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  1. Right, for me that is one of the reasons I like Synthmaster, V Collection and AAS synths. After paying the "entry price" (I want the presets to be fully tweakable), they open up a very nice collection of "new synths" for a pretty reasonable price Sometimes, instead of finding a new synth and then preset packs, I do it in reverse - find sound designers I like (e.g., Nori Ubukata) and preset packs that sound great, then get the synth where they run.
  2. Even less at Audiodeluxe, e.g., the upgrade to S1Pro from earlier versions is $126.98 with coupon HOLIDAY22 (and you get an additional $6.34 deluxe bucks and the MTransient frebie) JRR indicates that coupons don't apply to Presonus products, I wonder if this is an error on Audiodeluxe's part and later today they'll cancel the option of using a coupon...
  3. Earmaster Pro 7 is on sale for $29 at dontcrack.com https://store.dontcrack.com/product_info.php?products_id=3864 Up to 20% lower with the "custom bundle" options Buy a second product and get 5% EXTRA DISCOUNT off both products Buy a third product and get 10% EXTRA DISCOUNT off all 3 products Buy a fourth product and get 15% EXTRA DISCOUNT off all 4 products Buy five products or more and get 20% EXTRA DISCOUNT off all of them (http://store.dontcrack.com/dc_shopping.php for details)
  4. You probably want to take a look at Biotek 2 I'd add to the list some AAS synths and at least one of the "vacuum tube virtual analogs", either AIR Vacuum Pro or Knifonium. You mentioned that you already have enough emulations of vintage synths but, if there is a little slack still left, I'd agree with the people that have suggested adding a collection of Xils Labs' synths (there's a pretty good deal right now with the "create your own bundle" options at dontcrack.com. It's at the top of my BF list, getting a few I don't yet have)
  5. If you already own other Kilohearts plugins, you may want to log in and check your upgrade deals first, directly at https://kilohearts.com, e.g., since I already have phaseplant and other plugins this is what shows up for me
  6. @D-Fused Sounds You may want to design the site to make it easier to answer the question "what plugins are on sale?". Right now it is easy to filter by category or by what's on sale but not both at the same time
  7. You can also get the whole deal https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/NxStudioCollBx--waves-nx-virtual-studio-collection-and-nx-head-tracker
  8. They are rare but yes, it does go on sale sometimes I got it in Oct 2018 but I vaguely remember having seen it on sale again every now and then. Sweetwater and Musiciansfriend have sales engineers that you can tell them what you're looking for and they'll alert you when there is a sale. Also, since $99 is the regular price, you want to look out for those generic coupons that are "nn% off regular priced items"
  9. Shows up as $5 for me, maybe because of having it already
  10. I can't fit it in this month's budget. I hope this one ends up in the store with a base price close to the current price
  11. Potentially even cheaper ($49 - 20%) from https://store.dontcrack.com if purchased as part of a custom 5 item bundle, e.g.
  12. For those that don't have an available sata port (or have a collection of unplugged older SSDs), this enclosure is on sale today https://www.newegg.com/orico-2139u3-bk-enclosure/p/0VN-0003-000Z5?Item=9SIA1DS4VX9128&cm_sp=Dailydeal_SS-_-9SIA1DS4VX9128-_-11162022
  13. Yes, the regular price for me shows as $149 and after selecting the upgrade option and letting the system confirm my eligibility I get $99. This sounds like the regular upgrade price though, not a discounted price (even if the result is 97% less than full price of the bundled plugins...)
  14. For me it greatly reduces "headphone fatigue", and I can do longer mixing sessions before having to take a break. Clanx is my favorite What has happened a couple of times is that I have forgotten to turn it off before doing the final render, and it's definitely not good having the downmix panned according to however I was moving my head while the render was in progress (note, it's not exactly turn off, I have a bus with meters and clanx and I switch it over to a bus with dithering instead but, for what I'm describing it's equivalent) The other detail to be careful about is that even when your levels are perfectly OK, if you have a master meter that is post-effect it may occasionally saturate because the volume slightly depends on whether you are leaning forward or back while listening,
  15. Given the season timing, seeing that wallpaper on the computer screen behind Simeon feels almost like going into a bar that has pictures of hangovers on its walls
  16. 😵 the Avid Pro Tools Studio 1-Year Software Updates + Support Plan is $209 after code GROUP... I'm really glad that last time it was below $100 I purchased multiple codes and I'm still covered for a couple of years
  17. For choosing a piano library, it can be helpful understanding what type of music Sampletekk would expect each one to be primarily used for https://www.sampletekk.com/index.php?route=information/information&information_id=9
  18. Support may take time but, for MMM and soundpools I have had no issues contacting a real person. I log in to my personal service area and use https://www.magix.info/us/support/form/
  19. Personally I am tremendously disappointed in PA subscription "deals", as they just change the terms whenever it gets convenient (case in point, how forever29 changed from "any plugin in our store that is not PA_EXT" to "any plugin in the XL bundle"). And they changed the terms after the fact, without any previous announcement. Even after reaching out to support, their answer essentially is "that's the deal, some of the plugins newly added to the store are now excluded, because we say so now and regardless of what we said when you purchased it" Once they have shown that they cannot be trusted to keep their word, you can start extrapolating and it gets pretty ugly. Who's to say that in a few months they won't start, e.g., excluding premium plugins from what you can purchase with the subscription vouchers, or changing the expiration terms so that you have to use existing vouchers right away (or lose them completely if you read the message too late), or both at the same time, or... When they arbitrarily go back on a subscription deal, our only recourse is taking them to court, which is a lot of a hassle, and for a small claim like this, a court won't really force them to honor the deal, at best I'd expect to get a refund. PA, specifically, has done an awesome job of reinforcing the idea that I am better off with permanent licenses
