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  1. Thanks, I looked in Roaming and didn't see anything there. COSMOS finally connected to whatever the sample database is after another 5 minutes. I don't see how it could take 15 minutes to connect to csv files on my c drive. I do have 98,000 file in COSMOS, so maybe it isn't optimized for large collections. I think I'll stick with XO and ADSR sample manager for now.
  2. I'm getting a message "COSMOS is connecting to sample database. This may take a few seconds." It's been 10 minutes, and still spinning. I was wondering where the database of sample info was stored, it looks like its in the cloud.
  3. I found that it doesn't work with windows symbolic links, maybe your folders use them to point to another drive?
  4. u-he is working on this as an alternative to VST/VST3, CLAP is an open source plug-in format originally designed by Alexandre Bique a few years ago that we currently help to bring forward, along with friends at Bitwig and a whole bunch of other developers from both host and plug-in side. https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=574861
  5. shawker

    8DIO Soundpaint

    Same here, install the engine and try downloading from there, this worked for me.
  6. Also at Plugin Boutique, and get a freebee https://www.pluginboutique.com/manufacturers/257-Pulsar-Audio
  7. shawker

    Bitwig Studio 4.1

    If you scroll down to availability, it says beta is available. I have Bitwig and read about the beta yesterday.
  8. shawker

    Bitwig Studio 4.1

    This is a beta version, not a new release.
  9. I had problems with Waveshell last year after updating some of my v9, v10 and v11 plugins to v12. Cakewalk would crash when trying to open any project that used Waves plugins (which was just about every project I had done over the previous 7 years). After numerous calls with Waves support and uninstalling and reinstalling Waves plugins many times they came to the conclusion that something was wrong with their Cakewalk implementation. They sent me a special version of WaveShell2-VST3 12.0_x64 (which I am still using), as far as I know the original problem has never been fixed. Cakewalk support initially told me it was a known problem with V12 and they were working on it with Waves. A few day later I was informed by Cakewalk that it was a Waves problem and please don't bother us when you have problems with 3rd party plugins. I was quite surprised and disappointed by this response, and decided it was time to quit using Cakewalk. Since I purchased Studio One during the Gibson meltdown, I already had another DAW to start using so I did. I also quit buying Wave plugins at that time and am trying to minimize my use of Waves plugins, though I still use my Abbey Road and Schepps plugins (I haven't found any replacements for them yet). I have WUP on all of my plugins until December, so I am trying to decide whether to update to V13 and hope the problem is fixed, or stay at v12 forever.
  10. From the UVI site: Please note that this voucher is non-transferrable and is valid for a single purchase within the next two months.
  11. If you unauthorize, and authorize Sample Tank 4, all new sounds will be unlocked.
  12. Is there any advantage buying this directly from UVI? Audio Deluxe has it for the same price, $179, with $9 in Deluxe bucks.
  13. FYI, Heartbeat has no sequencer, it only makes really good drum sounds.
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