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  1. Not offended or offering any What is policy over there and not really a matter of debate, is a totally political thing over here. One that we are not even allowed to debate in the context of this forum. A can of worms I'm glad you're glad you don't live here or have the right to bear arms, but really, you'd be OK over here as long as you avoid the cities....and West Virginia or California in the fall
  2. Nice historic piece Bill. Might come in handy when negotiations fail with the thugs in your hood
  3. 85-89 USAF here. Thanks to all Vets for your service
  4. Actually just learning about version 4 from your post. I'm delighted to hear and will have it soon. Still on version 3 here and haven't tried it in a few years. If I recall it was a bit convoluted to get the midi. For me it was just easier sending the midi output to whatever other drum program that I wanted in most cases. Thanks and salute brother Bill from the bayou.
  5. My prayers are with you Bapu, please don't be a hero. The last thing I want to see on news is. Bass player dies while trying to save an Alembic. Be safe brother.
  6. Yes, all those options will work. Just sign up for a free account @ dropbox.com and you will have enough storage space to get the files to me. You will then simply upload the files, choose the share option, copy the link then send the link in a PM or post them here.
  7. Some really nicely conceived melodies there. I'm more of a guitarist than a singer, but that has real nice movement and in a comfortable range. I might be able to pull it off. Send me a drop box link of what you have and I'll see what I can do. Warning: these samples contain Funky and Boogie Woogie Bapu, listener discretion is advised. Has been known to cause foot spasms and pelvis gyrations in the state of CA
  8. Nothing says family like folks gathering to share their love for perfectly smoked and charred animal flesh. Greetings Beagle, good to see you.
  9. I can only imagine the torment and subsequent trauma you experienced. I kind of wish I was there to see your facial reactions
  10. Ok I admit, I peeked in and this one got me. No guilt on this one though, I haven't upgraded RX since the original in 2010. Thanks Larry.
  11. Just wondering if Waves Vocal rider would do the trick for you. I've only used it on already recorded tracks, but there is a separate live rider that comes with it.
  12. Great to see you weathered the storm Mesh, you've earned your becan and trip to the deals forum. Best wishes to those still in the path.
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