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  1. And of course that worked because it makes perfect sense. Thanks.
  2. I have a guitar track with a send to a bus and in the bus I have several effects. If I mute the track I can still hear the bus with the effects when I play the project. It's kind of annoying, is there a work around for this?
  3. Agreed Max! I don't use midi very often and was having latency issues a few months ago, tried it this afternoon and worked like a champ! These guys are awesome!
  4. Fixed. Thank you, it's the simple things we overlook.
  5. I opened four older projects and the screenset module is not there (see pic). I ran the rollback - module not there. I uninstalled and re-installed CbC - module not there. I still have Sonar Producer so I ran it and the module is there (see Pic). Not sure whats happening?
  6. I didn't try opening an older project. On my most recent project the module did not exist. I will try to open an older project tomorrow. Thanks for your response.
  7. Hopefully it's just me but the Screen Sets are missing. I did run the Rollback and then installed the newest version, maybe I need to do it again? I do love that Screen Set option.
  8. My hats off to everyone at CbB for all the great work you've been doing! It's so awesome that your focus is fixing bugs, Cakewalk is truly becoming a fantastic DAW and I'm exited for it's future! Great job!!
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