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  1. Steve

    Boy does that take me back. Love it. You dialed in the vocal very close to the original.
    "telling tales of drunkeness and cruelty" One of my favorite lines for some reason.
    Regarding the stereo field mentioned above, I remember listening to a Beatles album on a stereo (!) record player and noticing there was hardly any center, just way left and way right. I suppose they made it mono at the radio station?

  2. Wookie,
    Cool sounds. So the patch changes with every MIDI note or every time it's loaded into the project? I bought Voltage Modular during a sale but have never used it. Will definitely take a look at it.

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  3. noynekker
    I'm very glad you liked the lyrics! Wasn't sure how they'd come across - either clever or maybe kind of stupid.

    Hey Doug
    Thank you!

    Thanks for the suggestions and encouragement.  And actually there is an organ in there. Guessing it needs to be brought up some more.


  4. Starise
    Thanks for the listen and comment.

    The only composition study I've done is from The Complete Idiot's Guide to Music Composition which, despite its title, is pretty good. Another book that's helped me is Guitar for Dummies and again, despite its title, it's a very good learning aid.

    Paul and Mark
    Thank you for the kind comments.

  5. Been teaching myself guitar for a few months now. I can solo the easier pieces but it's really hard to play along with a backing track. I don't know why, just feel rushed or something. But I pushed myself to record something decent enough to post on the forum so here it is (there are a few timing issues I know). Also I don't use a pick - just can't get the hang of them. And I really appreciate now what it takes to play guitar like so many of you can do so well!

    Fairly simple 12 bar blues in good old E7-A7-B7.  I changed the usual blues lyric subjects to stuff I found online from a current fix-your-relationship type book. So I call it Psychobabble Blues. I'm going to regret posting this I know.  😁

    Lyrics can be found at Sound Cloud.


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  6. Daryl, thanks for listening and commenting.
    Doug, yes the Vocalise library just about steals the show.
    Tom, thanks for listening and commenting
    Bapu, seemed like most of the "new age" stuff I listened to back in the 80s always had whale songs in there somewhere. Hmm not a bad idea...

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  7. Certainly sounds lament-ish and a bit direction-less too. Could use more of a theme but that's just my expectation. I can relate to the mood though -  nearly every morning the past few weeks.

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  8. Made some notes while listening:

    Love the guitar dissonance (reminds me of the Doors' This is the End)
    Echo-ey drums very good. Sounds like being in a chamber
    Sudden quiet part surprised me but effective.

    The abrupt complete silent part seemed gimmicky to me.
    It's a tad too long but just my opinion.

    In some previous songs of yours I've heard one about pond scum and then something about frogs and then ergotism and now the Giza pyramids. Looking forward to what you'll come up with next!

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  9. This is part 1 of a "space" music project I'm working on.  This part is more somber and moody than  part 2 which will get more into the spacey stuff.  After listening to this you'll either be in a reflective mood or you'll be asleep   😄

    u-He Ace
    NI Razor
    Air Loom
    Arturia CS 80
    Arturia OB-Xa
    Heavyocity Vocalise


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  10. Lee
    I made some notes while listening:

    Love the piano in the intro, not only the playing but the melody.
    Voc reverb seems just about  right
    Wonderful lyrics and not just because I agree with the sentiment.  crashes/Fascists, Trump/dumped. You have a good feel for words.  
    That guitar solo is great. Maybe could have had it come in earlier?
    The song is arranged really well. I'd put it at a professional level.

    Overall I'm pretty impressed with your musicianship.

    I really hope 2020 part 3 will be way more upbeat!


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  11. I found some soundbanks at sysexdb.com  under Kawai
    I'd post the link but apparently the forum s/w won't let me.


  12. Daryl,  I recognize that Staypress sound. Mrs Daryl has a wonderful very distinctive voice.
    Cool idea to use the old cartoon in the video, an idea I'm going to steal.
    Almost looks like the girl kitty was lip synching there at the beginning of the cartoon.

    Nice job!

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