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  1. Is this the "new Rhino" ? 🙂
  2. Yup, I just corrected the original post - but I wonder how it has been until now: have the new plugins, for instance TEOTE, been free for existing Premium Members? Edit: Seems that at least until now the new plugins have been free: https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=7953979#p7953979
  3. Went to see what the Premium Membership is about. For all their current and future releases, $241 is pretty cheap! (who said no-brainer??) Edit: I read it more carefully. It says this about future releases: "Future new product releases may be free of charge or paid depending on our future decisions. When a new paid product is released we will offer an additional discount to Premium Membership users." https://www.voxengo.com/product/premium/
  4. From Voxengo.com "Black Friday, Cyber Monday, End-Of-Year 2020 Sale/Discount - Press Release November 22, 2020: Dear Voxengo users, Until 1st of January, 2021 you can purchase individual Voxengo plugins and Premium Membership, at 25% discount. By purchasing 2 or more individual plugins you will get an additional discount. This year we have decided to combine all three discount periods into one."
  5. Everything in their shop is -30 % https://shop.mixedinkey.com/alternate?productId=1009&code=BLACKFRIDAY For example: Captain Plugins + Captain Beat: $69.30
  6. Today only, -40% for the two: - How To Write Music, now €21: https://thinkspaceeducation.com/courses/htwm/ - Learn Music Theory, now €21: https://thinkspaceeducation.com/courses/lmt/
  7. Until Dec 1st. https://www.orb-composer.com/ What do you think, is it any good?
  8. It's on! I ended up getting the MFreeFXBundle for free because I had 20 credits from signing up for the newsletter (nowadays it's 10 credits) and I used a referral code from here. Now I have a referral code / Melda voucher as well: MELDA5554563 . You can use it for -20% off!
  9. Also, I think the free fx don’t have oversampling. I’m going to upgrade the MFreeFxBundle once the sale is live - but currently there seems to be another four-plugin sale for the next week...
  10. In their own website they offer upgrades to the full bundle. I own only Movement, and after logging in I see this price: "Your personal upgrade price: €583 €379 inc VAT" I think it's the best price I've seen.
  11. There mainly two or three problems with Waves: - installation and sporadically missing plugins - WUP - lack of oversampling (or is there?)
  12. I think it was actually $249 for update from Vol 1, and also from Summit Audio Grand Channel (-50 % sale)
  13. Funny thing. The price is $219 again
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