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  1. By the way, Zo...you're doing it backwards, do it Larry's way...buy the .5 updates at the lower price and install after the .0 update comes out for free Bill
  2. Avid Control Rocks! I haven't "touched" TouchDAW since installing Control. Just follow the instructions on the Avid site Bill P.S. Cubase 11 Pro runs really good on my Windows 7 machine!
  3. Hey guys, thanks for checking out my music! If you'd like to hear the full album or any track in it's entirety go to the link above, scroll down to the small Youtube icon. That will take you to my artist channel...then just scroll down to Albums and you can either click on the album to hear it from start to end or click on the playlist link below and that will take you to the album itself with all the song links Work doesn't give me much free time during the week so I'll be back this weekend to spend some time....lots of posts, songs, and nearly nekkid ladies to catch up on...especially the ladies Bill
  4. Finally finished this project...material recorded in Sonar Platinum, Cakewalk, and Cubase Pro. I made a lot of mistakes during the process...hopefully different mistakes next time Fragile Magick Thanks for listening, Bill
  5. A little tip...if you buy the update but don't activate you get the latest version for free when you do activate! I bought the 10.5 update last month but am holding on to it till this fall to get 11 for free Bill
  6. You're gonna get tired of this one Bill
  7. My Midi is Midi...Midi In and Out, not USB I've compared the TTSSEQ.ini before and after doing my "mojo" and they're exactly the same so something else is happening under the hood! Regardless I can get it to open Bill
  8. You don't need to route individual instruments to busses other than to group them or for a global send effect like a reverb. By default an instrument will go to the master buss Bill
  9. Delete TTSSEQ.ini, start Cakewalk, enable your Midi device...good to go I've had to do this every time I open Cakewalk or Sonar for ages now! Just deleting TTSSEQ.ini only does a reset, you still have to enable your Midi device before it will communicate. Bill
  10. Listening through my A7's it sounded good for a quickie, but with the phones it does sound really muddy. Here's another take on the mix- The only problem I've found is I listened on my laptop with and without Waves Maxaudio, sounded ok, just quieter with Maxaudio off. Neither one of these mixes will be on the album, just something to share composition-wise. First mix I made the mistake of sending my Epic Toms track to the Drums buss with the regular drums. That buss has two sends...one is a compression buss and the other is a reverb buss...the Epic Toms on the reverb buss really whoooooooooooomped the mix Bill
  11. This is the third part of a larger piece. I've started the mix phase of a new album...this is a quick master of the final mix so not etched in stone :) New Beginnings Enjoy! Bill
  12. Really looking forward to this one...need it to help finish something I started this weekend- Strut(Demo) Bill
  13. I've always bit my tongue but it needs to be said so here goes- Cakewalk is music software, if you have absolutely no background in music you will have a hard time! Cakewalk is a computer program, if you have no idea at all how a computer works you will have a hard time! Anything new takes some effort to learn, if you're not willing to do what you need to learn(read the manual, watch videos, ask questions, experiment, etc.) you will have a hard time! There is no way to make something easy to learn if someone doesn't have the intellect and/or temperament and/or level of drive to learn in the first place. Anyways...Merry Christmas Bill
  14. I was using TouchDaw for Cakewalk(and Sonar before that) and had just set it up for Cubase......I decided to try this and I'm impressed! I've switched to using this in Cubase now, it offers more and better control, thanks for posting, this thing works great! Bill
  15. Open Cakewalk, arrange the windows the way you like, Save the Workspace(give it a name- for me it's default), close and reopen with your new workspace selected. I have a 4 monitor setup but most times just use 3( 2- 22's, a 28, and a 32). When you have your workspace selected as the main workspace it'll open up the same way every time I have track view on the 28 in front of me, console on a 22 to my right, and everything else goes to the 32 above the 28! If I could find a way to remove the multi-dock I would! Bill
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