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  1. Thanks! I made this in FL Studio Mobile on my android table, so all the synths are what are built in and come with it - Minisynth, DirectWave and GMS. Jeff
  2. Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment. I really appreciate it.
  3. You always have such clever work. I loved the robotic voice. For reasons I cannot explain it made me think of Clockwork Orange meets Hal9000.
  4. I enjoyed how this developed throughout. When the guitar came in, I thought it fit in perfectly. Well done!
  5. Awesome song. The guitars sound great!
  6. Put me in the holiday mood, alright. Sounds ready to for the radio, to me. I really dug the dancing Santas! Well done!
  7. Very nice piece and well arranged. I've been playing with orchestration, too, so it's cool to see others on the same journey. About halfway through, I really found myself wanting a nice sustained cello to come in, or maybe some bass pizzicato notes to add some low-end. Just a thought.
  8. jwnicholson78

    Milo !

    really nice. I love that you named it after the new pup! I enjoyed every bit of it.
  9. jwnicholson78


    Been a while since I had a new song. Organilectro. I did this one entirely on my tablet using FL Studio Mobile. Suggestions on how to improve it are greatly appreciated.
  10. That's awesome that your son kept with it. Thanks for sharing his story!
  11. So, I taught my 8 and 10 year olds how to do multi-track recording on the digital piano this weekend. They both insisted on recording four tracks per song and making videos. I just had to share 😀 I surely didn't do anything like this when I was their age!
  12. Thank you.. I truly appreciate your comment. Jeff
  13. jwnicholson78

    The Maze

    Great groove, dig the guitar sound. Can't wait to hear the vocals.
  14. Loved it. Bass and guitar sound great. nice relaxing vibe. There's a sudden jump in volume at around 1:14 that's kind of jarring and sounds out of place.
  15. I really appreciate the comment and the fact that you have gone back to listen to the original version from time to time. That means a lot to me. For what it's worth when I first changed the samples, it took a little getting used to for me, having listened to the original so many times. However, after reading your comment I went back and took another listen and made some additional adjustments to the EQ. I just posted the most recent updated version. Thanks again for the feedback. Jeff
  16. Thanks so much for the listen and the feedback!
  17. Thanks, Gary for taking time to listen and comment. I just posted an update with the snare brought up more.
  18. This makes me so glad to hear that. I wanted this to be a sad piece but also happy in all the memories, so I hope that came though a little bit.
  19. Tom Thanks so much for the listen and the suggestions. Good catch on the piano. When I did this song originally, all the instruments were from Kontakt and had a similar reverb level. BBC Core symphony has a single mic with built in reverb, but I forgot to adjust the piano, which is the Grandeur from Kontakt. I agree with you on the tippy taps. I brought them up on the most recent version. And I also adjust the low end on the piano. Really appreciate the feedback! Jeff
  20. Love the energy of this, but the bass is what really got me. It's got a great groove. Well done!
  21. Nice! I particularly enjoyed the electric piano.
  22. Well done! I really enjoyed the mixture of synths and orchestral instruments.
  23. Fred, thanks so much listening and for the suggestions. I really appreciate the detailed tips. I had watched a couple of videos on the Spitfire Audio Youtube channel on working with orchestral VSTs, so I was already aware of things like pushing the samples forward to take into account the lag of the samples. I spent quite a bit of time recording and fine-tuning the expression and volumes to get dynamic swells and changes in timbre. The suggeestions on layering synths to fine tune the attack and on panning are new to me though, and greatly appreciated. Thanks again!
  24. Very evocative. I love the constant propulsion that the synths provide.
  25. Really nice arrangement. Very thoughtful and contemplative. For me the transition in volume around 2:20 was a little to abrupt, but overall really well done.
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