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  1. Tomgu

    I miss celery

    Wet celery?
  2. Got this info from https://m.facebook.com/groups/916355121807800?view=permalink&id=3065440880232536
  3. I’m not sure of the terms and if it has been verified by NI, but some stores seem to have this info. ”For September only, register your Komplete 12 product with Native Instruments and qualify for a free update to the equivalent Komplete 13 version!” https://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/product/180906332233008--native-instruments-komplete-12-ultimate-upgrade-komplete-8-12 FREE UPGRADE TO KOMPLETE 13 VERSION IF REGISTERED IN SEPTEMBER 2020 https://www.thediscdjstore.com/ni-komplete-12-ultimate-collectors-edition-upgrade-from-ku8-12.html
  4. Tomgu

    Nebrini Holy Grail v2

    I like the Nembrinis too, have bought most of their amps within a year, but I don’t like the fact that they're charging $10 for the updates, and so soon. I don’t know if I will update any of them.
  5. Demoed it. And... now I have my first Neural DSP plugin.
  6. Maybe it was the this: My code in the email had extra whitespaces between characters. Once removed the code worked fine.
  7. For some reason, there's more free instruments on this page: https://cinematique-instruments.com/pages_instr/page_klang.php Until the end of August, I guess.
  8. I. Did. Now wondering when they will release v7, and if I should wait a bit with registering it. By the way, the Pianoteq demo is pretty awesome - works for 20 minutes with all the instrument packs and almost all keys. And after a plugin reload it works again.
  9. What have you found? I'm thinking about - and demoing - Pianoteq (last day of their sale).
  10. They have two other freebies as well. Quiet Piano VST, effected piano presets, and Rain Maker, mixable rain and thunder sounds. Simple, but might be useful, if one hasn't many libraries and processors. Or inspirational.
  11. I should feel offended because they keep sending me the $50 vouchers that are not good for anything.
  12. Maybe we can share our codes here, so we can all benefit from it? Delete this if necessary. Here’s my referral link, but use someone else’s because this is the first one here https://vstbuzz.com?raf=ref0156948
  13. Tomgu

    Kazrog Synth Warmer

    Price drop ends Saturday, August 1.
  14. Pixelator for free with coupon code PIXELATOR4ME Get it here https://joeysturgistones.com/collections/mixing-effects/products/pixelator
  15. I meant it might be worth asking iZotope’s support, at least if ST had a separate serial. I know they have a grace period.
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