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  1. Thanks, I really appreciate it.
  2. Thanks! I appreciate the listen and the comment.
  3. Thanks for the listen and the kind words. I agree with you about the sonar pings, and some of the other sound affects. I need to go back and adjust some of the levels.
  4. Sounds great. I really enjoyed it.
  5. jwnicholson78

    Too Much

    Very cool song. I enjoyed it. There was something about the kick that seemed off to me, though. It's really busy (at some points it seems to be hitting on all four beats) and also very clicky. The rest of the percussion seems buried compared to the kick.
  6. jwnicholson78


    Beautiful! The guitars sound great and the playing is excellent. Add in the tasteful composition and funky percussion. Really well done.
  7. Thanks! I've never thought my little tunes were good for much more than keeping me entertained. I'm kind of curious to look into Library Music companies now that you've brought it up, though.
  8. Thanks so much, Wookie. I appreciate the kind words.
  9. For some reason, the intro made me think of George Romero and Night of the Living Dead. And then the guitar hits, and that was a really awesome shift in tone. Really well done.
  10. I've always really liked this song and you did it justice. Well done on the sax solos, especially considering they were midi!
  11. Well done, and the video is very professionally produced. Nice job.
  12. Cool. Could be used as a theme song for the last two years. Love the dead cat at the end.
  13. Really like the intro and reverse guitar solo. The mix sounds great to me. Overall, a great song.
  14. Thanks, Tom! The jangly guitar is my strat, running through Guitar Rig 5.
  15. Thanks so much, Tom. Really appreciate the comment!
  16. I have no criticism, constructive or otherwise. Sounds great to me. Really enjoyed it.
  17. I second that. That was immediately the vibe I got. Really well done.
  18. Very nicely done. Loved the groove together with the electric piano.
  19. I thought it sounded great! The EZbass and EZKeys laid a great foundation for your guitar to shine. The only thing that didn't really work for me was the opening cymbol.
  20. I seem to be inspired recently by the music in video games that I've been playing. I started this after finishing "The Outer Wilds", one of the best games I have played in a long time. It's another in the general theme of spacey music I've been writing. Comments and feedback on how to improve it are greatly appreciated.
  21. 🤣 Thanks! I know what you mean. I just wrote it. I certainly didn't dance to it! Jeff
  22. Thanks Wookie. Great to know I was able to pull off an authentic orchestral sound!
  23. Sounds great to me. Well done.
  24. Beautiful lyrics and vocals! Jeff
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