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  1. Hi, @Jonathan Sasor My eyes are full of tears reading Your post. But 30 years of computer experience, from programming microcontrollers, assembler on PC, Turbo Pascal, Delphi, C#, MySQL, FireBird, Interbase, MSSQL and ORACLE, product manager on the field of in-program compilers including emulating Delphi IDE in some huge ERP to CDO with 40 employees (10 years) tells me more than Your post can do. Trying simply isn't enough. Effect is the only matter that counts. Creating bugs is easier than correct them, especially when they are in the wild. And much more expensive as enough in-lab testing. Of course, You're right. All plugins that works in my freshly bought DAW and not working in CW, have this for You obviously magic characteristics. They do not work OK in CW, and they work like charm in my new DAW. Serioiusly. Not joking. How they do it, ha.... For gods sake, You are developers. Do not cry how hard is programmers life and find solutions. Buy these VSTS and debug with them, and test, test, test, test, test and test before release. We see that. BandLab can't, other DAW developer obviously can do. Probably You do not program in Microsoft Excel, where I believe debugging isn't possible, I'm almost sure You do in C++ where all these magic impossible tasks are possible. Of course, if You want to. If You have knowledge to do so. Yes, sure, my computers ENVIRONMENTAL VARIABLES are guilty for bad design, bad error handling and bad programming practices, that leads to mysterious crashes in CW. But not in other DAWs. Toc toc. All community compensates Your lack of testing with endless patience IF they ever dig deep enogh to run into the troubles. You as the software provider are the one, that must be step forward with testing techniques to control bug count, not community. Real problems are ALWAYS at the customers, not in Your almost hermetically closed lab. Contact users to see what is wrong to look what is going on, "but it works in our lab" is obviosly not succesful and effective approach. I do not give a shit for response if You solved problem and publish patch for the problem. More frustrating is that You hiding heads into the sand, saying nothing and at the end - doing nothing. We know that. You effectivelly show us that painful truth, with quality of Your work (ehm, You are Quality Assurance Manager?). But more perfect developers exists out there obviously. Learn from them. Not how to make political and commercial speaches, but how to solve problems, to be better software provider. I must agree here. CW has enormous potential IMHO. I think this honestly, after years of observing progress, regardles of fact, that I changed my DAW. Work more on the stability, rather than improvements and things will go better. Because when You get popularity of buggy software (and there are signs that some people thinks this way), You'll fight with this forever. And forget, that community will solve Your bugs with endlesly patient support for users like me. You are the one. You gave us free software, so live with that fact. And don't let bad programmers/programming practices stops You. This problem is completelly in Your hands. I think personally Yours, as the quality assurance specialist. I wish to return to CW. Really. I want to pay for GOOD and STABLE product. I do not believe in free software, without obligations for creators (but, It's free... syndrome) Best Dare
  2. @Johnbee58 You can find all answers in my previous posts Nothing is for free. Just maybe looks like it is. At the end I invested $5K of my time exploring these annoying bugs, restarts, downloads new versions, retrying, reporting, not getting answers, not getting solutions, more, things going worse obviously because of Bakers attitude: it's free, can be buggy. Professional business world works different. Sad. But, stupid me, again. A few hundred $ resolved all issues with my music production, never addressed in CW. To be ultimate believer is tricky thing. Best, Dare
  3. Yes, but, thanks Me, paying for stable product, God does not participate here, as CW programmers obviously presume in their little heaven . And please, @Robert Bone invited me to return after some time, so... Just joking this time Enjoy The Music
  4. Hi, in fact, as a non native English/US writer is hard to feel how rude are some phrases for You, honestly, for us these phrases sounds/intended more like fun (ok, I admit, spicy) associations, not something intended to hurt anybody . Slovenia. Most of people are nice and polite citizens (unlike me ), so all invited to trip around Slovenia, to enjoy beautiful nature (and learn some fancy expressions). We will love You And I'll buy beer for everyone (of course, if You want to discuss passionate about music, photography, computers, programming, hiking, driving, astronomy, physics, electronics etc) . And please, go on, i see progress in understanding Slovenian. I feel almost like home here Have nice weekend (Želim vam prijeten vikend).
