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  1. So what happened? I saw a locked thread with a newbie giving Larry some bs but other than that I'm left wondering. Bill
  2. You can authorize to as many machines as you want, just plug in to the one you're using...the only issue is when people want to "test" the software on their friends machine Why does anyone need to run the same software on more than one machine at the same time?? Bill
  3. Explain the single machine to me. I have a bunch of Steinberg software and everything is loaded on two machines. I just have to transfer the eLic to whichever machine I'm using. Bill
  4. Started writing and recording this today...definitely a work in progress- Bill
  5. A few months and I'll probably wind up in Cubase 12 knowing I can always use 11 when there's an issue with activation I just spent a bundle on a new machine I put together so I have to cool it on the new purchases! I picked up a MOTU Midi Express XT for the midi gear...no USB Midi here. Went TB4 but had trouble finding a new interface so went with a TB3 interface...Presonus Quantum 2626. Bill
  6. I don't care for the new activation method....install a new hd, get a new activation...have a major update in Windows, get a new activation...mess with your Lan, get a new activation. Right now my Cubase always works and I can switch machines just by moving my eLicenser. Cubase 12 is definitely a downgrade license wise. But with that said I may give in one of these days Still running Wavelab Pro 11 on the elicenser as well...if it ain't broke don't fix it Bill
  7. Ok, I'll ask...how did an update wreck your installation? Here if there's an update for the app it self installs and then opens up like usual. Are you moving it after the install? Bill
  8. I'm sticking with 11 right now...not real excited about the new licensing scheme. I've usually updated as soon as the update is available and have never had any issues...but it all depends on how you use your DAW :) Bill
  9. I just finished a 12th gen build...i9-12900k, Asus ProArt Z690 Creator Wifi, 128gb DDR5 ram, 2 M2 SSDs(out of 4 slots), MSI 1660 Super(6gb) Videocard, TB4, etc. Running Win 11 Pro with a Presonus Quantum 2626 and MOTU Midi Express XT. I highly recommend the experience! Right now between the 2 M2's and 4 satas along with an external I have 19tb of space! Bill
  10. I wonder if the Fender CEO can figure out how to use these without an MIT degree? Bill
  11. I have a feeling that the majority of music software users are NOT musicians. If you look at the changes taking place in all the major titles they all veer towards the non-musician...loop browsers, EZ this EZ that, AI, blah blah blah. The main reason I jumped ship from Cakewalk to Cubase was just this...but it's starting to affect all music software. Hopefully all that will come of this is an idiot version of Studio One for those not interested in learning anything about music in the first place! Bill
  12. I've been wanting to do a prog project for a long time but wouldn't because it seemed to me a project like that would require outside players even though I play guitar, drums, and keys. Somewhere along the way I said the hell with it and I'm doing what I want! Right now I'm working on my third album and each album pushes me closer and closer to a true prog release. This one is more guitar oriented instead of keys like the first two. So far I have four pieces ready to mix and about 23-25 to finish I even have the album cover done and the artwork for the back cover done....just need to fill in the text! As a "one man band" it's both rewarding and difficult doing everything yourself. I just built a new machine- ASUS ProArt Z690 Creative Wi-Fi board, i9 12900k, 128gb Ram(DDR5), yadda yadda...Motu Midi Express XT, Presonus Quantum 2626. Runs anywhere from 2ghz to 5ghz depending on the load. Got 2 out of 4 M2's in(1tb OS, 2tb Audio drive) and 4 sata hdd....I can either throw 2 more M2's in or 4 more sata drives, or 1 more M2 and the 4 more sata drives!! If I can't make music now it's not the hardware or softwares fault Bill
  13. NOLAGuy, I just used Amazon as I get 5% back with my Amazon Chase card I just installed Win 11 and drivers tonight...tomorrow the Presonus and MOTU units. This is the easy stuff, the fun part's going to be the software moves... then sata moves and that should be it....for now Oh, and with my Prime membership everything came quick! Bill
  14. Looking good Larry! As far as Win11 goes I have it on a newer laptop(this one as a matter of fact) and did a couple of edits- Moved the Taskbar to the left and enabled the Google Playstore. Easy to do if you search for it Bill
  15. I was at work yesterday and thought...Hey you idiot, you never ordered your M2 drive for audio writing... Samsung 980 Plus 2tb on the way! I have a choice of 4 SSD and 4 SATA drives or 3 SSD and 8 SATA drives... think I'll do that Bill
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