  20. What?!?! No FOFR? (fear of future regret)
  21. And... talking about Arturia, this video popped up in my YouTube feed.
  22. Sounds like you probably have 1 Voucher for Soundpools from Hip Hop, Soul/R&B and Funk for $9.99. Your Humble account should have your purchase history (note to mods: the voucher code in the screenshot is already used up and cannot be used again, that's why I haven't blurred it) If this is the case, you want to log on to producerplanet.com, go to the page with all the loops, then apply filters for Brand: MAGIX and Genres: Hip Hop, Soul/R&B and Funk, and sort by price. You can also click on this link with the filters and sort applied https://producerplanet.com/us/audio/loops-samples-250/?categoryId[]=298&categoryId[]=299&categoryId[]=301&label[]=magix&sort=price_desc The price shown on the search page is for non-commercial, which is the annoying/confusing part, but just pick whichever one sounds better and is less than $5, either from the large soundpools ($4.59 shown/$9.19 commercial) or the bundles of 2-part soundpools, ($4.13 shown/$8.27 commercial). Even though the bundles are slightly cheaper, in practice the number of loops is more or less in the same range as the others, my recommendation is to listen to the previews and choose the one that inspires you most, without paying much attention to the price difference. If you got a larger bundle and the voucher that you have left is a $19.99 then you want to pick one of the collections ($9.19 shown/$18.39 commercial) Important reminder: There is no "shopping cart" and you can buy only one product at a time. Any unused portion of the voucher is lost (and, unless it's one of the 2-part bundles it's not possible getting 2 smaller soundpools and using 1 voucher to get both for free) Note: Sometimes the website has tagging mistakes and you'll get an error indicating that the voucher cannot be applied. If that happens, contact MAGIX support. They seem to be short-staffed and can be slow but, in my experience, they really do their best to fix things for customers
  23. Thanks for the suggestion. Over the years I've already purchased quite a few loop bundles, from Humble, Fanatical, Cymatics, Ghosthack, etc. It's not the right comparison however. Soundpools aren't plain loop collections. They are loops arranged in keyed pitch collections, with metadata. My primary use case for soundpools is using them in MMM's Songmaker/Songmaker AI. I've tried, really tried to make soundpools out of regular loop collections. I even wrote a guide (several pages long) about soundpool structure and metadata, for other people trying to make their own custom soundpools. The issue is that a vast majority of commercial loops don't provide these keyed multi-pitch collections. Creating a new soundpool by merging and recombining existing soundpools is moderately simple but, if you have to generate a keyed pitch collection out of a wav (or midi) loop by doing harmonic pitch shifts, then it is not that simple anymore and it takes quite a bit of processing and time. If you can do the pitch changes at the midi level (with the right virtual synth) the results may sound good (note that even from MIDI data it will still take a significant amount of work to generate the soundpool) but, if you need to do large harmonic pitch shifts on a wav loop the results are often unsatisfactory. For use cases where you just want simple loops, the keyed pitch collections will actually be a disadvantage. The "700 loops" in a soundpool will become just a hundred loops for this purpose, making it a small library. If you want to use e.g. F# for your song key, which is not your soundpool key, you will end up with the annoyance of pitch shifts anyway. Yes, for these other use cases you're probably better off with other loop providers. I agree, their licensing of Soundpools has plenty of stupid decisions baked in. Default to non-commercial. Don't let you customize your own default. Continually steer you towards the non-commercial options. Don't let you easily see if the licensing of what you're using is commercial or non-commercial. Including non-commercial soundpools when you buy another product, without warning you what it is you'll get (the kind of misleading advertisement that makes you want to sue them). It is very annoying. On the other hand, the commercial license (which is what I buy and what I usually post the links to) is pretty standard
  24. This weekend... Not really a "Weekend Wannabe" but 90% of the entire catalog of Magix branded Soundpools, Collections, Bundles and Fx libraries are on sale at 77% off https://producerplanet.com/us/audio/loops-samples-250/?salesOnly=true&label[]=magix&sort=priority If you got Part 1 or 2 of a 2-part soundpool from a previous weekend wannabe, now it's probably a great time for getting the other half The 77% off sale runs across not only producerplanet but also the Magix website and the in-program store, and includes Magix Music Maker premium, instruments and features. Loops Unlimited subscriptions are 60%off with promo code BLACKWEEK60. The soft+hardware bundle, MMM+Novation Launchpad Mini MK3 is 50% off On a personal note - After more than a year and a half of visiting producerplanet regularly, checking out what's on sale and updating this thread, I will probably take a break following this sale. I just did an inventory and I already have a collection of 250 soundpools. It's time to step on the break pedal. If someone else would like to continue the work, please go ahead and take over (probably on a different thread so that you can modify the subject)
  25. Or $295 bundled with voicebank "AI Megpoid" https://www.vocaloid.com/en/products/show/v6std_mphdl_en
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