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    Uhe Sale at NI

    @abacab - You gotta pick up Repro at that price.
  2. husker


    What happened to the "new every day" sale?!?!??!
  3. Really wish they would provide release notes.
  4. "The truth is, most of us don't even know what we own" (Hangs head in shame, and slinks back to look at more deals)
  5. FYI, the AID25 coupon code no longer works. They must have discovered their mistake.
  6. This was just an email code that was sent out?
  7. Fret, just a quick reminder to try to keep things as civilized as possible in this forum. One of the things I enjoy the most about this forum is the collegial atmosphere - there is such a wealth of knowledge here and so may members who are gracious with their time and experience. Not to mention that we are so fortunate that @cclarry spends hours of his day posting deals for the entire community. Waves is certainly divisive in the music community, but we don't need to bring it here. I don't post much, but @Brian Walton seems to be a valuable member here, and his posts are helpful and respectful. I don't mind Waves, and actually certainly love several of the plugins (Brauer Motion is one of my favorites!). I'm kind of bummed that I didn't get the $5 offer, as I'd like to complete my One Knob collection. (My fellow completist @Matthew Sorrels would understand) Brian doesn't care for Waves. @Fleer hates WUP. It's fine - we all have our own opinions, but that doesn't make other's opinion, thoughts, and experiences less valuable.
  8. ^This. The freebies these days are amazing. Everyone do yourself a favor and download the free Music Boxes as well. It's lovely.
  9. That would make sense. Not sure why I am wound up about this, can't afford it anyway.
  10. Interesting. Oddly enough, I can look in My Arturia on their actual site to see what I paid: At some point prior to 2018, I bought the V Collection 5 off of KVR On 11/24/18 - I paid $99 to upgrade 5-6 - if 6 came out in 2017, then that was clearly a Black Friday deal. However On 11/20/2019 - I paid $99 to upgrade from 6 to 7.
  11. Maybe, maybe not. I was asking if the historical upgrade price was $99, which now seems to be $199.
  12. Wasn't the historical upgrade price for someone who owned the previous version $99?
  13. $23.01 in cart with AR discount and yny23 code.
  14. I expect there is no way to somehow combine a AR Bundle upgrade with the promo? (As in, that would not count as "buying" a plugin?)
  15. Perhaps that are taking it easy like Sunday morning....
  16. Cough....#SonarForLife....Cough.... Agree with the downloads - I wonder if he'll provide those in the future. Thank you.
  17. VI-Control will go into meltdown mode when it does come out.
  18. @Matthew Sorrels - do you know if this is time limited access? It wasn't clear to me on the site.
  19. $48 - Normally $148 https://8dio.com/instrument/1985-modern-grand-piano/
  20. I had a coat, but I sold it to get the APD SoundIron Bundle....
  21. 1. Cinematic Guitars Infinity plus Organic Atmospheres 2. Dronar Guitarscapes and Dronar Woodwinds 3. Soundiron Insane Bundle from APD 4. Couple of cheap games on the Steam Autumn Sale I was going to go for 8Dio Anthology Strings, but @Matthew Sorrels talked some sense into me.
  22. Yup, that's exactly what I did. I got the Organic Atmospheres today, so I have got all of them for $250. Only missing the Motion now. Cinematic Guitars was my primary want for this BF, and I was able to score.
  23. I saw the post this AM, and was really upset for a bit. I remembered that "a wise man" once said some of the best deals sometime come after BF. Then I looked into it - what I got was the Infinity Bundle - which includes CG1, 2, 3, and CG Infinity. It does not include Organic Atmospheres. The Organic Atmospheres, is just the single product, so I'm all good.
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