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  1. Haven't made a feature request in a while - been working mostly in Logic these days.

    So my wish and request is as follow: The ability to draw in the "playback Loop points" within the timeline. I have searched and watched some vids on the tube and I believe most daws have this feature. It makes looping playback really easy.  

  2. On 8/10/2022 at 8:33 AM, Mac Oidz said:

    Has anybody experience clipping when they export a file on the new update?

    In the past, yes - a few times. The issue always fixed itself with a reinstall for me though. Also: Its not the first time someone did a Q&A about it - others rant like crazy on it. Some said a reboot of CbB or their systems fixed it after an update has been done. 

    There were even times when my audio drivers messed up after updating CbB where everything i play sound distorted - even youtube and old rendered songs. I will try and add some links in a minute. 


  3. 56 minutes ago, msmcleod said:

    Cakewalk relies on Windows telling it a MIDI device has been connected or disconnected.  If the Windows notification doesn't come through, Cakewalk won't know about it.  More often than not (at least on my system), disconnected devices are recognised immediately, but some newly connected devices can take up to 30 secs to be recognised.

    Microsoft recognise it every time. Yet, I still have to manually reselect the USB midi keyboard little box in preferences when switching it on and off  while Cakewalk is running. 

    It's not an issue. I probably have gotten used to MacOS Big Sur doing things automatically - e.g. there's a lot of drivers Microsoft requires my gear to use - which MacOS don't require at all - not even for two interfaces I own, which is clearly stated on the manufactures website. So, I don't mean to make this an issue. 

  4. 11 hours ago, David Baay said:

    What keyboard? Does it not have a vendor-supplied driver?

    I've never had a physical MIDI device that didn't have a dedicated driver so wouldn't ever have seen this.

    Sanchez 49 USB Keystation. No, it doesnt. Logic picks it up in an instant even PT first. I can easily switch it on and off while the DAW is fired up. I can swore Cakewalk used to do it - I might be incorrect too. 

  5. 16 minutes ago, Cactus Music said:

    Interestingly the Roland driver was updated by Windows updates.  That's nice. I no longer have to keep checking the web site for updates. Not that I ever did 


    18 minutes ago, Cactus Music said:

    The Controller that uses a Generic Midi driver needs me to re boot Cakewalk to get it to connect. 

    This is the problem I have, yes. For some reason I can't recall this ever happened to me before. Cakewalk always used to assigned after it has prompt for it. Now it doesn't and like you've said - a reboot of CbB is required. 

  6. 1 hour ago, Kevin Perry said:

    ttsseq.ini not set to read-only (I've done that intentionally on my setup to prevent some weird port reordering).

    I will keep this in mind when I fire CbB back on again when ever. Would be nice to have the baker let the DAW fix this automatically, or not! 

    After firing CbB up after many-many moons, I immediately gave a sigh and though "BUG." and instantly discouraged. 

  7. 49 minutes ago, Cactus Music said:

    Conclusion is that factory supplied Midi drivers are sort of like Factory supplied audio drivers. They are better 

    This goes for Microsoft too. So . . . what's the answer to your observation John? 🤨🤔

  8. 1 hour ago, David Baay said:

    Hmmm... that's a new one on me. Some typical things to check/try:

    - Are you using MME driver mode (MIDI > Playback and Recording, not Audio),

    - Any chance the keyboard was moved to a different USB port at some point?

    - Is it in a USB2 port?

    - Ar the ports assigned as a Control Ssurface when not intended?

    - Any onboard MIDI devices or other oddness shown in Device Manager?

    - Disable anti-virus. or exclude driver paths.

    - Rename TTSSEQ.INI and have CbB build a new one.



    It's on a brand new installation of windows 10 and CbB. I'm not much stressed or worried about it. I'm not using CbB lately. I'm on Mac and a different DAW for "professional" work. 

  9. 10 hours ago, David Baay said:

    Is it working if the keyboard is powered up before CbB is launched?


    10 hours ago, David Baay said:

    Are the keyboard MIDI ports enabled in Preferences > MIDI > Devices?

    It unchecks the boxes when switching the Midi Keyboard on after CbB is fired up. 

  10. That's what I know yes. Did a test again and it is still doing it. The pop up window appears I click yes, but nothing assigns. I actually just fired up CbB to export some files to transfer to a different DAW. This is the first time after months that I am installing CbB again. It was completely removed from my machines, but I'm really happy to see things are still happening here. 

