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  1. From their Facebook: 90% DISCOUNT with our #STAYHOME Bundle --- Due to the many issues our community is facing in regards of COVID-19 we would like show some solidarity and provide you with tools, that hopefully will make it easier for you to stay inside. We are now offering a collection of great plugins (basically the ALL Bundle) to upgrade your creative process -- for a limited time only. Make the best of it, produce some music and stay inside! The #STAYHOME bundle is available at https://blackroosteraudio.com/en/products/stayhome 10% of the sales revenue will be donated directly to the WHO COVID-19 Response Fund! Please support the community and the many helpers who risk their lives and those of their loved ones every day! Please stay at home and avoid unnecessary social contact. Please spread the word, thank you very much! -- Take care and stay safe!
  2. The survey voucher was only until 17th. I did the survey today about 3 hours ago, and got no voucher.
  3. So, what’s your opinion on Bias FX 2? Is it worth it compared to NeuralDSP, Nembrini, TH-U, Mercuriall, Kazrog and other recent stuff?
  4. Tomgu

    PA Vouchers!

    There’ll be more, I bet again
  5. Tomgu

    PA Biggest Sale Ever!

    I bet there will be vouchers again.
  6. AAS will send a gift (free to choose soundbank) around christmas to people: - who have subscribed to their mailing list AND - who own at least one of their products Check your settings here: https://www.applied-acoustics.com/portal/communication-preferences
  7. Tomgu

    PA Days 5 + 6

    Well, let’s wait for the end of the year with all the December offers at the same time, maybe there will be vouchers as well like last year. Too bad the dynamic discounts don’t work with sale items anymore.
  8. Tomgu

    VST Buzz BF Deals

    Anyone know how to download version 1.6 of Underscore? Or does it even exist..?
  9. I've found another glitch in many webshops! It's kind of a "dynamic discount" - the more you add products to your cart, the more you will save. How to use it: Open any webshop that has a sale going on, and add whatever products you like to your shopping cart. Remember, the more add, the GREATER the savings. Before you proceed, take note of the total sum in the cart. Now, the next step is crucial. Place the mouse cursor in the browser's address bar, click and type "secretvoucher:CATSONSYNTHESIZERSINSPACE" and hit ENTER. And if you don't go back, you saved the total sum of the cart! Wow! (Not sure if this works on mobile browsers, you might have to experiment a little.)
  10. You guys have to stop sharing and misusing these voucher codes - they are meant for the loyal customers only! Otherwise they’ll introduce a minimum value for the cart, so you can’t just not-buy plugins without using any money.
  11. Tomgu

    IK iRig Keys I/O

    Better double check that - it is included in Total Studio Max 2, but doesn’t seem to be a part of ST Max.
  12. Also, just noticed that IK's Custom Shop has a Miroslav Philharmonik 2 Crossgrade (from IK products over 99 eur/usd) for 100 gear credits.
  13. Already have it, but...might be a great bargain, if it can be used in a future group buy.
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