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  1. Since there are a number of people around here interested in the Console 1, I thought you might want to hear about the newly released TrakPak for Console 1 from Empirical Labs, including the LilFrEQ and the Mike-e compresser (etc). Check out my review here: https://www.blades.technology/music/daws-sonar-and-studio-one/empirical-labs-trakpak-for-console-1-review-and-comparison
  2. It's a great device. Of course, it is more full featured in studio one since they are both presonus products but it is still a ton better for me in cakewalk than my bcf2000 was. I am sure that I am missing some things with the extra modes, but unsure wish cakewalk and presonus would get together about a few of them and other issues, like the fader scale being not the same so feeling a little drift from the actual markings. I don't know that either company needs to do anything. I think it's both.
  3. For those who want to skip the Blog post, here's a direct link to the YouTube video:
  4. For the sake of comparison, I've done a video on this for the FaderPort 8 in Studio One as well, which shows some of the differences in the behavior of the hardware in the Studio One software and how some of the functions that Mackie MCU mode in Cakewalk doesn't cover. You might find this interesting: https://www.blades.technology/music/daws-sonar-and-studio-one/5-reasons-to-use-the-presonus-faderport-8-with-studio-one
  5. Blades

    Spaceships in the Sky

    @jack c. Wow. Humbled. Thanks for that.
  6. Blades

    Spaceships in the Sky

    @Grebz I did a quick Google and didn't find them, so here you go: Verse 1 Spaceships in the sky Does anyone know if they're real or just a lie I swear just the other night when I walked the dogs what I thought was just a shooting star could have been aliens from a million miles away Verse 2 Frisbees or pie shells We've seen Trick photography TV shows that sell the the subject of history Verse 2b for the phenomenon that nobody's sure about The broadcasting news all flying to the bank Bridge Little Green with oversized heads Are they real or make believe? Science will show that they don't really know As the search for Bigfoot goes on Verse 3 Symbols in the fields A Two-headed pregnancy NASA won't reveal The changing of history Verse 3b On the Dakoda farm where the woman was abducted from She's still furious 'cause her husband called the shrink (bridge) and then back to first two lines of Verse 1
  7. Blades

    Spaceships in the Sky

    @jack c. - thanks for the listen and the comment. Not sure what the George Michael comment is - but I'll take any comment with his name in it when it's about a song I did and hope for it to have been a compliment! @timboalogo Glad to hear that you liked this and thanks for the comment. The original song by The Tories along with the rest of that album was one of the early 90s gems. Check it out!
  8. Blades