  5. Lap pozdrav vsem, Before You speak about my grammar, try to write something in my native language, and then we'll be comparable regarding this question. So far, obviously You understand me good enough to comment my oppinions. Or maybe better do not even try with other languages, because I may push Your nose into Your shit. My requirements? Wake up. Read again my posts and You will MAYBE understand what I'm speaking about, and what already reported to the famous bakers. But, honestly, I doubt it. I found already DAW of my choice, so don't bother with smart elaborates about supporting low quality software with endless tolerancy. I wish You happy testing with alpha state software, or work if You use subset of functionalities that works for You. And ******* bakers and their attitude In my native language ****** means love Have a nice weekend Lep pozdrav, Dare
  6. Hi All, I'm not dead yet, and listening, no matter as I was addressed as "him". This time, this comment I'll accept more as joke Finally some more people with IMHO good comments and ideas involved in this chat. @Some Guy, thanks for analyzing and constantations, and also for enlighten people, "how these things go". I'm not cynical this time. And things goes well, without a glitch, with other DAW. But this is not my intention to repeat again, not in todays reply I do not give up easily, regarding computer engineering, from hardware to software, much more complicated as Cakewalk. So i can't take seriously that somebody advice me Windows fresh install. Bad advice is worse than no advice. I will repeat again, things crashed after latest upgrades, my fault that I was blindly believe, that programers, that does not destroy with asses when they build with hands, new features. Hours of trying before I began crying about troubles. Hovever, from current standpoind, no matter, nobody has answers, that solved anything. Nor direction. But thanks anyway, It's not Your job either to support pissed off old troll, and it's impossible, if problem isn't wide enough. Only developers can do. And they decided to act different. However, this is sign, that bigger problem exists, or politics at work. In any case, unacceptable for me. @Some Guy, I'll try AGAIN Your recipe. Maybe I missed something. And I'll report about success, when done. Configuration: Ryzen 5 2600X, 16GB, Focusrite Saffire 24 Pro. EVERY other audio and video programs including new DAW works well, with WASAPI also with no problems when sharing drivers. Typical CPU activity when troubles arrive about 12% in project with 60 tracks. Memory about 30% utilization, disk etc less than 5%. Suspected antivirus in some moment, but it wasn't. Mangling with network drivers, measuring delays etc, all at minimum etc etc, no luck. Fresh CW reinstall thinking it will help. Renamed all old possible conflicting directories. Cleared all Cakewalk registry entries. All this bussiness after the last two or 3 upgrades. Toc toc... Wrote these things to official support, no meaningful answers either. No real will to look the case at the source. So.... Have a nice musical weekend Dare
  7. Hi @Robert Bone thanks for wide elaboration and hints about getting older version. Other stuff pointing to my smoking head - sorry, I have 30 yrs of experience with computers and developing software, so I will not agree with You here. Problem name is conditionally working software/features. When this happens, developer MUST contact END USER and NOT users who never user features that causes problems or worse, have ideal fresh OS installations. I have nothing to add regarding my last post. I have no time maintaning some elses development smokes, but it's easy to detect real reasons behind those smokes. Cakewalk development department will know what I'm talking about. I follow CW from the beginning, I was believer, till now. And I'll return after some time, I hope. CW idea is great. Just implementaion is not on production quality level. I'll make no upgrades to OS and my production environment till next try, because all of my business software "furniture" is working without a glitch. And then I'll upgrade CW again. And for sure, if not working, similar escapade is expected. Until then I'll work on DAW(s) that does not have such basic hiccups like introduced in last version(s) of CW. @Robert, You are great professional, I hope You are payed from Bandlab. Because You are ideal support staff person IMHO. Thanks again. I'll contact You after some time, when I decide to return to CW. Best wishes to all with music production And with Cakewalk, if works for You BR, Dare
  8. You are welcome, warior guy. If You do not have to ay anything usable, better shut up. Is not about You take me seriously. Targeting people, that can make some effect (not only for me, but for community), not people like You, only replying with garbage.
  9. Hi All, music is not my primary occupation, so I don't work on that every day. The same for this forum. Sorry for (only) occasional posts and replies. I will probably return to Cakewalk, when bug list becomes shorter than approx 20% of improvement list. I was CDO for approx 10 years, covering ~40 people in development and I know almost everything about software development, politics and economic reasons to behave like Bandlab currently. And about people making and selling these products. Nothing is for free. Or, somebody from Bandlab please enlighten me to understand, how to develop succesfully so complicated and advanced piece of software without significant ROI. Impossible, if You employ programmers able to do their work, product owners that clearly know focuses and at the end bunch of insider testers. Improvements sells better than cleaning bugs even for non mature programs, like currently Cakewalk is. Mature program works in environments advertised to work in. Not conditionally. Mature program does not expect some last fancy fresh install for (parts of) OS, just because Microsoft wants that. @Bill Read again what You wish to convince me and rethink what do you expect from me. Creators update brings me in danger to broke working business environment because of some non-mature spoiled program more than obviously in heavy refactor, reengineering, cosmetic improvements