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  1. ...the hope didn't last long. Here are all the midi problems I've encountered in just the last two hours of work. I've included screenshots to help explain. There's got to be something wrong with CbB, right? 1. Can't copy automated mute envelope from virtual instrument track to a midi track. (In Screenshot 1: I tried copying it from track 22 to track 19.) Only worked when I cut and pasted it (Screenshot 2). 2. CbB plays start of muted midi track. (In Screenshot 3: I hit play and hear 1-2 seconds of the muted clip.) 3. Unable to select midi clip. In Screenshot 4, I am unable to select clip 14 with either the Smart tool or the Move tool - it's as if Cakewalk doesn't know it's there. After fidgeting with the clips around it for a few minutes, it finally came back to life. 4. I have two overlapping midi clips (call them Clip 1 and Clip 2). I click on Clip 1 with the Smart tool and hit delete. CbB deletes it and also deletes the midi notes in Clip 2 where those clips overlapped. Doesn't delete any of Clip 2 itself, just the notes that are in it that overlapped with the now-deleted Clip 1. It's as if it didn't know which clip the notes were in. I have these types of problems with most of my projects. Not the same problems, exactly, but the same types of things. Some take 5 minutes to work around, some take longer and require rolling back to a previous version of the project. It might be worth noting that the projects were started in Sonar 3 long ago, though MIDI tracks weren't added until I was using Sonar Platinum. Based on what everyone is saying, I gather that others don't experience problems like these. Does anybody know what might be going on, generally? Thanks for any insight.
  2. Well this all gives me hope. Maybe I can eliminate a lot of the headaches by re-implementing best practices and tweaking how I'm using VSTis other plugins. Thanks for weighing in, y'all.
  3. Thanks for the responses and suggestions. I wonder whether anybody is reading this who uses EastWest or Vienna Symphonic Library or similar for big, MIDI-intensive projects and can say, "CbB handles those types of projects well," or "It's a tough slog" or can otherwise share their experience? Since it came up, here's my system info: Motherboard: ADK- Intel LGA1151: Micro ATX Z170 2x 16X PCIe, 1x PCIe 1x, Up to 64 gigs DDR4 2666+, M.2, USB3.1/C, USB3.0, Sata 6Gbs Processor: Intel Core i7 6700 Skylake 4GHz Quad 8 meg cache with HT RAM: 16 Gigs (2x 8 Gigs) DDR4 2666 Operating System: Microsoft Windows Home 10 64 Bit OEM Hard Drive: Seagate Caviar 500G 16Meg Sata 600 Hard Drive: Seagate 3TB Sata 600 7200 RPM 64meg cache Focusrite Scarlet 18i8 Cheers, Jonathan
  4. Hi, everyone. I've been using Cakewalk/Sonar/CbB for 20 years, but only recently did I start using VSTi's. Now I'm using a lot of them in each project. I seem to encounter a lot of bugs. Midi notes have been transposed, midi clips are muted but won't stop playing... stuff like that. No doubt it's user error some of the time. But the problems are frequent enough and inexplicable enough that it can't all be me. My question is a general one: Does CbB have a reputation - one way or the other - for how it handles big projects with lots of VSTis and VSTs? I know that to troubleshoot a specific midi problem, y'all would need more to go on. For now, I'm just hoping for help establishing a baseline expectation. I searched the forum but couldn't find anything that spoke quite to that. The VSTis I use are... EastWest/Play XLN Addictive Drums 2 and Addictive Keys A few Waves VSTis on occasion My projects also use lots of VSTs (mostly Waves). Thanks for any insight you can offer. Cheers, Jonathan
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