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  1. I first made this request back on the old forum, 3 1/2 years ago, and it still pesters me every Cakewalk session. I doubt I was the first ever to request it. As we have the Replace Synth command for virtual instruments, so we should have a Replace command for FX. Pretty much simple as that. Each time you use it, it would replace 3 clicks (delete effect, effect rack, select Insert Audio Effect) with 1 (replace effect). If you're anything like me, replacing effect plug-ins is something you do a lot in every mixing session, especially if you're making electronic music or sound design, where the line between effect and instrument is blurry. I'm sure it's already been endlessly requested, but the way it gets done is to keep it at the top of the stack, so if you'd like to see this, please reply here.
  2. You have to make sure that the free product "Orchestral Mega Pack" has been removed from your cart before the coupon will work.
  3. I like correct punctuation, so I, too, am wondering. Also, my melodies and beat pattern ideas might achieve festival anthem status on occasion, but I'm not into shaking clubs (unless I get frustrated while playing golf). I wouldn't mind topping a chart, although I don't know what those look like these days. My skill isn't exceptionally mad, nor are my melodies and beat pattern ideas, although the latter two are sometimes rather dope, if I may say so myself. I aspire to have all aspects of my compositions be as lit as possible, but not to a fault. I suppose I shall download and try it anyway. I'm always up for an audio tutorial course, and WA Production's offerings in general range from good to excellent.
  4. I like doing "theme" themes, and I like this BandLab-themed one. Any chance of putting your orange/white art changes into a Mercury-based light theme? Singapore Flowers? 😄 I found with Nickel Mint/Racing Green and Blue Ice/Midnight Blue that I was able to reuse a lot of button and other art between them.
  5. It's been a great couple of months for A|A|S Swatches, their freeware VSTi that contains sounds from each of their soundpacks. Daniel Stawczyk, my favorite of their sound designers, released a soundpack a month or so ago, and has now released another. A|A|S update Swatches every time a new soundpack ships to include sounds from it. Currently there are 554 sounds in Swatches, and if you're a fan of what A|A|S' synths can do, as I am, you'll find many useful sounds among the 554. It's obviously supposed to act as a demonstrator so that you can hear how the sounds in the soundpacks actually sound in your projects, as well as how the sound engines for their various synths sound (how they manage to get the playback engines for 4 different softsynths into this player is a mystery to me) and what you get is 7 or 8 from each of their soundpack sets. So, the should be 8 (or 16 depending on whether you grabbed the last one) new free sounds are in Swatches. If you don't have it, get it, especially if you do any kind of EDM, especially ambient. IMO, there's not much that can touch Chromophone and Ultra Analog for those kinds of sounds. I'll get the full versions of them someday, maybe if they put it in a Humble Bundle.
  6. Not an effect as such, but I wanted to mention a very useful audio utility that I use on every project: Mediahuman Audio Converter. It very quickly converts just about any audio format to any other audio format, with lots of customization of settings available for bit depth, rate and other parameters. When I do an audio export from Cakewalk or any other DAW, I do one export in one lossless format and use Mediahuman to generate any other formats that I need. Since many of the effects and instruments I use include randomization elements, if I went back to the project and did an export for WAV, then FLAC, then MP3, then AAC or whatever, chances are high that each of those exports would be different, in varying degrees of perceptibility depending on what plug-ins I used. Check it out, it's really invaluable for my workflow. Also very handy to have when preparing files for distribution is Mp3tag, which I use to edit metatags in audio files. Right after I do that export (which I do as FLAC), I open Mp3tag and add Artist, Title, Year, Genre, etc. to the file. This way, when I do my conversions with Mediahuman, the tags will already be in place and Mediahuman will add them to any files it creates from that master. One more very handy free utility for analyzing media files of any kind, audio or video, is MediaInfo, which they describe as "convenient unified display of the most relevant technical and tag data for video and audio files." I install both MP3tag and MediaInfo as an Explorer extensions so that I can right click on a media file name and run them. MediaInfo can tell you what bit rate and sampling rate the file uses, also which CODEC(s) and displays tags. I really wouldn't want to be without any of the three.
  7. Well, consarn it then, they should have called it a "pull!" 😄 Doesn't punched paper tape predate magnetic tape as a data storage medium? A reel of tape for sound recording gets loaded on to a "deck," while a reel of magnetic tape for binary data recording gets loaded into a "drive." A DVD (or CD) can go into either a "drive" or a "player," depending on whether it's hooked up to a computer system (including when that system is a game system like an Xbox). I think "deck" should have been the term; I'm old enough (just barely) to have submitted computer programs for class in "decks" of punched cards. Innovation in computer systems was moving very fast back then; less than 3 years later I was in Silicon Valley doing printed circuit design for a modem company on an IBM XT-based CAD system, and those punched cards seemed as distant and archaic to me as they do now.
  8. Your pain, I feel it. Just don't trip on how the Track View has a "Tracks" menu and the Console View has a "Track" menu and the Track Manager is in the Tracks menu in Track View and in the Strips menu in Console View.
  9. It would be really nice to be able to add tags to my exported files without having to call up a 3rd-party tag editor. This would be for every file type that supports tagging in whatever way. FLAC, MP3, M4A, etc.
  10. To me, it looks cramped and unbalanced to have the icons on the Browser tabs jammed up against the left edges, as seen here (I'm showing it with a couple of them in narrow mode, but it applies to all of the tab widths): Notice how there's plenty of real estate available to the right of the icons? To the point where they're almost touching the left edge. This is especially true for themes derived from Tungsten, as Tungsten doesn't have that vertical line separating the icon/text from the expand arrow. What I've taken to doing is moving the icons to the right by several pixels so that they're more centered. As seen here (using Midnight Blue as an example): If you have the images open in an editor anyway, try it.
  11. If you select the clip you wish to normalize, then from the Global menu, select Process/Apply Effect/Normalize, does that not do what you want it to? (this action is also available as a keystroke binding)
  12. I do it all the time, and on a 15" too. Despite the fact that my main system is a dual monitor system, and when I'm in battle mode, Track View on 1, Multidock on 2, I've worked out a single-monitor method. The Skylight interface Main points: Keep the Multidock docked at the bottom and drag it as high as you need it to go to be able to edit Piano Roll or mix on Console or whatever. Then use the "D" key to quickly switch back and forth between Track View and Multidock. Also, if I'm working in the Track View and need a channel strip and Track View at the same time, I can have it with Inspector. If I want to I can go mobile and still work in Cakewalk.
  13. Just got mine, go to: https://www.mastering.studio/ and sign up for an account and they'll send you a license code to redeem at Plugin Alliance.
  14. I have no worries at all about any of my aging computers being able to run Windows 11 or not. I ran Windows 7 on them up until Noel and Co. ended official support for Windows 7. I'm rather looking forward to people dumping perfectly good systems because they don't have a TPS chip or whatever. All of my computer systems are ones that someone gave me because whoever owned them felt they "needed" an upgrade.
  15. Hmm, I wonder if there's a requirement like you have to have bought a MeldaProduction license from Plugin Boutique before....which I have, a few times. I can't really test it myself, 'cause I already have all of those licenses. Sorry if I got anyone's hopes up for no reason. There's no statement saying that the codes only apply to me or that they are non-transferable. They don't make codes much more generic than those (maybe Plugin Alliance does).
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