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  1. I have V9, V10, V11, V12 installed and Cakewalk crashes when opening a project created before v12 was installed. I can create a new project, add waves plugins and it will open and play back as expected. Luckily Studio One 4.6.2 is fine with this setup. I have open tickets with waves and cakewalk support. I would hold off updating to V12 until the dust settles. I didn't WUP.
  2. shawker

    Geist 2 50% off

    Geist 2 is a dead product. Don't waste your money.
  3. Isn't this the update that came out on June 26?
  4. Make sure you try the demo before purchasing. Rythmiq crashes Cakewalk by Bandlab when saving a project, loading a project, pressing a midi key, making it virtually useless. I've given up trying it in Cakewalk by Bandlab Seems to work better in Studio One, so far.
  5. I just checked and Windows is also supported.
  6. Soundforge 12 is 64 bit, I got it on a Humble Bundle at while ago.
  7. Acid Pro 8 uses the old approach, ElastiquePro v3 was a new feature of 9.
  8. I got a firmware update for my a49 as well when launching komplete kontrol.
  9. shawker

    Arturia Pigments 2

    I got $49 from VC6
  10. shawker

    IK Black 76

    Yes, you have to download and run a 1.5 gig installer to get the freebie. I just deleted all the others from my vst folder, didn't seem to cause a problem.
  11. There is a bug in XO when using it in Cakewalk. If you try to Export WAVs, and press the required Render WAVs button, it will hang when creating Stems (if you have updated to 1.1) and the Beat as WAV. This process causes a drop out in the Cakewalk audio engine, so you will need to press the Cakewalk Run/Stop audio engine button to get it to continue. You may need to press the button numerous times to get it to complete. XLN is aware of the problem, but don't have a fix yet. Exporting MIDI does not have this problem.
  12. Yes, if you use Search and Filter (magnifying glass) you can specify which sample folders are included in the Space display.
  13. Everybody is trying to update now, wait a day or 2 and the speed will be back to normal.
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