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  1. Hi All, just a little classical guitar lullaby for your listening pleasure. Rik
  2. RikF


    Hi Barry , funky tune, liked it, good vocals but on my end it sounds like there's to much effects on the vocals while the instruments sounds overly dry imho. Rik
  3. Hi Tom, thanks for listening, glad you enjoyed it. Yesterday I sent an e-mail to bandlab support because I couldn't reply to your message on bandlab. To my surprise they answered within 5 minutes and fixed it for me, great service ! Rik
  4. Hi Deeringamps, thanks for listening, not sure who your "rant" was aimed at. I can't figure out how it's supposed to work. Rik
  5. Hi Bjorn, thanks for listening, glad you like it. You're right about wanting to hear more of the arpeggio part, I cut of the first part which was arpeggio only, but I'm to self conscious about the heavy breathing. 😪 😉 Rik
  6. RikF

    When I See You

    Hi Wayne, welcome to the forum, nice tune, Good job. Rik
  7. RikF

    The Darkness Within

    Hi Wookiee, this is indeed dark, hope you're well. Rik
  8. RikF

    Your Love is the Key

    Hi RexRed, lovely tune , great vocals, that harpsichord( guitar ?) gets a bit repetitive and anoying imho. Rik
  9. RikF

    Lonely Old Man

    Hi Freddy, nice one, rhythm guitar is a bit to loud when your singing imho. Rik
  10. Hi Nigel, nice tune, nice video and a surprising sax solo, all good. Rik
  11. HI ksband, thanks 'twas fun 😉 Hi Nigel, thanks, glad you enjoyed it. Rik
  12. Hi All, did something stupid today, watch your ears this is loud !!!! 😉 Rik
  13. Hi Mark, nice one, great vocals, I would like a nice guitar solo in the middle 😉 Rik
  14. Hi,Andy, thanks forlistening, glad you like the arpeggiated part. This is in standard tuning but I get why you think it might be an altered tuning, the chords are all triads plus the open high e string for every chord, makes for some nice disonance here and there 😉 Didn't know Ant Philips, listened to some pieces on youtube, nice stuff. Rik
  15. Hi Freddy, thanks for listening, glad you like it. This guitar does record very well. RIK
  16. RikF

    Same Time Same Place

    Hi Bjorn, nice tune, sounds like a classical arrangement of Georgy girl 😉 Rik
  17. Hi Mark, thanks for listening, glad you like it. At first I just panned the two guitars, I think this sounds better. Rik
  18. RikF


    Hi KSband, nice and relaxing, enjoyed it, did you di the ncx1 ? Sounds good. Rik
  19. Hi All, did a revision of this piece. The arpegiated guitar is now doubled and eq'd seperately and one track delayed 10ms, panned hard left and right, Lead guitar is now square in the centre. Reverb is now a send. Have a listen, if you like.
  20. Hi Nigel, thanks for listening, glad you like the sound of the guitar 😉 Rik
  21. RikF

    Sunrise Funk

    Hi Mark, nice backingtrack, lots of things going on, just needs something on top 😉 Rik
  22. Hi Wookiee, thank for listening, I'm well(ish) enough to play and record a bit 😉 Hi Mark, thanks, reverb is Breverb, came with x3, guitar is a Cordoba c10. Rik
  23. Hi grem, the wonders of modern technology, what's next? Sliced bread? 😄 RIK
  24. RikF

    "Remember" _Colab

    Hi Grem, nice collaboration, good tune, nice player 😉 Rik
  25. Hi KSband, thanks for listening, glad you like the classical guitar. Hi Grem, thanks, glad you like the recording. I upload my stuff from within cakewalk to the band lab site, if you click on share you can get an embed code to paste in your post here. Rik
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