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  1. Why not borrow some ideas from the OpenSource world? I don't mean open the source to the product, but I would recommend the following: BugTracker - Setup a bugtracker that is visible to the community and allow them to post issues (Like how JetBrains does it) Make the BugTracker your backlog Allow the community to vote on your backlog so you can rank them for your sprints Show the community your progress on your sprints If you were to do something like this with total visibility into what you are working on, it would allow the community to be engaged and feel like they are helping in the development of the product. This should turn into a strong marketing strategy that could be leveraged to customer on-boarding. Reaper is popular because it works and it's cheap - If the assets of this product are managed with community support, Cakewalk by Bandlab could become the defacto DAW for professional and beginner music recording. Not sure if anyone else agrees but it's an interesting prospect, so Happy Birthday and here is to a future where this investments enables the company to grow into new markets and gain a following of passionate individuals. Regards, Wayne
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