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  1. Still rough but a simple revision Maidin an Fhómhair 060521 Thanks for listening! Working on the album outro today Bill
  2. Here's a short little intro to the new album I'm working on. It'll stay a rough mix until all the material is ready to go Maidin an Fhómhair(rough mix) Enjoy, Bill
  3. I have two subscription plans- Adobe Photography Plan(Photoshop and Lightroom for about 10.00 a month) and East West Composer Cloud Pro at 29.99 a month. One of these days I'll pick up the EW libraries I use the most(I do own EWQL Pianos, EW Symphonic Orchestra Platinum Plus, and EW Symphonic Choirs with the VOTA addon) and then drop the subscription...waiting on Opus to drop! I use software that does the year of free updates and then you need to pay a fee for another year of updates and upgrades...I get to choose when and how I spend based on my needs...if iZotope goes that way I can live with it, I just picked up MPS 4 and could probably use it for years without issue. Bill
  4. I'm still running an iLok1 along with the e-Licenser...I've never had any trouble at all. I've had trouble with machine activations and various server problems but nothing with the dongles. Sure they can break if you treat your stuff like a 2 year old Bill
  5. Good, I'm not the only one to get a used code I'm waiting to hear back now... On the brighter side I picked up IK Total Studio Max 2 finally...about 3 days before the new version dropped! Doh!! Bill
  6. I never understood the dongle hate. It's nice to just plug in to one of your machines and have the software just work...and if your machine dies and you build a new one just install and go! No internet checks, no license refreshing, no annoying popups while recording, etc. Simple serial is my favorite form of authorization but after that I'll take a dongle any day over activation, deactivation, reactivation... I'm 100% Cubase Pro now...actually running v11 in Windows 7 Ultimate. I have Samplitude Pro X Suite 3 but as powerful as it is I find it awkward to use. Cubase isn't that hard to use after years of Sonar and Cakewalk usage Bill
  7. I have a blu-ray burner for backups...you only lose if you don't plan ahead Bill
  8. I'm running 11 in Windows 7 so I'm a rebel anyways Bill
  9. Actually you want to buy the .5 update and hold for the .0 releases...the .5 updates are cheaper Your best bet if you pick this up is to activate and use, when 11.5 comes out buy but don't activate till 12 comes out Bill
  10. I know they put updates on sale at times but you may have to buy the next two updates to get in "cycle" Always buy the .5 update(cheaper) and hold off activating until the next major .0 release. Steinberg gives you a license for the newest version when you activate. Bill
  11. It's been a while so I thought I would share something from the next album I'm working on. This is a quick and dirty mix...I'll do the real thing when all the material is ready...so anyways here it is A  Murder of Crows(Demo) Enjoy, Bill
  12. By the way, Zo...you're doing it backwards, do it Larry's way...buy the .5 updates at the lower price and install after the .0 update comes out for free Bill
  13. Avid Control Rocks! I haven't "touched" TouchDAW since installing Control. Just follow the instructions on the Avid site Bill P.S. Cubase 11 Pro runs really good on my Windows 7 machine!
  14. Hey guys, thanks for checking out my music! If you'd like to hear the full album or any track in it's entirety go to the link above, scroll down to the small Youtube icon. That will take you to my artist channel...then just scroll down to Albums and you can either click on the album to hear it from start to end or click on the playlist link below and that will take you to the album itself with all the song links Work doesn't give me much free time during the week so I'll be back this weekend to spend some time....lots of posts, songs, and nearly nekkid ladies to catch up on...especially the ladies Bill
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