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  1. Hi, After many problems with my new Dell computer, it looks like it's finally fixed. It's been freezing for months, and 2 returns to Dell had not helped. Now they've installed a new SSD, and, at last for the past 2 days, it hasn't been freezing. As I'm setting up my computer, I know that when I again download CbBL, I'll put it on my SSD. I also know that I'll put my "Cakewalk Projects" folder on my larger hard drive. I do have a previous version of Sonar X3 Producer, and that's currently also on my hard drive . In fact, I hope you'll be able to view below the list of files that I now have on my Cakewalk Content folder. Perhaps some of these files are even left from CbBL. M question: can I just leave these files on my D drive (hard drive), and simply now download CbBL onto my C: or SSD drive. I already, this AM, downloaded drivers for my midi and audio interfaces, as well as my updated version of Melodyne,--and have placed all of these on my SSD. Thanks for your attention. LNovik
  2. Yes, when it occurs, it continues to occur even if I press the stop button control. And, of course, I have checked the "zero controllers when play stops" box. Perhaps I am not checking the correct other boxes in that area, or am checking boxes that I shouldn't. LNovik
  3. Re, David Baay's response, it is true that other tracks are probably using the same sound, and maybe even on the same channel. I'll check that. However, as I had said, it even occurred when I changed the single track I was working on to another synth==which of course was on another channel. As to slartabarfast's response: while this is also occurring when I am playing along (not recording) with the song, it also occurs when I pause the track and try to play certain parts alone. I will try to see if it occurs when I stop a track, and not just when I pause the track. LNovik
  4. I am working on a 3rd party version of a song. There are about 10 midi tracks. I'm trying to learn some of these parts, so I bring up the staff view for an individual track. When I then play these notes, some of them sustain as if I'm holding down the sustain peddle (or key). It doesn't always occur on the same notes. For instance, at the moment, it's the middle C, the F above that, and the Bb below that. The other notes don't sustain. The notes are being played on my Roland Integra-7. I assume there is some sustain on one or more of the other tracks as this point in the song, , and this 'bleeds" thru onto my current track. Interestingly, when I assign it to another instrument, such as the Motif ES7, there are still abnormally sustained notes, just not the same ones. Again, I'm not just saying these notes seem to sustain during the song when I don't think they should (though this does also occur.) I'm saying that when I stop the recording and simply play a scale, certain notes just sustain inappropriately. LNovik
  5. Thanks. That seems to agree with my experience. The LANDR version seemed to be a little brighter. HOwever, since it's just a music video I'm doing for friends and family, most people tend to listen on their mobile phone. That already is heavy on the highs, with little bass. I figure I don't need anything brighter. LNovik
  6. I was searching on ideas for mastering, and came across something about LANDR. They say I can access it when I attempt to export my currrent project. I have hit the export menu item, but don't see such a choice. DO I have to download it first. The article seemed to say it was already there, but perhaps that was in Platinum. LNovik
  7. That didn't work. Stuttering continues. However, I am setting up my computer. My hope is that the problem will be solved then. LNovik
  8. Hi, OK, I realized that I had to download all the 4 parts of the download, and then the dialogue box came up. I was able to install almost all of it. Thanks. LNOvik
  9. Hi, It's not quite as easy as I thought. I do remember in the past that when I initially downloaded X3 or similar apps, there was alwasy that box that gave me the option of
  10. Hi, It's not quite as easy as I thought. I do remember in the past that when I initially downloaded X3 or similar apps, there was always that box that gave me the option of a regular installation or a custom. I figured I would do the custom one and just load the plug-ins, as Scook suggested. However, when I go to the linked site of all my Cakewalk purchases, I don't seem to see the option that would get me to this initial dialogue box. Instead I see links to download parts 1 thru 4 of Sonar x3, and then some "loop" types of files. I can copy the screen shot, though it may be difficult to read. THus, I'm wondering how I can do this "Plug-in" only download. I guess I could just download the whole thing. I can't even seem to upload the screen shot. Sorry. LNovik
  11. Thanks very much for that comprehensive reply, especially with the links. So, I assume when I'm finally ready to download these, I'll just only copy the plugs-ins from X3 which are not included with CbB. And, I realize I can go to that other link for Addictive Drums. Thanks again. LNovik
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    New computer prep

    I have a new faster computer, having recently replaced my 8-9 year old model. I have downloaded CBL, as well as drivers for my MIDI and Audio interfaces. Since I had upgraded Melodyne, I was easily able to re-download that version onto my new computer as well. However, I'm not quite sure what CBL contains. Before that, I had Producer X3. This naturally comes with certain effects, soft synths, and other software. Do I have to download Producer X3 onto my new computer as well. If so, I can't seem to find my old disks. However, I'll focus on that problem once I have an answer to the question of whether or not any previous versions of Sonar would combine with the current CBL program to offer me any more functionality than regular, basic CBL. Thanks. LNovik
