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  1. I got a nice upgrade deal for the Shreddage bundle — which for some reason doesn’t include the new Fretless yet — with these coupons I found around the Internet + the -10% cart expiring code they send via email after waiting for a day or two (not included here): jazzarch40em (40 $/€ off) ABCO10665 -10% MC10WELCOMET6UF -10%
  2. They sent emails after unsubscribing…?
  3. There is a MEGA sale on now. I'll be suprised if there is no suprise voucher soon.
  4. Tomgu

    Bow to the king

    If one bows to the king simultaneously in multiple threads or forums, would that be crossbowing?
  5. Note: Snap heap is currently free (on Kilohearts site), and having it will give you the 30 free effects as well!
  6. $58.76 with code GROUP: https://www.jrrshop.com/arobas-guitar-pro
  7. $61 USD (excl. VAT) https://www.thomannmusic.com/arobas_music_guitar_pro_8.htm
  8. I used Fleer's code successfully. It also gave me 12 eur credits after the purchase! Here's my code: UP57534935
  9. Maybe I'll get two bx_tuners ($29) for $49.99... that's an almost 14 % saving!
  10. https://vstbuzz.com/deals/75-off-lifeline-expanse-lite-by-excite-audio/ for 9 eur currently By the way, using this link gives you a -10% discount coupon for VSTBuzz : https://vstbuzz.com?raf=ref0156948
  11. If I had GAS, I would have to buy it, but as I don’t have it… 🤯
  12. Pro tip: Use code PT100-2999 and the $20 off voucher to get the Suhr for cheap. Cheap for suhr.
  13. Hmmm.. what qualifying products are you talking about? It seems that the upgrade and update are only available to owners of the previous Soniccouture collections.
  14. From now on it feels weird using Melda plugins knowing that they were coded using tabs 🤓
  15. Haven't seen this before: The coupon works also for Byome&Triad bundle.
  16. Anyone have a $25 voucher they won't use? I could and would use it
  17. Tomgu


    Can it emulate NeuralDSP?
  18. Seems pretty sweet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5dwohfKqns Audiodeluxe gives some bucks, but no discount from $49. Is there a better deal somewhere?
  19. I suggest googling ”dopamine detox”, could be useful.
  20. If you put them on a page or in a cage, they are not that free anymore...
  21. ”Afroplugin is a free drum VST (Mac,Windows) designed for making great african beats : Dancehall, R&B, Reggaeton, Lo-fi, Zouk Compas, Afrobeats and more.” https://afroplug.com/product/afroplugin-drum-vst/
  22. Another option is Blue Cat Audio's Patchwork. I've been thinking about their Axe Pack which includes Patchwork as well, and just played around with Axiom. It's pretty ok and responsive, but I'm not sure yet if I need it.
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