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  1. Thank you - that seems to have worked. Thanks for your help!
  2. Hmm,..still no luck with this. I have copied the contents of the downloaded folders to the program files/Cakewalk/vstplugins folder but it still doesn't show up when I scan or go into the VST Manager. Same problem with TAL-Bassline. Oddly, Dexed/DX7 is fine and is visible in the same folder (program files/Cakewalk/vstplugins) which I have copied the others to.
  3. Hi, I have downloaded Dexed/DX7 and also TX16Wx which have come up when scanning for VSTs. But the Awesome Piano I have downloaded (it has a .mse name) won't show up when scanning. I have tried moving the folders extracted from the zip file into the common files folder and to the VST2 and VST3 folder but to no avail. Is it simply that .mse files aren't compatible with Cakewalk?
  4. Thanks David, I didn't know that about blank projects or the tempo settings. I thought there was a global tempo setting which would alter the whole project. All I was doing was loading the pre-recorded one shots in fact, from Cakewalk and then pasting them as beats 2,3 and 4 of a bar but changing the project tempo only changed beat 1.
  5. That's what I need Jim, thanks for the constructive response.
  6. Yes I believe from some very kind in depth replies that there are some hidden/extra features which can be used for this - I did download Melodyne but I see it's only a trial version unless paid for and it seems to need me to be on the internet every time I want to use it, which I am not. I rarely have the internet on when I am using Cakewalk. However, that really gets to the nub of my difficulties and the reason for my suggestion. Why would anyone look at vocal correction when looking to tidy up/match tempos for drum tracks? It's a bit of a stretch (pardon the pun). Equally, I today worked out how to do some crossfades between tracks which helped to smooth out the transitions between them. Great. But that was only after some searching and reading on here, to find the crossfade option is hidden in a menu under "Process - Apply Effect". I only come at this from a musical point of view but it seems a bit obscure to describe a crossfade as an effect, even if that is from an IT perspective how it operates. Coming back to the original suggestion, I think if I were to select/highlight two tracks or clips and then a task wizard box came up offering the 2/3/4 most likely tools a user is likely to want in that situation if would speed things up immensely. If the thing I'm trying to do is more unusual, then fine I'm sure it can be hidden away in a menu somewhere....but preferably one menu, not a range of different ones in different parts of the screen or when right clicking. It's probably just a question of layout more than anything.
  7. I am also trying to create some different tracks using some of the inbuilt samples and loops. I created a new blank project, but the Snap to Grid settings have carried over automatically from another completely different project. Is there something I can do to stop it doing that? I always want to start with a blank page. For some strange reason, I also want to change the project tempo from 100 to 120, but when I do that in the top/middle all it does is alter the length of the first kick beat in the track not the others. I have the four beats highlighted. No idea why this is happening...help?
  8. I'm guessing, but is that to facilitate a looser more human feel? Any tips on how that fits with the quantize function(s) (there appear to be more than one quantize function)?
  9. It's certainly something I would like to see for timing, marrying up audio drum loops with new midi drums which I overdub. I'll give an example: 1. I use old (yes, I know my issue...!) hardware drum machines and sometimes record the audio from them as I love the samples in them. I generally don't use the midi outputs from them as they are early midi and not very friendly. 2. I then wish to add a track 2, with some midi drums, fills, percussion (for example) or beef up the kick drum by creating a short clip which I can then expand as a groove clip. 3. However they rarely play in time. I often have some dead audio space at the start of track one from the drum machine, so that won't line up automatically with the "grid". 4. I am sure the old hardware drum machine may lose/gain time or simply as a factor in how I have programmed it - usually a four bar segment which loops - it does not match with how the midi drums are timed. I am sure Cakewalk has all the features to identify the 'transients' (think that's the right word) in the audio drum track and then line them up with the midi drums but I rarely seem to get it right. It would be nice to be able to select two tracks, hit a "Timing" button, task wizard comes up with option to marry up either audio with midi or vice versa, click and done. I know a lot of people will say it already is that easy, but I'm not finding it necessarily works that easily for me and it's something I want to do quickly on almost every project I work on. Anyway, it's just an idea as I believe Cakewalk is certainly sophisticated enough to do this, it's just getting to it which I am having some trouble with. Cheers EDT
  10. Sorry, I just saw the reply from Dr Steve..
  11. Hi Chuck. Forgive my idiocy(!) but what is the custom module? The only place I can see "Custom" is on the top right hand side where it comes up with a few things (Save, Import, Preferences etc). Or do I need to set Cakewalk up or open it up in a different way? Thanks for your help. E
  12. What does setting the snap to "extreme" do? Surely it doesn't make a difference if there is a grid as the grid doesn't move. Is it relevant only if using the thing to snsp to some other reference points? Sorry...confused!
  13. Thanks all for the tips. I will have a look at the various plug ins (I had forgotten about Audacity!!) I'm reluctant to re-record as the original sound of the CP-30 i had going through a phaser effect sounds dreamy 🙂. But as you say I might have to bite the bullet and re-do with a midi piano plus effects.
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