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  1. 12 hours ago, Tezza said:

    It's not seen as compatible with windows 10 according to AVID, the latest driver release states:



    Jan 19. 2016

    This is the final driver release for the Fast Track Pro

    Qualified with Windows 7, 8, 8.1

    Note that Windows 10 (or later) is not compatible and will not be qualified

    Fixed noise or pops/clicks when streaming with Fast Track Pro's S/PDIF output enabled


    While it still "may" work with Windows 10 "occasionally" and with some fiddling around, it's not worth the hassle.  Ditch the audio interface would be my suggestion.

    I am looking around for a small USB powered audio device also, just for traveling. I was a bit dismayed by the pricing here in Australia. They seem to have gone up a bit since I last bought one. I thought the Presonus 24c would be up there since Presonus gear tends to be a bit more expensive but in fact it is priced quite well according to the competition. Looks like a nice option.

    Looks like a completely different connection to standard USB connections so that may need to be taken into account:


    Further research reveals that you can get adapter cables from standard USB A to USB C but whether or not that works successfully on all devices, I don't know.


    Thanks Tezza. I was using the last driver. I think I was just lucky as many can no longer use the device on W10. I'm going to go for the Presonus 26c which is £145 here as it has much improved specs than the 24c. And the 24c has an achilles heel in a low headphone output.

  2. 12 hours ago, JonD said:

    If you were on Win10 before with no problems, then the Fast Track drivers should not be suddenly misbehaving with the same O.S.   Something else on your new system (not related to your interface drivers) is conflicting with something else. 

    Try these for starters:

    Disable power mgmt stuff in the BIOS (If you're comfortable navigating the BIOS).

    New systems have a lot of crap pre-installed.  In startup, disable everything you don't recognize (Nothing here is critical, you can easily undo them).

    Temporarily disable wi-fi and anti-virus.

    Run latencymon to identify any background tasks that are taking up lots of resources. 

    Connect your interface to a different USB port.  The Fast Track is USB2, so stick with that over USB3.


    Let us know how it goes!

    Thanks JonD. The system has had all the tweaks necessary. Installed LatencyMon. And tit says the system is fine for audio.  There's no onboard wifi etc. The drivers were never passed for W10, but were originally for XP/7/8. My old system was on the first i3 540 and Gigabyte H55M mobo from 2010. So I think it's just falling over now. And looking on forums etc many others are finding the Fast Track Pro is no longer working on W10. So I think it's time to upgrade.

  3. Thanks Bjorn. Love "The Pearl" along with all the other EG records ambient releases. Was sad to hear that Budd had passed away.

  4. Hi. Having upgraded my mobo to an Asus Prime B460 Plus, CPU and Ram. I'm finding that my old M Audio Fast track Pro is flaky on W10 now though it worked fine before. The drivers are old.

    And I have narrowed  a replacement down to a Presonus Studio 26c, and MOTU M2. The MOTU are not in stock at all and probably not for some time. And would have been my preferred choice. I need the midi ports and a limited budget. Anyone have experience of these two interfaces ? and feedback ?

  5. Perhaps some advice guys? I recently upgraded my MOBO,CPU,RAM (to Asus Prime B460 Plus, i5-10600, 16gb Corsair @2666). And on W10 (20H2). I have a M Audio Fast Track Pro which has given no trouble for 10 years. Now however I have dropouts, sputtering, etc not only in Cakewalk, but in Soundforge, TRacks 5. I have adjusted all settings to see if I could improve things but to no avail. Strangely on screen when audio drops out the meters are still running. It can happen at any point.

    I therefore think my M Audio has had its day.Its drivers are from 2015 and worked no problem on W10 until the h/ware upgrade (unless you know of some miracle cure). I have a limited budget for an audio interface and need midi ports. I do like to look of the Presonus Studio 24C. Any feedback on this device would be welcome.



  6. Yeah, have had this on and off all day. Raised it on the FB page this morning. Found I had to delete all cookies and go direct to the Bandlab site and from there go to the forum (missed a whole day of cclarry deals!!!). Still flaky. Hopefully sorted by tomorrow. If bookmarked it has a green icon with NS on it in Firefox. Not the CWB one.

  7. Thanks David Sprouse. There always seems to be a dark undercurrent on most things I do. Not always intentional.

  8. 2 hours ago, Wookiee said:

     the furry ears thought it nice they smiled.

    Nothing finer than furry ears to listen with. Unless you are Ferengi then they have another use.....

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