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  1. 32 minutes ago, jesse g said:

    The SE 5990's at $146.99  isn't bad with Free shipping from AMAZON

    I like closed back headphones  because I don't want the bleed into the microphone, however, for the engineer, it wouldn't matter.

    I got mine (SE HD599) for 120 only! :P (and planning to get from Drop next month the 6XX which are supposed to be the 650).
    Yeah, it would be great if I found a close back alternative too (I have the same concerns about bleeding into the mike.

  2. On 1/17/2020 at 6:11 PM, Brian Walton said:

    If you  don't  enjoy listening to music with 599s  then honestly you should  forget about music and find a different hobby, that is my honest opinion.    And yes $110  is worth it.


    So I got the SE version, from Amazon on last Friday almost Saturday, and they arrived on Sunday! Great that Amazon delivers on Sunday, I didn't know!
    Brian you know your sound, lol. 
    These sound way better than my Beyerdynamic. Still a tad bright, but I feel it's the source now that may be the issue, not the headphones. I am using a system EQ to remove some 5k and 12k (just on some songs). But that alone does the trick.

    I've read and asked that the HD650 could fix my bright issue completely. But for now these will suffice I guess.
    (Or maybe return these and buy the HD650, I really liked these but perhaps... lol).
    thanks for the recommendation, at least you gave me hope again, lol.

  3. 9 minutes ago, jesse g said:

    Whoooo that song was sooo clear and clean listening using my KRK KNS 8400    LOL 


    Not sure about the site listed, but  I am sure about the headphones ...... 😎

    Thanks  for the video Brian

    What video/song?

  4. PLEASE HELP if you can thanks.
    (For youtube links copy paste please and add a "y" to the address at the beginning, because if I type it completely, it adds the video to my post.)


    Hi there, I can get the Sennheiser HD599 for less than 110 bucks, should I get them?
    Btw thanks for the recommendation.

    Long read ahead, I hope you get the time to read, because I am desperate to get a good pair of cans, where I can enjoy listening to music 100% (all the time).

    I feel I am not looking for the BEST image/clearness/clarity/realistic but something I can enjoy listening to music.
    I just bought some Sony cheapos (I've got some Sony cheapo earphones too that I think sound very good
    for the price, not harsh at all) headphones: Mdr-zx100, which I feel sound very good but still a little harsh sometimes 
    (like 10% harsh out of 100%, but again, just sometimes). But at least with these I can enjoy finally enjoy listening to music.
    Of course they don't compare to the Dt 990 pro's, but of course I have the DTPro 990 which I don't feel are bad per se,
    but it's like nothing has punch, nothing is really defined...  nothing has weight.
    Using Sonarworks Reference with these sometimes works, sometimes it doesn't. Depends on the song.
    Then I had some AKG K240 Mark II, which were like 100% harsh/bright... sigh... I threw them to the garbage can (literally, lol).
    I have some Vic Firth headphones (2nd version) for when I "track" or play drums along music, but these are just way bad (and harsh) for listening to music.

    Just to give you examples:


    This song sound pretty good on the DT 990 Pros, but kinda lame and HARSH and PHASEY (idk where all this phase artifacts come from, lol) with the new Sony Mdr-zx100 but the guitar and vocals sound so good on the DT 990 Pros, although sometimes it can become tiresome, idk why.

    This other song 

    sounds pretty good on the Sony Mdr-zx100, with punch, not phasey, and I don't feel I am losing detail (at 1:48 you can hear some background vocals done by the lead singer, pretty neat that they don't get lost) although the overall sound of the song feels colored a lot (I don't mind).
    With the DT Pros I never get a good bass (kick) on that song, or power, I have to lower the volume, and if I attempt to get kind of achieve some sense of power with the song by raising the volume, they just fart FART bad (so I have to lower again the volume).

    Then this

    On the DT Pros 990 the kick just waits to fart if I raise the volume 1 more dB, lol. I don't care that they show there is a kick present there, I see NO POINT whatsoever to have a kick that you hear it's there but it's like it doesn't matter if you put it there or not, because it doesn't project energy...
    Anyway, this song compared to on the Sony's, sounds bland as sht...

    On bad guy, outube.com/watch?v=DyDfgMOUjCI
    you definitely feel and hear the kick on the DT Pro 990, but the timbre is bad (I know my kicks, ok?). 
    Funny in the Sony's where  I would think the kick would be very prominent, is more recessed but with so much better timber. And ofc it still drives the song.
    Here the vocals sound so much SMOOTHER. Thank god.

    Whoever invented these kind of headphones must be crazy... and filthy rich, lol. These type of headphones is called for "monitoring". My wallet hurts anyway...

  5. 3 hours ago, S.L.I.P. said:

    It's called Eclipse. It's a VST plugin that sends hypnotic signals to your brain. It partially, or fully blocks out any restraint in buying Waves plugins. As your brain gets dimmer and dimmer, your wallet gets lighter, and lighter..,

    Ok, you made an effort, I will give you that

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