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    Hi David I´m sure I,ve mentioned this before but your compositions always remind me of a couple of british film director`s Mike leigh,Ken loach , on some of their fantasic british social documentary films , way back when..... great stuff
  2. I concure with all the above ..and just great vocals ...super song
  3. Yeah that was super , great video , well done
  4. Yeah ripped my soul out this one ..just seeing a london cab in the first few frames was enough to set the mood have`nt been back for so long... way too long cheers great track P
  5. HI Mr wookie , every song you make i reach for my best headphones ( not the pink ones) sit back a let it take me on a journey . great track loved the guitar tones .. and lots of surprises cheers P
  6. Yeah i believe every word as lynn says ,the vocals are stunning great job cheers P
  7. Paul Bush

    The Love We Have

    I´m more of a song guy than a production type of chap so i felt somewhat qualified to add my pennethworth ,vocals are really great and the harmonies fit really well seems a simple song but I lknow there´s a lot of hard work gone into that congratulations , excelent song very difficult pull off and you did it well cheers P
  8. Thanks noynekker , Ive taken my time with this one , I`ve swopped out that bass drum and intro bass guitar Ive brought the piano`s up in the mix and generally mopped up bits `n´ pieces ready to do a more smoother mixdown... I put that (grimsby docks) tune on the backburner , ready for a later date to be worked on it needs a fresh approach anyways thanks for your comments always welcome cheers paul
  9. Hi Chaps , here´s a new song pre mixdown , just to put it out there for some tips, comments etc ..i´m not happy with the guitar solo but a i said its a song in progress see what you all think cheers
  10. yeah loved this great guitar tone , i loved the drums ..now he could save a hours and hours in ezdrums great track
  11. Always a treat Lynn, nice one , great text and vocals
  12. I concure with all the above yeah ..great stuff
  13. Hi Kevin i really liked the song as it kept me trying to look around the corner for the next surprise , as i´m no great shakes as far as production goes i can really only comment on the song which as I,ve said is super good .
  14. Really great recording very clear , song hits the spot
  15. Paul Bush

    Love is Tender

    Hi really super vocals , great harmonies very difficult to do and you pulled it off perfectly , nice one
  16. Hi and thanks Lynn , what started out as a simple riff got intresting as time went on I added a few bits and pieces and it grew on me , I will have to re-do a lot to get it just right but after listening to it so many times my brain just smooths everything out and I lose the thread somehow , its at times like these one really need a second pair of ears in the studio (which i dont have) for instance I`m writing a new song with the keys and with a backing toontrack beat so i´m now searching for the right groove .......its never ending Im actually thinking of trying out the cakewalk drums hit them with my finger and paste ..thanks for taking the time to comment.....cheers paul
  17. Hi Noynekker , vocals remind me a little of Neil Finn of crowded house (compliment) love the melody and general feel of the song ..really well sung and played chorus really hit the spot cheers
  18. Yeah wow this is electric , great stuff , liked it a lot
  19. From the off , this one suprised me kept me going all the way to the end cheers
  20. Yeah its got that sound alright poppickers , there`s so much in there vocals are great great track with lots of suprises to keep ones attention well thought out
  21. Paul Bush

    Blue guitar

    You just cant argue with that guitar tone great stuff
  22. Paul Bush


    This is super, it stands on its own merits, doesnt sound like anyone else and i think that`s the trick great composition
  23. I can only concure with all of the above remarks , beautiful , just a great sound
  24. Hi thanks chaps , yeah ive not exported for a while so i wasnt sure what to do but as you all mentioned its very simple i just added audio library in the folder section and hey presto its there so cheers
  25. Its only a niggle but before the export file was directed straight to the ``audio library ´´now with the new system its goes somewhere else and I have to copy it and send it my ``audio library´´ like i said just a niggle cheers
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