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  1. DaGeek

    ADPTR Audio Metric AB. Version 1.1

    Thanks. I installed with the PA Installation Manager and mine shows 1.1 Beta 4???
  2. DaGeek

    Cubase 30 Year Anniversary Sale

    I really like the Control room. Not sure there is any other DAW that has that functionality. Here is another vid on YouTube Zo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PiLRGsNI9U0&list=PLeAGmrQnjblZIeZtH-HctrnTsKI54t_Vk&index=8&t=0s
  3. DaGeek

    2019.5 CbB Relase available

    I think these are the release notes Larry: Release Notes (2019.05) Features & Enhancements ARA 2 (Audio Random Access) plug-in support. ARA 2 provides tighter, more efficient app integration of next generation ARA plug-ins such as Melodyne 4, including sharing tracks, regions, selection, as well as other project settings Improved editing of ARA 2 regions with a shared view across all plug-in instances Multi-clip slip stretching (hold down CTRL+SHIFT, then drag any selected clip edge to stretch all selected clips, or use the Stretch tool) The global Timing tool has been renamed to Stretch tool The Gain knob in the Inspector controls either audio Input Gain or MIDI Velocity Offset for Instrument tracks, depending on whether the Audio tab or MIDI tab is selected Updated zplane élastique v3.3.0.23501 audio stretching and pitch shifting with bug fixes and performance enhancements The Stretch tool (available by right-clicking the Edit tool in the Control Bar) now works on multiple selected clips, and also supports lasso selection and time selection Bug Fixes Clip Properties Inspector shows incorrect M:B:T clip length (actual length + 1 measure) Step Record continues to record to the original track after you switch focus to another armed track Arpeggiator Rate control fails to update when the parameter is automated MIDI only projects are immediately marked as dirty on file open Accessing menu commands can unnecessarily mark a project as dirty Bounce to Clip(s) results in mono data if a clip envelope is selected; Bounce to Clip(s) is now unavailable if the selection does not contain MIDI or audio data Intermittent crash when opening projects Closing a project immediately after opening can cause a crash Staff view fails to persist on project load Opening lyrics view when transport is playing causes crash Slip editing allows clips to be made zero length Clip waveform sometimes disappears while slip stretching Waveform display in split audio clip appears to adjust crop when slip stretching Slip Stretching MIDI clip causes clip data to disappear Slip Stretching cropped MIDI clip causes clip data to change unexpectedly Undoing slip stretching of audio clips could sometimes not restore the clip to its original state Slip Stretching clip to max, then dragging in opposite direction causes clamp to fail After stretching a clip to the max 400%, releasing the mouse, then attempting to stretch the left edge further causes all stretching to get lost unexpectedly Drag copying an ARA Region FX clip to create a new clip can result in a crash Tracks still visible in Melodyne after deleting or freezing tracks with Region FX clips Melodyne UI doesn't show slip stretching preview while editing until mouse up Canceling from a slip edit or slip stretch doesn't restore ARA regions in Melodyne When slip stretching a Melodyne Region FX clip from the left side, Undo does not restore the Melodyne data to its original location Undoing a copied Melodyne clip leaves blobs visible in Melodyne Cropping a stretched Melodyne clip causes blobs to shift unexpectedly Melodyne does not update when changing clip start time or duration from Clip Inspector Melodyne doesn't show preview while dragging Melodyne Region FX clips Clip loses focus in Melodyne after dragging to a new track Kudos to BandLab - Impressive!!!
  4. DaGeek

    Cubase 30 Year Anniversary Sale

    Was the update worth it? I have 9.5.
  5. DaGeek

    PA Easter Surprise!

    You got it for a lot less last time Lars!!! http://forum.cakewalk.com/PA-ALL-Doors-Open-Now-m3713645.aspx
  6. DaGeek

    XLN Audio update?

    Updated here as well... Thanks!
  7. DaGeek

    PA Flash Deal - Townhouse Compressor

    Excellent deal! Had a glimmer of hope something would come around for this yesterday after the Acme deal but never imagined this...
  8. DaGeek

    PA January Surprise Voucher and Mega Sale

    Worked fine for me. Bx_Masterdesk + Bx_Tuner for $54 when using the coupon. Worth a shot at that price to me even if I use it only for some quick mastering.
  9. DaGeek

    Ample Sound releases Ethno Ukulele III

    Thanks Lars! Sounds really nice so far...