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  1. Pretty sure it's your monthly voucher... so now you can use both
  2. Should be valid until Jan 31, 2022...? Are you sure you're not talking about the regular monthly $25 voucher that everyone has received this month?
  3. So according to kvr the current boz deal ends on 1 december and on rekkerd it's 25 nov. So both together are kind of useful
  4. Would be so good to know the deal end date. Anyone?
  5. πŸ‘‰πŸ–•πŸ‘πŸ’ͺπŸ‘
  6. Yeah I see he's posted some details... too bad he forgot to mention "Kontakt not required"! πŸ˜†
  7. I was only fooling around with it for a short while so far. With it's heavy saturation and wear effects it's certainly great if you're into lofi styles, very useful for corrupting a perfect recording. But if you're after the recorded-into-tape sound without an apparent sound degradation you might want to look elsewhere, I bought tapeface for that, or use the excellent IKM Tape Machine a vst plugin you actually can't use... for mixing purposes πŸ˜† (when I'm not under pressure of time with a project, I can check with the Tape Machines, typically the 99 on a rendered instrument tracks, to take the guessing out of equation, LOL!). I'm not trying to say you can't go subtle with TAIP but to me it seems that it's mostly about giving some wobble and crunch to your tracks. Maybe they'll come up with a more refined sound (less aliasing) in v2 one day. Quite interesting concept with using AI though.
  8. Agree. Plus I failed to find any changelog to see whether I really should update or not.
  9. Thanks for confirming. I just re-read the OP and realized that both Gospel EZX and EBX are not included in this promotion. So the only deal I could make is to buy EZ Drummer 2 and get the expansion free, unless it's excluded from that as well, idk.
  10. I'm completely unfamiliar with the Toontrack ecosystem. If I'm interested in only one particular EZX expansion, and only one EBX expansion (the Calvin Rodgers' expansion - Gospel and it's corresponding EBX expansion), does it still mean I have to buy the full version of EZ Bass and EZ Drums, right? If that's correct than it's a bit expensive buy-in even with the deal above.
  11. Christmas in June... now that's something πŸ˜†
  12. chris.r

    8DIO Soundpaint

    I really liked the Soundpaint Jupiter sound in the long video. I could shell out $30 for it if there is an upgrade path. Since there are no plans for sale I can wait with it until I swap my current NVMe for a bigger IK's J8 has to wait too, anyway.
  13. chris.r

    8DIO Soundpaint

    I'm not a fan of Arturia's synths in general.
  14. Every now and then Larry comes up with something completely new to me and I'm like "where these guys have been hiding for the last decade or so?" LOL Love these sounds... instant 80/90'ties.
  15. chris.r

    8DIO Soundpaint

    Was just wondering if there is an upgrade path in case I'd want to buy the Jupiter - Standard version (non UDS) $30 now and upgrade anytime later. Is there any info about it? The other thing in question is how much does it take my hard disc real estate. They say it's 84,4GB of samples, I don't believe it's going to take that much of disk space otherwise I'd have to wipe out all of my other libraries.πŸ˜…
  16. Wasn't sold on the youtube piano sound quality but the thing that I loved was the morphing. Oh man. If only we could import own samples and could morph them like this! Great feature.
  17. chris.r

    8DIO Soundpaint

    I liked the Jupiter 8 demo video then checked for the price. If it's $80 and will never go on sale then, well, I'll be probably saving for it and always spending on something else currently going on sale, effectively never owning this one. Life is too short.
  18. I get it that the old Play libraries (I have Hollywood Gold Strings and Brass only) won't work until you buy something that will unlock the new Opus engine for you, only then Opus will pick up your previous Hollywood libraries and they should work. What you say here is basically the opposite. Please can someone clarify? Thx
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