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    AIR Updates

    The latest AIR Updates are available now. The AIR team has been working hard to bring you updates for all of our products. Here are the first updates with many more on the way! https://view.mailer.airmusictech.com/?qs=527aaa3d6468b14891a3a739bd3a13400c1b2142546413b197236489ff11426ee129a1d094270403484a34b5306b0a4ee9b902940311f168661db1beaa52ca903e97de6617aff4e4b59129ac0505643a
  2. Drew sorted everything via the KVR forum.
  3. Managed to get a hold of BFD support about BFD2 samples not working with BFD 3.4. The reply was “I am afraid that I cannot guarantee these samples to work unless you already owned the London Sessions before migrating.” So I was expected to purchase this twice? Come on BFD - there’s a big market out there and your customers are not idiots and just might go elsewhere!
  4. Just migrated my account and bagged the "BFD Horsepower" as my freebie. Just dawned on me that if BFD2 isn't carried over, then the old samples from that won't work in their new system. That means I'm going to have to buy "BFD London Sessions" to get back what I had before. Great!
  5. It doesn’t happen very often!
  6. Same here - waited 24 hours and tried my new account again. There it was ready for download!
  7. Got the email this morning and went ahead with the “deal”.
  8. Just got my email. That’s me all up to date again! (Yes - Post Rock was available)
  9. New message from Musician’s Friend. Order cancelled - but to replace the order, just phone. So it would appear that the reason you get bombarded with “stupid deal” emails is, in fact, because they are stupid themselves. Never mind, I’ve survived using the Elements suite up to now, so it’s back to that and ignore companies that offer deals too good to be true!
  10. Got a Facebook reply yesterday saying that they would sort it out if I confirmed my email address. Result from that..... nothing! Impressive customer relations.
  11. Contacted them yesterday via Facebook. Got a message telling me there was an error in their system and I had to phone them - which from UK on my phone plan was going to be at least as much again as the original $29. Asked them to look into it further - nothing since!
  12. Well that’s a full week and nothing. Don’t think I’ll ever use them again no matter how good a deal it looks!
  13. 6 days and counting. Still getting bombarded with emails from them encouraging me to buy more stuff. Really?
  14. 4 days and still nothing - not even a “sorry this was an error”.
  15. And now they won't let me log into my account because it's a .uk email address. How on earth can I contact them now to get this sorted? Are they really friends with anyone?
  16. 72 hours and still showing as pending. Musician’s friend? Not so far!
  17. Hoping that’s true - although I would have thought that paying by PayPal would have been OK. Payment was processed immediately!
  18. Exactly the same for me in the UK - just hoping they get things sorted out after the weekend!
  19. Bought this compilation a couple of years ago and found them quite useful.
  20. Tried Firefox, Chrome and Edge - stuck in all of them!
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