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  1. From now on it feels weird using Melda plugins knowing that they were coded using tabs 🤓
  2. Haven't seen this before: The coupon works also for Byome&Triad bundle.
  3. Anyone have a $25 voucher they won't use? I could and would use it
  4. Tomgu


    Can it emulate NeuralDSP?
  5. Tomgu

    SoundIron Luftballon!

    99 = almost 100
  6. Tomgu

    UVI Relayer 60% Off

    Seems pretty sweet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5dwohfKqns Audiodeluxe gives some bucks, but no discount from $49. Is there a better deal somewhere?
  7. Tomgu

    Audiothing Organetta

    I suggest googling ”dopamine detox”, could be useful.
  8. If you put them on a page or in a cage, they are not that free anymore...
  9. ”Afroplugin is a free drum VST (Mac,Windows) designed for making great african beats : Dancehall, R&B, Reggaeton, Lo-fi, Zouk Compas, Afrobeats and more.” https://afroplug.com/product/afroplugin-drum-vst/
  10. Another option is Blue Cat Audio's Patchwork. I've been thinking about their Axe Pack which includes Patchwork as well, and just played around with Axiom. It's pretty ok and responsive, but I'm not sure yet if I need it.
  11. My resolution WRT music software will be the same as this year: 1920 x 1080... I'll get my coat.
  12. Good find! I recommend getting the freefxbundle if nothing else - the sale price combined with a newsletter credit and a referral code is a no-brainer. Here’s my Melda ref code if anyone needs one: MELDA5554563.
  13. Ok, cut the argument and put some butter in between, as we say in Finland. Rovaniemi is in Lapland, and the Lapps (Sámi) live also in Norway, so maybe you both could be right - if we don’t take into account the fact that Korvatunturi, where he actually lives, is in the Finnish part of Lapland and very close to the Russian border. BTW, nomen est omen...? Lap-land...
  14. Traditionally we don’t send loyalty vouchers in December (...they wrote the first time they didn’t send them). What they could also say: Traditionally we send surprise vouchers at the end of the mega sales.
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