  13. Thanks for that suggestion. I am thinking that my new computer, which, as I have said, I haven't started using yet but is pretty fast and much better than the approx 8 year old computer I was using, will not have these issues. If I see them, I will endeavor to find this LatencyMon application and see if I can figure it out. I assume the LatencyMon program is a separate download and not something included with CBL. LNovik
  14. Update. As I has said, I did go into the "Picture Cache" folder, which for me was located in the Cakewalk Projects folder. I did delete all the files there. I did this for the C drive, which is my SSD drive with Cakewalk, and also the E drive, where I store my files. I can say that this process did not affect the stuttering timeline at all. I continue to use the Pause button, which, as I've said, does stop it for the moment. However, it invariably comes back a minute or 3 later. We'll see what a new computer does. I actually just bought a pretty fast Dell with intel i7, prob 8th gen with an SSD and regular hard drive. I haven't converted everything yet, since I want to finish my current project. I know that last year when I added an SSD, it took me a while before I got my new setup working. This time I have remembered to download drivers for my Midiman Midisport (MIDI) interface, as well as for my Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 audio interface. I also downloaded my version of Melodyne asst, which is a somewhat more complete program than the one that comes with CBL. I would think there is nothing else, but we'll see. I would like to add that I was also engaged in, on this site, an inquiry as to why I was getting "stuck notes." None of the solutions suggested seemed to help, but again, I'll see what happens when I start using the new computer. ON the bright side, last year had been getting numerous crashes, where I would lose everything I had been working on. I had been told that Bandlab had found a problem and would be updating the program. I have NOT been having any further crashes. Thanks again for the support. LNovik
  15. I have tried that "pause" button. while it does immediately stop the stuttering, I find the problem recurs within seconds to minutes... and keeps happening after numerous times of Pause key. I did come across something from about a year ago from, I believe, Robert E. Bone. It was under then subject of "jumping cursor" instead of Stuttering cursor. He had said the following: The jumping cursor issue is a long-time issue going back years. It is also easily fixed. Navigate to the Picture Cache folder for Cakewalk. ?:\Cakewalk Content\Picture Cache (replace the question mark with whatever drive your Cakewalk Content is on. [[NO: my Picture cache folder is under Cakewalk Projects, so I go to C:\cakewalk projects\Picture Cache]] Go into the Picture Cache folder - with Cakewalk NOT running, and select everything in that folder, and delete it - YUP - delete all contents in the Picture Cache folder. Cakewalk will recreate anything it needs to in the Picture Cache folder, and the content is only created by Cakewalk to represent the drawings of audio waves from audio tracks. This is why deleting the contents doesn't hurt anything. What happens is that over time, Cakewalk just gets sluggish when scrolling during playback, and periodically clearing out the Picture Cache restores the correct scrolling of the Now Time marker during playback - making it smooth once again. SO - please do the above - clear out that folder, with Cakewalk NOT running, and then let me know if that fixed the scrolling issues. Note: I just tried this. I'll have to see if this relieves the problem, though now that I think of it, this process was successful last time I tried it--prob about a year ago.
  16. Thank you both kindly. I have not had much time lately to be on CBL, and the few times I have been on, I have not seen the stuttering. However, it has occurred numerous times, and I'm sure it will recur soon. Looking forward to hitting that "Pause" key on the top right of my keyboard. I'm assuming I don't have to hit Ctl pause or Alt pause, since the pause key has both "pause" and, underneath a horizontal line, "break." However, my "print screen is similar, and I don't seem to need to hit any other key (ctrl or alt) when I want to do that. Thanks again. LNovik
  17. Excuse me in that I have asked this question before, but I can't find it when I search under my name. It must have been pre-CBL. I have noticed that shortly after starting to edit my song, going back and forth, my timeline starts to move in a stuttering fashion. In other words, it does not move smoothly from L to R as the song plays. It make it difficult to edit. Along with this, ie, I have also noticed that I can not smoothly automatic volume, since it also does not allow for smooth movement. Any ideas re common causes of this? The problem usually resolves when I shut off the computer, though that is obviously a time consuming process to do over and over. I have changed the buffer size under my ASIO panel, but that does not appear to help. Thanks. LNovik
  18. Re the first reply, by Bristol, I'm sure I have 1 note running into another. I'm playing "Sunshine of your love," by Cream. He puts a lot of notes in there, along with numerous bends. I should add that the sticking occurs both when my prerecorded track of chords is playing, AND also (though not at the same time) when I am playing the solo guitar lead thru a different synth. I can say that I've noticed on the prerecorded chord track, it seems to occur consistently early in the track. So, to Mettelus's point, it might always be on the same note. I'll see if I can find out exactly where it occurs, and look in this event viewer. I must say I don't spend much time in "event viewing," though I've seen it. I'll see if I can navigate around there. As suggested, I'll see if there is a note ON that's not associated with a note OFF. Thanks for the suggestions. LNovik
