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  1. I just downloaded this freebee in Mndala 2 and got it to load in Unify. Seems to work from my limited test.
  2. I purchased Neoverb 2 days ago and still haven't received the code.
  3. and free for Infiltrator 1 users
  4. and the 2 new distortion plugins.
  5. Thanks, I looked in Roaming and didn't see anything there. COSMOS finally connected to whatever the sample database is after another 5 minutes. I don't see how it could take 15 minutes to connect to csv files on my c drive. I do have 98,000 file in COSMOS, so maybe it isn't optimized for large collections. I think I'll stick with XO and ADSR sample manager for now.
  6. I'm getting a message "COSMOS is connecting to sample database. This may take a few seconds." It's been 10 minutes, and still spinning. I was wondering where the database of sample info was stored, it looks like its in the cloud.
  7. I found that it doesn't work with windows symbolic links, maybe your folders use them to point to another drive?
  8. u-he is working on this as an alternative to VST/VST3, CLAP is an open source plug-in format originally designed by Alexandre Bique a few years ago that we currently help to bring forward, along with friends at Bitwig and a whole bunch of other developers from both host and plug-in side. https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=574861
  9. shawker

    8DIO Soundpaint

    Same here, install the engine and try downloading from there, this worked for me.
  10. Also at Plugin Boutique, and get a freebee https://www.pluginboutique.com/manufacturers/257-Pulsar-Audio
  11. shawker

    Bitwig Studio 4.1

    If you scroll down to availability, it says beta is available. I have Bitwig and read about the beta yesterday.
  12. shawker

    Bitwig Studio 4.1

    This is a beta version, not a new release.
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