etc. Out of question, totally. Because of new non-stable version of program that works three builds before, i will reinstall everything? Yes, for sure I do... Never. Because of new piece of furniture, I must build new house and buy all other furniture? Life doesn't work like that. I will BUY compatible furniture. I hope You (finally) get it. Lanes etc, great idea but forgotten in the middle of development, let's leave that until all basic things works as expected. You cannot learn something, that does not work at all. Another thing, dear Community, moderators, Cakewalk fans etc - I wrote about things, You have no impact on. Without any changes in OS, any other program etc, Cakewalk stops working as it worked in previous versions after official upgrade. This is task for developers. Creators. Bakers. Cooks. Whatever. Not for end users. Period. And Bakers at least for now, are not interested, no questions, example requests or other communication EXCEPT showing political will in this forum to solve some little deeper and complex problems as some obvious bugs. Bugs cannot be solved with political speaches. I must say, it's interesting, first DAW I downloaded as demo, fills all my expectations above. Without ANY upgrades of ANYTHING. Lightweight, configurable, some little differences in workflow, but nothing surprising. For sake of test, i tried also 32bit VSTs. Guess - everything I tried works. No crashes. Speed. Etc etc. Only on my machine? I DON'T THINK SO Now, If You really want to help me, please share with me Cakewalk program files from about 3 updates ago, if You aren't upgraded yet. Contact me privatelly if You are willing to help me to restore good-enough-working-state of Cakewalk. Best musical regards Dare P.S. Why I wrote these posts? Because it's necessary to push average programmers nose into shit, that they begin to feel, that shit really stinks. And effect is better when nose-in-shit pushing is public. And BTW, most used programmers excuses are: "But it works on my machine" and "It's not bug, it appears only at Your system"
  10. Hi, Mike Cool. I did already. Let's repeat one of my posts recap: 1. Upgrade to new CW version as of BandLab 2. Expected to work as in previous version and hoping to get some bugfix 3. All mentioned in posts sent to You did not work BTW, I'm not Your employee and I have no intention to test Cakewalk for free. I want to pay for working software. Unreal expectation? Currently moving to more stable DAW, I'll try CW some other time. Good luck. And big THANKS forum users for patience with me, especially Robert Bone Best, Dare
  11. Jeremy. My writing speaks about me. Yours, about You. Your tolerancy is Your problem, my is my. If You do not have to say anything meaningful, better shut up instead of insulting. Reported my issues to Bandlab. Hoping that anybody reads about Your annoying quirks etc here. I wish You happy testing. Going to test some other software P.S. Administrator: no comment. Maybe You must remove me and may posts to return happy no bugs mood to community, but i think You must also remove other insulting jerks. Best Regards Dare
  12. Hi Bob, please do not bother with that, thanks for advices and effort to help me. I will return to CW after some time, when i cool down and hopefully program stabilizes again. I do not have nerves nor time to test buggy application when in the meantime other DAWs just works. Music is my favourite hobby, not frustration, as latest couple of weeks. I want to pay. For working DAW. Just tried tonight with Reaper. All works like charm, the same arrangement, the same VSTs etc. On my machine too. With VST3 counterparts too. I'll probably try with other DAWs, maybe not, I'll see what Reaper can offer relativelly to Cakewalk. Or maybe You know, why to choose Cakewalk right now? Why to stuck with broken car, when I can get well working for a couple of beers value ? Legacy projecs? I do not need that. What else? Thanks, Bob and other with helpful comments. BR, Dare
  13. Hi Bill, I hope anybody from Bandlab is reading this forum and do something. I highly appreciate forum members trying to help, but... Debate or not, everybody can decide... In fact, I feel better now, reading Your post, no matter nothing is solved for now. If You run latest CW version on configuration in Your footnote, working for 15 years with CW, I'll respect experience and comments and try to reinvestigate further with CW. And I'll try the same HW configuration in different DAWs with the same VSTs for the same project content. Did You personally made clean install Win10 Creator to get working system? On that machine i have a lot of worthwhile software that must run for business purposes and that's not really easy decision for me. As SW engineer I know that for rare cases reinstall is the only option, but till now, all SW and OS issues solved with changed appropriates settings, not resetting... Everything worked, before on Windows 7 and later on Win10, just latest 2 or 3 CW versions breaks apart... BTW, do You use take lanes for recording? My latest problem on take lanes (multiple on one track) was dissapearing recorded audio materials and total mess up with recorded audio (weird clip splits, putting everything on last lane, some clips simply dissapeared, also from disk (!) etc). Thanks and BR, Dare
  14. Thanks Bob, I'll try this one and give info here, at the time not sure vhich my VSTs have VST3 counterparts. But again, it's strange that all mentioned issues appeared after last two or three upgrades, as of Bandlab assistant. I am Cakewalk believer, conceptually CW is masterpiece of software. But it doesn't help if masterpiece becomes buggy in such amount, that becomes almost unusable and joy using it is transformed into a deep frustration. P.S. New bug found, export to MP3 in some circumstances results in weird output, some noisy, mainly left channel boosted artefacts similar to that one when i describe muted channels problems. I can attach part od file if anyone wants to hear what is annoying me so much. BR, Dare
  15. Hi, Bob, no 32-bit plugins. I decided not to use any of 32 bit plugins, because of different troubles with them in the past (freezing etc). BR, Dare
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