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  1. Great share King! I compared the mikes I have within this "app". Vs a Blue Kiwi... and guess what... Kiwi was the winner (which I don't have, lol).
    But I found that since they show  you the Freq. Response tables, the Rode NT1-A is very close to the Kiwi, and at least as an experiment we can EQ a little bit
    to emulate the Kiwi (I really think they are very close). 

    Also I found out that depending on the line and articulations and what not, I preferred one mike vs another. "Hard" to pick one for a whole performance.

    When you hear a stacked song (meaning you hear the whole song with the same mike) you REALLY hear an abysmal difference.

    But that's not a fair comparison, since we know we shouldn't use the same mike on every source.

    Also I preferred a $100 mike over a 300 and even 400 one...


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  2. 35 minutes ago, cclarry said:

    Coupons won't work on this 😣

    It did for me, I just tested it, are you sure you used the latest they sent you? (Expiring Nov 12th)

    Got the code on Oct 28th, if that's of any help.

  3. Just now, cclarry said:

    The Console N is an emulation of Plugin Alliance's own Neve Console...
    It's not an SSL Console...so not like the E or G....

    Oh, so what's better? SSL or NEVE? 😁😁😁😁😁😁

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  4. 28 minutes ago, cclarry said:

    You're going to have to get another $49 and then ANOTHER plugin
    to get over the $99 price...as 2 x 49 is only $98...
    but I would recommend the Console N for $49 as the second $49

    What's the difference between the N one and the SSL E and G? They look very similar right?

    And what I mnentioned I had already in my cart validates the voucher (49.99 + 29.99 + 20 of a licence transfer fee == 99.98 )

    But if you would suggest strongly the console N (I have loads of EQS and Comps already though), perhaps I could procrastinate activating Vertigo 3 (which looks like a super awesome tool).

    Or perhaps another strategy would be to get a 149 Bass amp that's not on sale, or a super duper plugin with a 149 value, and just pay the difference?

    Idk PA that well so suggestions are strongly welcomed (and yes, I could download demos ofc).

  5. Guys, you didn't recommend me a thing ;(

    This is like right now a "Get a 49 plugin get another for free (49 value)".

    So I could pay whatever 49 bucks and get the Ampeg V-4B for free https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/ampeg_v4b.html


    (I have a 20 transfer fee on the cart, plus the V4B amp, and lindell X, and the voucher works even though I already used the 25 voucher we all got, plus a 75 personal voucher, so I feel this is a very nice gesture of them)

  6. Wow thats...


    What do I get besides the bass amp!?!  lol


    Lindell ch x? Any good?

    Already bought today Vertigo 3 super cheap 😂

  7. 15 hours ago, Piotr said:

    Carlos, if you have anything what sounds good for you I believe you should skip it... ;)

    Otherwise... you will end like me with tons of simulations... I have some of their stuff it is not bad and extremely cheap (this why they got me) but will I stop to use THU, Amplitude etc with infinite possibilities to shape tones? Or rigs with ready to use sound? I doubt. No regrets as this way I supported them to provide cheap solutions for people who cannot earn money yet. And it was very cheap... But... no time to use every amp sim I have just for sake using it ;)


    Hey mate, thanks so much, I appreciate your point of view (which is similar to my thoughts).

    Having IK Amplitube 4 Max and Guitar Rig 5 and Bass Amp Room (softube), among what else I don't have in my plugin drawer seems to be enough :P

    (Shout out to Zo who let me know some stuff I didn't know I have in Amplitube for bass, lol).

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  8. 7 minutes ago, Fleer said:

    Keeping my $25 coupon for Halloween. Hoping I’m right. 

    I got the feeling you will be.
    Though I don't regret my purchase a little bit :P

  9. 7 hours ago, Canopus said:

    Great find!

    Just in case anyone else is having problems trying to create an account at eInstruments using Firefox, try Chrome instead. Firefox kept returning some unspecified server error but not so with Chrome. Oh, well.

    Thanks I was using Opera, switched to Edge :P

  10. Just now, Zo said:

    Send me a bass line and i do you both .... and you will see ...now workflow is another variable but for me ....you're set homie

    Will do I need a little time coz it's party weekend 😎😅

  11. Whoa nice pic of all IK amps, lol



    1 hour ago, Zo said:

    More seriously , i think with nembrini you're set my friend ....  bass amps since you have IK , also ....

    So the PA is more of the same? It doesn't make a direct plugged bass guitar into my interface sound better than IK's or Guitar Rig 5? Since it's new I would've thought it'd be better made? Ofc I could download the demo but you're the expert.

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