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  1. Would @Fleer WUP in Heaven?
  2. If anyone needs a Christmas idea for me....
  3. husker

    Black Friday Help

    Bump for a good cause.
  4. I finally got in to look. @Brian Walton is correct - it is the same plugins as the normal monthly roundup. The samples seem like a combination of several of the recent year's giveaways.
  5. I sub to CM, and that site is always slow.
  6. @Bapu - yes, we know. It's already in Mercury. Now go get your coat...
  7. @Fleer still wouldn't WUP this one...
  8. Has anyone noticed that @Fleer hates WUP?
  9. I'm still waiting on a Cinamatic Guitars sale...
  10. I went ahead and WUP'd the couple ones I had that were older versions, but noticed an oddity. I have Studiorack that still has several months left, but it still shows as V11. Does anyone else have Studiorack that can verify V11 shows as the latest version for them?
  11. The Orchestral Library company's marketing efforts and hype rival Apple....
  12. Does the Waves WUP trick still work?
  13. So...basically you are saying he "brings balance to the Force"?
  14. What would a cclarry plugin do?!?!?!?
  15. I didn't know WA named a product after you.
  16. Please update your post whether or not full Kontakt is required. Glad to have you back!
  17. husker

    XLN updates

    For those of you who have been around for awhile - when was the last substantive update to either AK or AD2?
  18. husker

    JRR Shop

    No way I would ever buy from JRRShop again. Too many good options these days.
  19. Correct on both counts. I have Gold 2, Evi 2 and SoundsScapes 2
  20. husker

    JRR Shop

    I think he has some big issues.
  21. 100% agree. That last update to the Android app was terrible. You can't even create a bookmark anymore. I mean, come on...
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