    Spaceships in the Sky

    I redid a bunch of stuff on this one that was just not sounding right. I added a center guitar, brought the hard panned guitars in for most of the song and automated a few spots to send them back farther left/right, brought the background vocals closer to the center and spread them across the left to right spectrum more rather than them all being in the same spot, cut a little more low on the bass guitar and added a little bit of Red Light Distortion, and cut a little more bottom out of the kick drum. Finally, I changed the export to not dither because it seemed like it was making the overall mix sound different. If you listened before, I'd appreciate another one, but if not, well, hopefully this sounds better than last night's version.
  9. The last cover I did was "Spaceman". Even though this one is not made with Cakewalk like the last one was, it is in the same "space" theme, so I hope you might take a minute (or 4) to take a listen to this. This is a cover tune from a band called "The Tories" called "Spaceships in the Sky". I did a brief writeup on my blog along with the audio as well. I hope you'll give it a listen: https://blades.technology/music/songs/spaceships-in-the-sky
  10. Hey all. I had a chance to redo an old video walkthrough of the FaderPort 8 in use in Cakewalk by Bandlab in Mackie MCU mode. The last time I tried to do this, I had a lousy audio and video situation and made the best of it. This time around, I got it a little better and I think the video is more useful as a result. Hopefully someone here will find this to be of value:
  11. I did a follow-up on my last video that covered the Cakewalk ProChannel vs. the PreSonus Fat Channel. In this new post, I go into more depth on the use of the SSL Bus Compressor that is present in both of these plugins and I show examples on the drum bus using Pearl Mimic Pro sounds as the basis of the track. Hope you find this useful: https://www.blades.technology/music/daws-sonar-and-studio-one/cakewalk-prochannel-vs-presonus-fat-channel-ssl-bus-compressor
  12. Coming back to this after some other interesting revelations on the Studio One side of this controller (which I think are demystified now): So - is there a solution to this? @Noel Borthwick is there someone you can work with over at Presonus to come to some kind of workable solution? It's not just that the markers don't match up - it's the little fader move that happens when you release for some reason - I guess because the resolution of the fader on the FP8 is expecting a different overall range than the Cakewalk screen representation or something. Either way - it's pretty annoying and as mentioned, since it seems to be common that the devices (Mackie, Behringer X-Touch, Presonus FP, 8, and 16), which are all using Mackie control protocol are labeled with +10 (though I did find that Novation's are marked +6 and Avid and Slate are marked at +12 (not sure if they are Mackie or not)), and Cakewalk uses that Mackie protocol, that it would follow the markings on the matching hardware. I would even kind of get it if at least the Unity marker were right and it was just off from there, but it's weird to move a fader on the hardware to the Unity mark and have it drift downward by about 3db or so and then when you look at the screen - sure enough it IS at -3db. And really oddly if you move the on-screen fader to 0, the FaderPort is at 0 as well. Just seems really inconsistent with it being "just a labeling problem".
  13. Am oldie, but a goodie. Like ID 10 T and Pebcak.
  14. So, since this is the scenario, it seems that the setting would be on the Cakewalk side to ask "what is the range of the Mackie Control Surface faders" and then adjust how it behaves, mathematically, accordingly. Agree? Seems like a "simple" fix to the control surface part of things (says the drummer who used to be a mainframe programmer who makes websites these days).
  15. The end result is that several vendors can debate who should conform to whom, but for the end-users, the result is the same. It doesn't work right. If the Mackie Control on which the non-"Standard" was created has hardware that goes to +10db, it seems that the software would favor this particular hardware alignment. I don't have a Mackie Control. Can someone tell us if this works right with their hardware? Is it just "relative" rather than "literal" as it appears to be in the Presonus hardware?
  16. Yep - pretty annoying, @Rick Lang I didn't back-level my firmware because I use Studio One more than Cakewalk at this point, but it definitely seems like a problem. As you pointed out, there is no apparent configuration or Calibration that resolves this. Two observations: 1. Looking at Mackie Control Universal hardware online, I see that it matches up with the +10db that the FaderPorts show. This indicates to me that this is more of a Cakewalk issue than a Presonus one. 2. Considering that there are multiple options for MCU support in the FaderPort 8 (Sonar, Cubase, Logic), it would seem that the emulation would take the fader resolution into perspective. This makes it feel like a Presonus problem and not a Cakewalk problem. The above considered, I'd lean towards this being a Cakewalk problem since they are the ones not following "the standard". This was a problem for me with my old Behringer BCF2000 - Cakewalk didn't exactly follow the Mackie protocol then either (as Sonar), which made the BCF harder to use/understand than it seemed like it should be. In fact, if you search for Cakewalk (or Sonar) and +10db or +6db, you will find no shortage of threads on the topic of Cakewalk/Sonar not following the +10db standard of the Mackie Control standard. Also worth noting, if it worked on an older firmware, I wonder why Presonus changed it...my guess is because it was wrong before as far as the Mackie Control spec is concerned since their hardware has the +10db fader upper limit. Hey @Noel Borthwick: what say you on this topic? Any chance you could add a +10db fader mode option somewhere?
