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  1. I'm having the same issue. We'll have to wait for Arturia to fix Analog Lab V.
  2. It's available now for existing users, installing it as I write this.
  3. or free update from reMIDI.
  4. I'm looking for 1 as well. Please PM me if you can help me out. Thanks.
  5. Pendulate presets are free, Generate presets are $19.99
  6. Same here, it's never worked for me.
  7. I really lucked out, got Generate for $40 from Thomann and a crossgrade price of $29 for the Elevate bundle on the Eventide site (had EQuivocate and EQuivocate for Focusrite, both freebies).
  8. I don't think that light has ever worked on the FX Chain Pro-Channel module.
  9. Luminar 4 is a bit of a dead end. Luminar AI is supposed to be out this year, and it has a new engine. According to what I've read, there is no way to upgrade photos from Luminar 4 to Luminar AI.
  10. I was told by Cakewalk support on Sunday that this is a Cakewalk problem and they are working on a fix. My Waves setup works fine in Studio One 4.6.2, but always crashes Cakewalk when opening a project created before V12 was installed.
  11. I think scan rebuilds it, not reset.
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