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  1. Hi, thanks for repositioning If You read carefully , i mentioned OS, Win10 Pro. BR, Dare P.S. Just installed latest update, hope it's better like previous one
  2. Hi All, After upgrade to latest version as of BandLab assistant, audio engine began to behave strange. Sometimes stops unexpectedly and the only solution is to exit program and start again. Annoying. Some projects remains "muted" after first succesful start is succesful after cakewalk restart. Instead of starting audio, two "pops" are noticeable and then silence, restart again etc. Some project with many audio tracks when played plays all muted track also, until one track (no matter which one) is marked for audio feedback. Marked, and even after unmarking works well again, CW respects muted tracks. Some other project with kontakt player involved, changes volume of some track at random base, nothing touched, at next playback all is f****-up, i can't see pattern... OK. It's free and they can afford hiccups like this? Obviously team started massive changes and destabilizing product again now digging into audio engine. Only my problem? I don't believe. Ryzen 2600X, 16G RAM, Win10 Pro, Focusrite Saffire 24 Pro, all worked like charm till last upgrade (with bunch of changes, unfortunatelly obviously fatal for till now almost stable audio engine). I do not care for cosmetics, but destroying heart of DAW, that's not good, my dear BandLab Team... No, it's not stable, nor reliable, good commercials aren't enough for good software. Considering changing DAW. BR, Dare P.S. This super trouper new Panic button doesn't help either P.P.S. Celemony stopped working after upgrade with crash, disabled for now, restarted many times etc....
  3. Hi, thanks for replies. I have latest version installed (according to BandLab assistant), because it's really worth to upgrade every time new version is available, but obviously some "corner" of 2019.07-hotfix 2 remains unresolved. I will contact support@ with more detailed data Thanks again for sent links Have a nice weekend, Dare
  4. Hi Chuck, sorry if You take this conversation too personal. You can freely reply, if You wish, or You have answers, but I think this time is not the case. I appreciate Your help, but this case is not something what is plugin related, random plugins crashed, everytime I switch projects. I'm not asking for any other help except to solve that annoying, but not showstopper bug caused by Cakewalk. Closing Cakewalk and fresh project opening works fine, everytime with all these blurred (not so old and outdated) plugins. P. S. Worked 30 years in IT, from programming at beginning, to top management (as CDO in middle sized software company with 50K users). So i have methods to know, what is wrong with any software residing on my computer, so no worry, no need to troubleshoot anything, what only Bandlab programmers can do (I apologize if You are one of them, but i doubt based on Your reaction). Again, good work, Bandlab team, keep killing these anoying bugs, i hope You collect fatal error info and react appropriatelly. We noticed Your agile activity and I just want to help with info. Simply because of fact, that Cakewalk is my choice for decades, from early beginnings, for my favourite hobby, music Best wishes to You too
  5. Hi, there's no particular reason. Or maybe is. Failed VST is different everytime and there's no reason to spread negative impression about this professional and good working VST(s) just because crashed in Cakewalk because of (still pretty numerous, but its much better now) bugs in program itself. BTW, is there a reason You asking that, if You do not have solution for problem? I hope anybopdy from BandLab will read this post, I do not need (in fact nobody needs) garbage "answers" , but just Cakewalk bugs to be solved. BandLab team, keep good work, Cakewalk finally goes towards stable and usable version worth paying for. BR, Dare
  6. Hi, Working with latest version (according to assistant info). Opening some other project when loaded current results in always repeatable fault in (random?) VST. Closing program and reopen program, then load the same project as it failed before, always works. Used single opened project mode. BR, Dare
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