  17. Rick - Thanks for this. I haven't installed Cakewalk back on to my system since I replaced and rebuilt. I'll definitely be seeing if this does the same thing/problem for me, as I am on the version 3.44 firmware on the FaderPort 8. Definitely something I'd report to Presonus as a problem. I'm not sure if they would do anything to fix it since you are outside of Presonus land, but this controller IS meant to work as a Mackie MCU. I'll report back with my findings.
  18. Thanks John. There were a few in here that I didn't do and hope to see some results from. Notably, setting the USB no-suspend thing in the power options (even with Ultimate option, this wasn't set) and setting the 3D of NVidia card to prefer performance. I have done so many tweaks trying to fix my old system that I forgot to apply a few on the new one, which was performing so much better anyway that I guess I thought I'd already done them!
  19. If you don't have the Ultimate Performance Power Plan available to you, go to an administrator mode cmd line or PowerShell and use this command: powercfg -duplicatescheme e9a42b02-d5df-448d-aa00-03f14749eb61 Then go back to the Choose a Power Plan screen and you should see it there.
  20. @AzSlow3 - Interesting since this is the ONE thing that made an enormous difference in my system. When not this way, my Waves plugins were completely unusable. It's actually a fairly funny/sad story. I work as the owner of a Technology company (business IT services). I was talking with one of my technicians and joking that my system had been upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8 to Windows 10 and all of the baggage came along for the ride over the years. I didn't actually realize how long it had been: from 2015 to 2020. So I decided to rebuild. Then I had a bunch of other "stuff" going on, so I hadn't been DAW recording and been more focused on doing YouTube video stuff. So I imagine that I didn't do some of these tweaks to that interim system. Come to last weekend and I'm getting this pop/click stuff going on in this new system - so frustrating. And I reviewed past optimization stuff I did and got to this one. And it (almost) completely eliminated the annoyance. Every system and driver is different, I suppose. I'm using a Presonus Studio 1824 USB along with Studio One (or sometimes Cakewalk). I used to have an Echo Audio Layla 3G that I used for MANY years. Honestly, it didn't really perform that much worse. Being a PCI interface might have given it some benefit, but the old drivers were just problematic for me and the brand matching seemed like a logical idea to me - not to mention that the Presonus was effectively free to me since I sold some gear I wasn't using and never would and bought it with the proceeds. Thanks for all the comments so far - off to locate that "Ultimate" performance option.
  21. @MediaGary Wow - that's a lot of detail! Thanks for sharing this. It's definitely important to show the subtlety in interfaces. Whether you are using USB, PCI(e), or even Thunderbolt, most modern interfaces can perform well enough for most people. As always, chasing GAS is not always a recipe for better sounding songs or mixes. As I mentioned in the intro and the blog post, these are the few "most effective" or noticeable changes that I made to the system to get the DAW performing. There are tons of guides out there for making your system work the best it can. Specs are part of the battle, but configuration and system health play into that mix AT LEAST as much.
  22. I got a new computer. I went through all of the basic stuff but was reminded of a few things that make the DAWs perform better. So I made a blog post and video on it for others who are looking for a few QUICK tips on making their computer perform better. This is not any kind of all-inclusive list of performance tips - just a few that make a big difference easily. Check out the post here: https://www.blades.technology/music/daws-sonar-and-studio-one/three-tips-to-optimize-pc-for-daw-use
  23. Hey all - As Black Friday has come and go, I added a quick review of the new Waves CLA Epic plugin. It's pretty short and I hope informative into why you might be interested in this. At the moment it's a pretty cheap $29, which is likely to expire soon. So please take a quick look and see if it's something you want to add to your arsenal. https://www.blades.technology/music/daws-sonar-and-studio-one/waves-cla-epic-review-and-demostration
  24. This is an OLD recording I did, but just dug it out of the archive for different reasons and found that it was not on my website. So I put it there today with a Blog to describe the equipment and purpose of the recording. Short version: this was in 2008 using Sonar 7, an SW1000XG, and the Yamaha DSP Factory. Hope you enjoy: https://www.blades.technology/music/songs/from-here-to-there
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