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  1. Hi all. I recently bought a Rode AI-1 as a portable interface to use with my Win10 laptop on the road. While the hardware is great, I found, after several weeks of experimentation and emailing Rode, I simply can't get the drivers to work satisfactorily with Sonar (Pro). I'm going to sell the thing and get something else. The Audient iD4 is what appears to top the list. So if anyone with experience of the iD4 on a laptop with Sonar is able to tell me why I shouldn't get this unit, I'd be grateful. Many thanks David
  2. Thanks Scook. Pity really, as for what it is it's extremely well designed and built - you could drive a truck over it.
  3. Oddly, Rode offer their own ASIO4ALL option on their website. I've tried this but any buffer size greater than 128 samples causes Sonar to stutter. I'm sure the unit works great on Mac - I suspect little testing has been done on Windows. I have a little Focusrite VRM box for playback only that works perfectly with and between all programs. I'm used to the stability of RME at work so all this is new to me. Thanks for your help.
  4. Hi Scook. No dice, I'm afraid: "Unable to open audio device etc". Och well, guess I'm stuck with ASIO4ALL for the time being. Thanks for the suggestion David
  5. Hi. Anyone using this? I bought it at a low price as a small, portable pre to take on holiday to keep my new laptop company. However, it appears to only work with ASIO4ALL drivers. I've never been confronted with ASIO4ALL before and from what I can see they are not optimal. While I can get it to work with Sonar, it appears not to be able to share Sonar nicely with other progs I use (Sound Forge, RX7, etc). For example, I can't open any of the several progs I have reg-hacked into Sonar so I can flip clips about "internally". I find this very limiting. It's entirely possible I'm naive to the glories of ASIO4All and if this is the case, please put me right. I've approached Rode in the hope the will implement normal ASIO drivers. But I think I hope in vain. It's a cheap unit but well designed and built so I'd like to get it up and running. Thanks, David
  6. Thanks Scook. I'll give that a go. Much appreciated. But I have also taken your advice and installed something called Convology XT. It appears to do rather more than PS and is free. It found my library without issue. Again thanks guys and greetings from NZ David
  7. Hi Scook. Yes. Perfect Space appears to have vanished from the Shared Plugins folder in the reg. How best to recover it? Or should I give up. I will get another IR reverb but up till now PS has been fine for the few things I use it for. Thanks David
  8. Thanks msmcleod I'm not on a network and the drive is not deliberately protected. Nor have I not seen this with previous updates either ? What is odd is that I can load older tracks and Perfect Space pulls the impulses in just fine. It's only when I attempt to access the path to change impulses that it crashes. David
  9. Hi all I've recently updated to Win10 1903 and an odd thing has happened. Perfect Space , which I use for historical reasons to play certain impulses, will no longer allow me to access a path to my impulse collection. I can still load old tracks and adjust parameters etc but attempting to select a path either through the small box top left or the help option causes the plugin to crash. This is not the case on my laptop which has not been updated to 1903. Is anyone else seeing such behavior and are their any suggestions as to how this can be fixed? Many thanks for any advice David Sonar Pro, RME, Coffee Lake, 32 Gig etc
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