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  1. MegaBundle 1.0 This is the forever-license. Buy today - own these plugins forever*. 100+ plugins from 25+ brands. Only $6,975.99 with your $25 voucher!
  2. Did anyone try CLA MixHub yet? What are your opinions?
  3. Too bad they raised most of the prices - cash back may make it $29 again in a lot of cases...
  4. I ordered first at MF about an hour ago and got a confirmation but no serial. So ordered at GC 3 min ago and also was able to complete the order and got another conformation. Will see what happens... Congrats to those who got their serial numbers.
  5. DaGeek

    PA Vouchers!

    Don't forget to add a couple of pedals even if you have copies then use the voucher so price will be $24.97.
  6. DaGeek

    PA Vouchers!

    You're already hooked!
  7. DaGeek

    PA Vouchers!

    Voucher valid today & tomorrow only Minimum Order $49 - Not valid for any Subscription Bundle! 7 more deals added...
  8. I was able to install the current Waves Central yesterday with no issues. For my v9 plugins I downloaded the last V9 from Waves (Central_Offline_v9-92andApps_Win) and the pointed the latest Waves Central to the unzipped directory for the v9 install by selecting Offline Installer and browsing to the directory. Worked for me.
  9. I bought it awhile back because it looks cool with the Tungsten theme!
  10. EXTENDED until Sunday! Any 3 Plugins 🔥 Just $249.99
  11. Ampeg SVX 2 or Fulltone Collection? I have everything else and it will be a mute point if/when we reach 10.
  12. 15 to 9 free with 20 days remaining...
  13. Already up to 2420 - no way they add another tier with 5 days left...
  14. What I meant is you can only insert the T-Racks version in T-Racks standalone. You can use both versions inside a DAW.
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