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  1. Happy Birthday Steve! Love the guitar. Always wanted to try one but I've never seen a lefty one of those.
  2. I played live every weekend for 16 years straight. There were songs I liked that the audience didn't and ones they liked that I didn't. I hated that Elton John Lion King song. Can You Feel The Love Tonight? Or something like that. But the floor was elbow to elbow every time we played it and that I loved. My favorite to play was Hotel California. Nobody within our tri state area ever attempted it. Took me weeks to learn the lead and rearrange it for 1 guitar. People would sit there staring at us until it was over and then they went nuts. Least favorite I can't really remember. I think Hello by Lionel Ritchie, or maybe Desperado. It was the only song I played keys on and it was incredibly stressful. But people loved both so we kept doing them for a very long time.
  3. I am actually. I'm still in NJ and nobody wants to see me. I'm having a hard time forcing myself to go back to MO though. It's becoming a problem ... Oh great. Now there's a puzzle involved. Anything over those big 10 piece wooden ones and I'm lost.
  4. Im still lost. Who has the dress on? The girl or the ladder?
  5. What was this fred about again?
  6. I am actually. Decided to stay another week.
  7. I thought sag was a goos thing?
  8. Just got back from ER a few hours ago. Chest pain. Couldn't breathe. All tests came back ok. No fluid or swelling. They said its just Covid running its course. Still test positive so they said I have to quarantine until all symptoms are gone. Could take up to 60 days. I'm staying here till Sunday and leaving Monday morning. Its over here and i have to leave. What a horrible nightmare this has been.
  9. I went to see a play at Starlight Theatre in Kansas City the day before I left. It's an outdoor place. I saw the musical Waitress. I didn't think I'd lik it but I did. Probably where I got .... I thought I was safe outdoors.
  10. And now my sister who is in bad shape has it. I never should have come here.
  11. The home tests and the ones they do at Rite Aid and Walgreens are worthless. You have to go to a doc and get the one done where they ram the stick 3 inches up your nose and it hurts. I went to an urgent care place in Blairstown and had it done. The first 2 I did at home and Rite Aid were negative but I kept getting sicker so I had a real test done and they found it.
  12. I was with a relative who suddenly got sick with it. They were not vaxxed at all. Fever so high they started talking gibberish. I had the single version plus a boost. They got sicker than I did but got over it faster. My symptoms were milder but it's lingering longer. No fever. Neither one of us lost our sense if smell or taste. They also got a wicked sinus infection which I'm hearing is part of this last variant but I didn't. It's morphing and changing so fast nobody can keep track but it is getting weaker. My dad is 84 and was not vaxxed and caught the original version. He had nothing but the sniffles. Yet I know several people who died from it. I'm so sorry to hear you're wife got it. It's running rampant in our area right now and they told me at the ER and urgent care that everyone was going to get it. Just a matter of time. The thing is, it keeps changing. There's no such thing as antibodies. You are good for about 60 days then you can get it all over again because it keeps morphing. Kind of making the vaxxes pointless IMO? I don't know. Thanks for the invite. I would have come if things were different. I have a friend I was going to see around the Stroudsburg but he's in his 80s and I don't want to risk it. My quarantine and masking mandate is over Wednesday but I'm still leary about being around people. Hope your wife gets well soon with no/mild symptoms and you don't get it.
  13. It's lingering. This trip has been a total disaster. I've gone nowhere and done nothing. I'm supposed to leave next Monday and I'm supposed to isolate/mask until this coming Wed.. Don't want to go home, can't stay here ($$), can't do anything while I'm here. I'm having a hard time breathing now and my nose is still swollen. Dizziness and disorientation keeps getting worse. And I have to drive 1200 miles in a week. Brought the guitars and amp and never even opened the cases. I'm not in a very good place at the moment.
  14. Once Were Brothers is about The Band by Robbie Robertson. I learned a ton about them I never knew. Some I wish I didn't know. I always thought Robbie was an ahole. Turns out he wasn't the problem. There is an old one that is entertaining about rock in general called The Decline Of Western Civilization iirc. It has Gene Simmons and mamy others in it. The one about The Wrecking Crew is great too. It used to be free on youtube. Sorry no links. Only have access on my cell. As for The Who Im the same way. I don't get what people see in them. Flight 666 that Steve suggested absolutely blew my mind. I loved it.
  15. It's running rampant is exactly what they told me. The one dr said everyone is going to get it. Just a matter of time. They also said it's very very mild and they haven't admitted anyone out of thousands so far. I've been sleep deprived lately and I think that's why it hit me so hard. Barely slept in days . . .
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