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  1. Cookie Jarvis

    Cubase quantize hell

    Oh yeah, I've run with input quantize on and off and I'm not experiencing the Midi troubles you are...come this weekend I'll look into my preferences to see if I did anything special. Bill
  2. Cookie Jarvis

    Cubase quantize hell

    Zo, I'm running an old PCI interface- Echo Layla 3G. I run it at 96khz and 24 bit. In Cubase you can choose 32 bit floating or 64 bit floating, I use 32 bit. Everything has been running good for me, I just needed to learn the different labels and workflow, not that it's that much different. Unrelated- I lost one of my videocards Saturday...got a couple of new ones coming this week, that and another 8gb of ram, that'll get me to 24gb. I use 4 monitors so I run 2 identical videocards, each with dual DVI. I've been reading the Cubase manuals and it's a pretty deep application...I hope you get the Midi problem sorted! Bill
  3. Cookie Jarvis

    Cubase quantize hell

    I'm running Win 7 Ultimate so I'm not dealing with Win 10 "improvements" Bill
  4. Cookie Jarvis

    Cuba's quantize hell

    I believe Cuba led the world in bathtub exports Bill
  5. Cookie Jarvis

    Cubase quantize hell

    Almost forgot, the Sound Forge thing was a bummer here as well but I ended up grabbing Wavelab Pro and it works in Cubase just like Sound Forge in Cakewalk...and I find that Wavelab is more advanced than Sound Forge...and it's on sale right now Bill
  6. Cookie Jarvis

    Cubase quantize hell

    Check your quantize settings and make sure you don't have any swing on and that you're at 100% quantize...if your grid is set to 16ths and you set quantize to 16ths your notes should snap to grid as long as snap is on and AQ is activated. As far as latency, check your audio interface under Studio/Studio Setup...I run at 2,000 in Sonar and Cakewalk(there's no latency to speak of, it's just an old interface and upping the samples was better) but running at 64 in Cubase...give it a shot. Personally I'm having a great experience in Cubase, just had to get out of the Cakewalk mindset(been running Cakewalk software since Sonar 8). The way multi-outs are handled for VST instruments is wonderful, you can choose which outs to use as opposed to Cakewalk where it's all or nothing. I don't miss that live recording nonsense for VST's either...every time I insert a Multi-out VSTi in Cakewalk I have to disable record in every audio track...should be a disable somewhere in settings! Cubase works normally. Now with that said there's things in Cakewalk that Cubase could definitely use Give it a chance, even if you don't switch over it'll be another tool in the box! Bill
  7. Cookie Jarvis

    Sought: good free piano instrument

    Try this- Piano in 162 Good luck! Bill
  8. Cookie Jarvis

    Not sure where to put this...

    ...so here it is! I'm thinking about starting a simple set of orchestration tutorials, this is the first one...just a quickie Creating Simple String Arrangements Let me know what you think! Bill
  9. Cookie Jarvis

    Lost connection to MIDI keyboard

    I have to delete TTSSEQ.ini every time I open Cakewalk(or Sonar Platinum for that matter). This started happening after one of the last few Sonar updates...probably a Win10 "fix" that screws with my Win 7 Ultimate system. I'm used to it now but it's still annoying. Bill
  10. Cookie Jarvis

    New Workstation..thoughts on new spec?

    Personally I'd double the size of the SSD if not get a 1TB one...the prices have really come down. Also, if you do a lot of orchestral or complicted projects with a lot of sample libraries bump your ram to 24gb, otherwise 16 is fine! And you want a third drive as well...SSD for Windows and programs, plugins, etc., 2nd drive for sample libraries, 3rd drive will be your audio drive...save your projects here. Also start thinking about using more than one monitor...one for the console, one for tracks, and a third for other programs, plugin GUIs, browser, etc. I have 3 monitors right now...28" main, 32" above that, and a 22" to the right...waiting for delivery of a 10' dvi cable so I can hook up another 22" to the right of my keyboards to view better while recording my keys. Bill
  11. Cookie Jarvis

    Cakewalk Bundle files

    A friendly suggestion, switch from using bundle files and just .rar your project folder...you can even use a nifty little program call Quickpar- Quickpar Quickpar allows you to create repair files so if your files become damaged you can fix them easily. Too many people have had trouble opening older bundles...and todays bundles become older bundles tomorrow Even broken .rar files can be partially opened, damaged bundles are toast! Bill
  12. Cookie Jarvis

    First Cubase Project and...

    If you two don't stop I'm turning this thread around and we'll go back home and nobody gets ice cream...is that what you want! Bill
  13. Cookie Jarvis

    Reference Guide PDF now available

    Thank you for the time and effort that went into this, it's greatly appreciated! Bill
  14. Cookie Jarvis

    CW update just deleted my basic template!

    I don't use templates...I opened a simple project and set it up the way I liked, saved the Lens as Default, then saved the project as Default in a location folder called Default. Now I open the Default project, then do a Save As with a new name and location. Never a problem! Bill
  15. Cookie Jarvis

    Anyone using more than one DAW?

    I've slowly started learning Samplitude and recently I'm spending a lot of time in Cubase Pro 10. The only other DAW I'll give a try one of these days is Pro Tools...I'm old school...I play 3 instruments so no loop stuff and I don't care for cartoon interfaces(still using BFD2 ). Bill