  19. Hi, I am playing a song with guitar, drums and bass. I’m using Cakewalk by BL. Though I have sometimes had the following problem, it is now occurring with more frequency. There is a pre=programed guitar chord track. When I would assign this track to my Korg Triton, I would occasionally get a “sticking” of the sound, as I describe it. Basically, the sound would stick on 1 note and keep sounding====until I switch programs on the synth. (actually, I don’t even think it would go away when I switched programs---I had to toggle back to Combo mode to get rid of the sound. )When I then switched back to the guitar sound program, the “stuck” sound would be gone. It would then recur every 3-10 minutes. I have since assigned that MIDI track to another synth, this time a Roland Integra. I did not hear any stuck notes for the first day or 2, but now it occurs faithfully within about 7 seconds of starting the song. I use a MIDIMAN 4x4 as my Midi interface. Any ideas and/or solutions? Thanks. LNovik
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    Thanks for these replies. They were helpful. The first biggest help was realizing that .ins files are located under Master.ini. Using this info, I was able to at least find most of these .ins files. I at least now know--or have a better idea--how to find them. I played around with Skook's reply for awhile, but could not find those other files. I did search for them in my drives, but, as I said, I couldn't find them. I stopped looking when I was able to find the info I needed. As far as Canopus's reply, I am not computer literate enough to find this utility; ie, I searched for it without success. However, now as I review your note, i see you gave me the very link I had needed! Who knew!? Thanks. I'll save this info. LNovik
  21. Hi, I recently started a song on Cakewalk by Bandlab. I couldn’t find any of the instrument definitions for my hardware synths. I did somewhat recently switch to Bandlab, so perhaps that could be a problem. I'm also now running Bandlab on an SSD, so perhaps I’m not seeing the definitions that I had previously had. However, when I try to import them under the Preferences\MIDI tab, I do instruct it to look at both of my drives. I DO then find some definitions, but not the Korg Kronos. Thus, does anyone know how I can find Korg Kronos IDF’s within Cakewalk, and, if not, where I can find them? I even went to KorgUSA, with no luck. Thanks. LNovik
  22. LNovik@aol.com


    Hi, I recently started a song on Cakewalk by Bandlab. I couldn’t find any of the instrument definitions for my hardware synths. I did somewhat recently switch to Bandlab, so perhaps that could be a problem. I'm also now running Bandlab on an SSD, so perhaps I’m not seeing the definitions that I had previously had. However, when I try to import them under the Preferences\MIDI tab, I do instruct it to look at both of my drives. I DO then find some definitions, but not the Korg Kronos. Thus, does anyone know how I can find Korg Kronos IDF’s within Cakewalk, and, if not, where can I find them? I even went to KorgUSA, but could not find them, though I guess I could spend even more time looking. Thanks. LNovik
  23. SOLUTION: Following the suggestion of one of the contributors, I did go to my Task Manager, just to see what is running. Apps: 3 (just cakewalk application, MS word-which I am using now to take notes, and, of course, Task Manager Windows processes: 89 Background processes: 52 I started to “print screen” and copy this all, but it was pretty difficult to read. After reading what Bob Wood said, I did not try to get rid of all of this---fortunately, since I wouldn’t have known where to start. I did see there were several things on my Taskbar, such as “Microsoft store.” I took that opportunity to unpin it from my taskbar, though I’m not sure if that removes it from my background processes. HOWEVER, I DO HAVE GOOD NEWS. After Bob Wood and others before him had mentioned that perhaps my problem was 32 bit effects. I didn’t think that was the problem, since it was happening with EACH of my effects. But then Bob added that both of the 2 effects I was using were 32 bit effects. Cakewalk even indicates, on the pull down menu, that they are 32 bit effects, though I hadn't realized the implications of that. When I disabled them and brought in 2 other similar effects, such as Breverb and Sonitus Compressor, the whole popping problem immediately resolved. Perhaps on future updates, when one is using a 64 bit OS and chooses one of these 32 bit effects, there can be an error message, such as: “Are you out of your f cking mind?” or “click on this choice if you want to throw away 50 hours of your life!” So, thank you for all your suggestions. I still would appreciate what others suggest as their reverb of choice, since I’m not sure I loved at least the first preset I chose on Breverb. Same for compressor/limitors, though I would think these might be more be more similar. I guess even if the reverb is 3rd party, it would be good to get some feedback. Thank you all again. LNovik
  24. re using Melodyne in my project, Bob Bone: it is true I used Melodyne for pitch correction in my project. However, after I do each edit, I close Melodyne. I then go that the musical part the I had just edited, highlight it, and then R click on something like, "Bounce to Clips." I would think that this last step gets rid of Melodyne in my project. Perhaps I'm wrong. I think if I would go into my pull down menu and look for Melodyne, it would indicate starting a new process, rather than editing my currently enabled Melodyne session. LNovik
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