18. Shane_B.

    WTF lol

    I honestly think it was the same guy with 2 accounts. Two different names but the personality is the same. Happens here ... you know what I mean. 😁 The guy/gal/whoever 'they' are has donated 10s of thousands to her. I'd link to her channel but I did once before a long time ago in another similar topic thread and it was deleted for some reason. me ghan y eah. All one word. She's PG. Nothing trashy at all. Then of course there's Doc (Dr. Disrespect). What a career he made for himself ... just playing games. He makes millions a year. Plays as a fake 80s retro gamer but he kind of sucks. Makes fun of himself/ego and its very entertaining.
  19. Shane_B.

    WTF lol

    Gamers that stream live make a LOT of money. Some of them make millions of dollars a year. One of my favorite ones to watch is a young woman paying her way through college by streaming herself playing games. I saw two guys get in to a donation war one night on her YouTube channel. By the time it was over they donated over $20,000 between the two of them. As Liberace once said, "I'm laughing all the way to the bank!"
  20. Hold my non-light beer, I'll show you amateurs how to get a thread deleted! πŸ™‰πŸ™ˆπŸ™Š
  21. I agree. Why, if we lived closer together Kenny, I'd buy you an ice cold πŸΊπŸ’‘.
  22. I used to watch her all the time but she seems to have vanished from youtube. No new vids in a long time. Maybe she switched to forks.
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