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  1. Cute cat, looks very much like my last dearly departed cat. I have to admit, I'm a cat person and I like my cats bad and high strung. Haven't got a new cat since the last one passed, but there is a neighborhood cat that sits on my window everyday and stares me down until I feed him. When I feed him, he never fails to hiss at me just to let me know there won't be any touching, it's been a few years now so I don't see any Ferengi lobe love going on in that relationship.
  2. My first two favorite bands were Kiss and Queen back in grade school. I remember Kiss as being the most popular and heavy band at that time with so much TV publicity, even a TV movie and merchandise. I was programmed from youth to be in the Kiss army. I still like to bring back a few to do live on occasion. My favorite would have to be.
  3. Sounds like fine weather for grilling. My google puck thingy just told me 32 but feels like 24 with wind. Had me becan in the am. Hamburger helper and VR flight sim tonight.
  4. The only thing I ever find intolerable is intolerance itself. Pretty strong sentiment there and the product of a sick and bitter mind IMO. Kind of reminds me of the words of another self righteous vegan *****. Your venomous anger here is evidence that an unnatural diet can lead to much grief. My prayers go out to the families of those lost in Australia's fire's Being bullied by a vegan is like a panty pillow fight Last seriousness from me, I can't even take you serious.
  5. Oh my, nicest thing to come out of this thread.
  6. I didn't account for chocolate, peanut butter, pasta and black pepper.
  7. It has been enlightening for me. I'm giving up plants altogether except for coffee, tea and tobacco. Plants make oxygen no? I'm going to save the plants and eat more animals so they aren't around farting and creating greenhouse gasses.
  8. Things that matter more than becan, if any...
  9. Lordy, Muddy water turn to wine, had to subscribe to that.
  10. Happy New Year. I did some jet, nuked some super mutants and pilfered through a vast post apocalyptic wasteland in Fallout 4 VR. I took my VR headset o to realize it has been 2020 for two hours already. Fried and consumed the becan
  11. Not offended or offering any What is policy over there and not really a matter of debate, is a totally political thing over here. One that we are not even allowed to debate in the context of this forum. A can of worms I'm glad you're glad you don't live here or have the right to bear arms, but really, you'd be OK over here as long as you avoid the cities....and West Virginia or California in the fall
  12. Nice historic piece Bill. Might come in handy when negotiations fail with the thugs in your hood
  13. 85-89 USAF here. Thanks to all Vets for your service
  14. Actually just learning about version 4 from your post. I'm delighted to hear and will have it soon. Still on version 3 here and haven't tried it in a few years. If I recall it was a bit convoluted to get the midi. For me it was just easier sending the midi output to whatever other drum program that I wanted in most cases. Thanks and salute brother Bill from the bayou.
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