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  1. Tomgu

    $25 voucher from UVI

    I got one by asking support today. I "purchased" Noctua in December but didn't download it until this week.
  2. Thanks Fleer and Fredrik. Upgraded! (Synplant)
  3. $24.36 @ JRRSHOP (using code GROUP)
  4. Also included in this $29 bundle https://www.pluginboutique.com/products/11612--29-Black-Friday-Bundle-Exclusive-
  5. I had a reward token available for a -80% coupon for a Serum preset pack. Maybe you too? Got the Mellow 2 for 1,03 EUR.
  6. I made a bet of 4 euros. I created a new account, signed up for the newsletter and bought MFreeFXBundle with a referral code (-20%) + 10 credits = 4 eur. The upgrade to MCompleteBundle would be 724 € . So that didn't work, but maybe it saves someone else the trouble. If one doesn't have a lot of plugins, using the -20% referral code for buying the MCompleteBundle would be the right move. If you already bought some, creating a new account would be necessary I guess.
  7. I just sent them an email asking for this, nicely. Next up: I'll buy the winning lottery ticket :)
  8. I would appreciate if they WUP'd all the existing licenses. I have so many different versions that installing them is a mess (which is Waves' fault).
  9. Bundles are excluded in the current campaign (see the fine print on their web site)
  10. This is what UVI support told me: There is actually one voucher generated if you own one or both Quadra instruments, and another voucher generated if you own World Suite 2. The third must be a personal / yearly voucher?
  11. Is there a Track Utility MK3?
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