    I'm loving the new updates and improvements though. Oh-well. 

  11. I've  been away from CbB and there's some great new updates that happened! Switching the keyboard on after starting up the DAW - CbB does not pick it up. I have to close it and fire it back up. I would like add: This is a brand new clean install of OS and DAW about a week old. 

  12. 2 hours ago, petemus said:

    I think, was still successful. 

    Yeah. Thats true. 

    It happened with a full project, right after I had installed the EA. And my test yesterday was just a one track one strum recorded file. I tried to save it and CbB frozed up. 

    Every other thing on the system worked fine. I could open the explorer and another DAW. Even the browser to Youtube. CbB was still frozen. The process bar runs to 100% and stay there permanently. 

  13. Short answer on this release. A new EA/Update is always welcome, even if you do not have anything to gain from it feature wise. And whatever improvement it bring without you noticing things - its a plus in my books. 

    How does this work again? It's been so long. 😭 😁

    I discovered a bug: The EA download size is 1Megabyte less. 

    Great improvements Bakers. 

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  14. i7 - 8Gen, 64GB Ram. 1TB on Operating System with 600GB free running Windows 10 21H2 and Latest Cakewalk release only. All windows defender has been disabled and no other antivirus installed. 

    Audio interface - Focustlrite 2i2 3rd Gen running the latest Drivers. Sample rate 44100/24bit and Buffer 256. 

    I know how to configure a system from front to back for a DAW.

    I have been away from CbB since this release for this specific reason. I can't afford to have a crash when I have workd famous artists in my studio. 

    I am proud to say I have reach that level using Cakewalk over the years (not bragging cause for most it was a tragic time) with most of this success happened throughout the pandemic. I'm mostly on Logic for this very reason because all my clients are sending me logic projects or requesting a Logic from me. 

    I really hope the next release will be better. I still and will always love Cakewalk. 

  15. To be fair: I too have been getting the exact same crashes as what the OP has, without any plugin effects on the channel (not taking anyone's side.) The only difference is - I dont get a crash report. It just close. There are similar reports from members since this release in the feedback forum. 

    So my guess is - its either this release | or | a windows 10 update that's not playing nice with Cakewalk. My system is also up to date with all windows 10 latest updates. You do get those release updates thats a little "buggy" ones in a blue moon from Microsoft. 

  16. Short answer is NO. 

    Ask her to re-record it without the metronome. She can watch a tutorial on how to exclude the Metronome recording from the DAW she uses, but still have audible during recording. 


  17. On 5/2/2022 at 3:16 AM, John Vere said:

    Because bouncing creates a new track. 

    No, not the bounce to track feature. 

    If you drag the first file out to the beginning and the last file out to the end of the project - on that track. Then all you do is a normal bounce to link it as one whole clip. 

    Once you done with this: you save this version of project as "{Name} whole tracks" or something. I just save this copy as "Name" {Mixed Ready.} 

    I think you can delete the old files in the new saved project folder and resave it to only have these files in the project folder. I've done it before years ago before i had any clients with SONAR LE - I just need to verify this. 

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  18. 14 hours ago, nkeelaghan said:

    Thanks for the info--I'm trying to understand, so correct me if I'm wrong. Are you saying that I have to move the transient by a specific value

    Yes. Something like that. It can't handle larger jumps - though, this depends on the file source itself. If its a more complex recording gentle small jumps would be required. 

    14 hours ago, nkeelaghan said:

    It's still a little bit of a mystery why the manipulated clip sounds great until the clip is "bounced to." 

    Do you perhaps have the 64bit precision and any dithering selected in preferences. 

  19. On 5/1/2022 at 12:43 AM, John Vere said:

    The scary mess found in an audio folder is one reason I have taken to exporting all my broken up audio tracks as stems and then bring them back in as one whole track 

    Why don't you do this inside the DAW itself? It wil cost you less time. 

  20. 8 minutes ago, Ronman said:

    If you don't want something docked, un-dock it, close it and save as a custom workspace.   


    Or . . . 

    save it as a template and make it your default template if you work every project on an empty template. 


    10 minutes ago, Ronman said:

     Alternatively just hit "D" to hide the multi-dock."


    Yes. The "D" shortcut key, opens and closes any windows you might have open in the multidock. 

    It's not gona open all of them - only the window you have focus on. Let's say you have the Piano Roll open at fullscreen - hitting "D" will toggle between the Track View and PRV. 

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