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  1. My account shows 2021: PERPETUAL LICENSE after the free upgrade... so to be clear it should never stop working but you are correct - no more updates or upgrades. I will probably sit on this version for a few years at least.
  2. Are you sure there is a free upgrade to the Standard Edition? I did not see this on their website.
  3. Confirmed full Nectar 3, installed and activated.
  4. Definitely appears only VST2 are supported. When I installed VT2 versions of Exponential Audio and rescanned they showed up as well. Same with ARC3 which is good!
  5. Thanks! I did not have VST2 versions of T-Racks installed. Just VST3. They show up now.
  6. Confirmed it supports 3rd Party Plugins with the standalone version - no Waves or IK Multimedia though. Sonarworks and all of the PA stuff are there plus others. You can even load bx_masterdesk or dearVT Pro if you so desire! That should be interesting to play around with... According to their support site it is NOT officially supported.
  7. FYI - T-Racks has also been updated to Ver. 5.4.0: Introducing Space Delay General reliability improvements
  8. I did it just the other day - have not had the time to delve in to all the new features but to me it is almost worth it just for the new Plug-In report button on the VST Plug-in Manager - very nice! Version: 10.5.20 Build: 179 Build Date: May 5 2020 OS Version: Windows 10.0.18363 Date/Time: Fri Jul 3 10:15:59 2020 Total Plug-ins: 799 Effect Plug-ins: 755 Instrument Plug-ins: 44 VST3 Plug-ins: 678 VST2 Plug-ins: 120 Other Plug-ins: 1 Blacklisted Plug-ins: 15 Reactivated Plug-ins: 0
  9. Updates are also 40% off - Cubase Pro 10.0 to 10.5 is $35.99.
  10. Did Larry miss Round 6 or am I blind???
  11. MegaBundle 1.0 This is the forever-license. Buy today - own these plugins forever*. 100+ plugins from 25+ brands. Only $6,975.99 with your $25 voucher!
  12. Did anyone try CLA MixHub yet? What are your opinions?
  13. Too bad they raised most of the prices - cash back may make it $29 again in a lot of cases...
  14. I ordered first at MF about an hour ago and got a confirmation but no serial. So ordered at GC 3 min ago and also was able to complete the order and got another conformation. Will see what happens... Congrats to those who got their serial numbers.
  15. DaGeek

    PA Vouchers!

    Don't forget to add a couple of pedals even if you have copies then use the voucher so price will be $24.97.
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