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  1. Massica

    The Vedio View Problem

    Thx!It works now!
  2. Massica

    The Vedio View Problem

    I am mixing a movie project with Cakewalk. But I can't open the vedio view in Cakewalk of Bandlab. I have opened it few month ago in other computers. Please help me to resolve this problem.
  3. Thank the friend above. But in fact, I tried both methods. They didn't work at all. This should be a deeper problem between Cakewalk and Win10
  4. Hello, everyone. I updated the new win10 system and installed the latest version of Cakewalk of Bandlab. It feels good. But a week later something strange happened: Whenever I turn on the computer, double-click Cakewalk of Bandlab to start my mixing. It was found that it had been stuck in the initial interface (as shown below) and could not enter the program in any case. I have to reopen three or four times before I can enter the program, sometimes even restart the computer! This problem is driving me crazy. If you know what the problem is, please help me. Thank you!
  5. 大家好,我更新了新的win10系统,并安装了最新版本的Cakewalk of Bandlab,感觉很不错。 但一周后奇怪的事情发生了: 每当我开启计算机,双击Cakewalk of Bandlab,准备开始我的混音工作时。却发现它一直卡在初始界面(如下图),无论如何都无法进入程序。 我必须要重新打开三到四次才可以进入程序,有时甚至要重启计算机! 这问题快逼疯我了,各位如果知道问题出在哪里,请一定要帮帮我,谢谢大家!
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