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  1. This is true and I can't agree with you more, it's amazing how I think this is the least of priorities. I ended up buying studio one artist (it's not even extremely affordable where I'm from, about R1 200.00 black friday) cause I tried but gave up tolerating the UI. I'll surely keep an eye on cakewalk cause the fundamentals and feature sets are okay.
  2. A 64/32 bit vst2/3 drum sampler. Multi out, per pad pan, pitch and AHD envelope control. You can change the UI size plus set the default side. https://apisoniclabs.com/
  3. What I' trying to say is, leaving the color scheme as is but reduce overall brightness of the theme... (I'm getting a closer effect when I'm reducing the brightness of my Laptop screen) Many thanks
  4. Thanks for this theme... it will probably be my default theme going forward. I havent seen anything like this one. If it is not much trouble with you, would experiment with a bit darker greys, please... Thanks
  5. Looks like there are and it does open them.
  6. I'm really impressed with the Akai MPC Beats, how it does what it does. This could be 'my perfect' music/beat making software. Thanks to Akai
  7. I 💯 percent feel the same as you do. Okay for me music making is a hobby (for now) but there's nothing worse than opening cakewalk and glaring at it's UI. Sure I keep updating and hoping for the day that the look would be modernised.
  8. I agree with you... In fact, reworking the whole GUI is what I would prioritize if I was at the helm...
  9. Hi @cclarry are you selling a waveform 10 account in kvr? If so is it still available? Thanks
  10. puddy

    Waveform 10 Free

    If this hasn't been shared already. Waveform 10 promo on computer music mag, Issue 274.
  11. Lunga, hope you good... thought I could just greet since I'm also from the RSA enjoying this beautiful day... Have a blast, much love!!
  12. Hi, @ChernobylStudios I'm still standing by my view. After an encounter with your malicious video, I found out that you are/were a long time user of Cakewalk, something that added to my disappointment. Just so you get a glimpse of my background, I'm an Electronic Engineer by qualification, spent five years as a junior in component level repairs, more than two years at a power utility , then up to now at a telecoms company. A career of more than 15 years. You should somehow rest assured that I know what I am talking about. U surely have a lot of experience with Cakewalk, something comparable and somehow exceeded by some of the users in this forum. The logical assumption is that u made videos out of your free will and good heart, and those that contacted you for help were probably on that understanding. The most logical thing is that is that if want employment from Cakewalk you would contact them and present your case! Without bashing the company that you clearly would like to get a slice of pizza from! In fact, who said you gotta be an ambassador of Cakewalk? Your same fans or Chanel subscribers that you have been bashing the DAW infront of? YOU DO NOT DESERVE ANY COMPENSATION, no wonder you are this angry... I still maintain my view, You should just go away....
  13. Hi Davydh, I hope you'll forgive/correct me if I'm not getting this right. Shouldn't fixing bugs be about issues reported by users with no relation to specific priority individuals... sure, everything prioritized according to severity of course. Also, one would be forgiven to think that making of an illustration/tutorial video by an individual will almost always be out of a good heart... (unless of course under employ, where you'd have to get paid for services rendered). Maybe I'll never get it. Thanks and regards
  14. It would be interesting to know if he did actually report the bugs he is complaining about specifically...
  15. While I was looking around the net for a Cakewalk video I came across his YT video where I felt he was actually bashing the software, to an extent where I left a comment saying "You seem like a very bitter man"... because that video was just uncalled for. The videos are malicious, including the one on the OP... he also puts a category of people for whom it would be worth it downloading Cakewalk, "those getting used to digital audio etc", really? Quite a lot I could say but it's really not necessary.
  16. Sure thanks Msmcleod, the feeling of being burned from the mentioned events has been evident, which I guess is natural...
  17. The main I idea to my post/reply was to support the sampler request (in fact, plus any other request that the developers may see the need/ capability of implementing). No, I have not changed the sampler request to a wider FR but just stated my observation on how other forum users kill other's valid requests because they themselves don't see their need. There is no reason why a DAW should not have a feature/s that other modern DAWs have unless the developers/Owners deem that those specific features can not be implemented because of whatever reason. Your analogy of Jack of all trades is not really correct, as you have correctly stated, one of the objectives is " giving a chance to people of all social strata to create music professionally", how will this be possible if the software only caters for the type of music that tinkers with you?? The requirement is not for the company to come up with out of this world features , but things that modern musicians would come to expect in a DAW, surely if this can be afforded, if not, then it's still fine, but there's no need for forum users to kill other user's requests because requests are open to anyone using the DAW.
  18. Thank you so much Abacab for your reply which is well thought and structured. I agree fully with what you are saying... I have been lurking in the forum since the announcement of Cakewalk return and it being free (to my delight😊). Though I will not have anything to compare it to as I have not made any research, but I think on the stability side I can safely say that Cakewalk is on par with other DAWs if not on the leading pack in this regard, judging from the work that has been done since the announcement. Yes there still are glitches ( for an example, testing the elastique feature, no matter how far I stretch, the result will be an audio with crackling sound, something I haven't seen anyone complaining about, so for now I'm trying to see if there's nothing wrong I'm doing on my side). Back to the topic, I feel like the bug fixing and new feature implementation could be balanced somehow. In fact what seems bad to me is seeing feature requests being killed by other forum users. PS: The latter paragraph in my initial reply to your post was not necessarily directed to you. Thanks
  19. But why do you feel like it should be basic? And a third party stuff should not be cast on stone that it will work better. The main crippling element to the development of the DAW will be people who negate posted requests, especially primarily because there is a third party VST doing a similar job, or people living in the past not wanting obvious things to go for a change (yes there is nothing wrong with using one DAW and all its capabilities for your work)... I've seen a post regarding upgrading of Sonitus GUI plugins being reduced to nothing... Yes they would do with a rework and please don't compare them to reaper ones because that is REAPER and can stay with such. A post regarding Cakewalk GUI-reworking suffered the same fate... YES obviously Cakewalk GUI needs to be modernised!!, nothing necessarily wrong with Cakewalk GUI layout, the original Tungsten and especially Mercury are clean and professional but there is no denying (at least to me, others I have seen FR from and probably some new users seeing the DAW for the first time) that they look OLD. It is up to the Cakewalk developers and Owners to decide whether a suggestion (FR) is needed as they are also people and can see what's happening around them, with regards to the DAW world I mean. Surely the owner of Cakewalk cannot have resuscitated this DAW only for the benefit of the '10000' loyal users, as I have an understanding that his main objective is to provide access for music making to everyone, including beginners like me.
  20. hello world! Hopin the OP is/will not by any chance be taken for granted... Modernization of the DAW. New user here... I love the DAW very much and appreciate the strides taken since the release of the new cakewalk, including the fact that it has opened doors for everyone to create (or at least try to create) MUSIC... using quality software. I haven't created anything using Cakewalk (by Bandlab), in months, both because I am a beginner and that the DAW is very uninspiring... I'm nonetheless hopin for the best. One Love
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