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  1. If you're running on an Intel 12th or 13th generation processor, this post by @Jim Roseberry discusses why migrating from Win10 to Win11 can be beneficial:
  2. Same here yesterday and today (early afternoon California). It's really slow. I'm seeing a lot of "error 500" notifications (time-out) and other connection errors. Edit: Interestingly, I've seen the speed return to normal for a while during the same time of day.
  3. I'm seeing the Manley Tube Preamp on the UAD site for $74. I don't own any UAD Manley plugins. Guessing your right about getting a discount for buying both during the deal on the VoxBox .
  4. Same here ... after upgrading to 2022.11 (gear specs in my signature), I also experienced some dropouts, late buffers, etc. Changing the "ThreadSchedulingModel = 3" fixed the issues. I had it set to 2 for the 2022.06 release, and it ran fine.
  5. Haven't thought about DSP theory in a while. However, this looks like Gibb's Phenomenon. In this case, it seems like an artifact of FIR filtering around transients in the square wave. I would guess there is a steep filter being applied to the waveform somewhere in the digital signal path. There are other possibilities too (e.g. windowing functions, etc). Gibb's can also be seen when summing harmonics of the Fourier Series -- especially around transients. BTW ... FIR filters are based on Fourier Transforms, Convolution, IRs, etc. This is the subject of chapters in DSP books. Edit: Just saw the replies from Bruno de Souza Lino and OutrageProductions. Good info from both.
  6. I believe the IKM installation files are here: C:\Users\<your user name>\Documents\IK Multimedia\IK Product Manager\ I navigated to that location using the File Explorer starting in the "Documents" folder. There are subfolders for each product.
  7. I'm running a prior version: Nectar 3 Plus 3.7.0. It replaces the word "Mix" with a numeric value (0-100) while dragging -- just as you wrote above. Assuming you're running "Nectar 3 Plus" too. Seems like a regression in the newer version.
  8. 1, 3, 2 is what I chose too. I haven't looked at the results yet. I'm not much of a keyboardist, but appreciate the variety of types and sounds.
  9. Is the TONEX Capture "Line Input" balanced -or- unbalanced? I tried looking for documentation for the TONEX Capture box on the IK site, but couldn't find technical specifications.
  10. In the past, WLM+ worked fine for me on Cakewalk with 'auto-save' enabled. At that time, Waves V12 or V13 was installed. A couple of weeks ago, I installed Waves V14 on both my DAWs. I hadn't used WLM+ for a while. It was El Diablo's post which prompted me to try WLM+ (VST3) and that's when I saw the issue too.
  11. Confirmed the Wave's WLM Loudness Meter auto-save problem on Cakewalk -and- confirmed @Starship Krupa 's work-around! I added the "WLM Plus (stereo) Loudness Meter" to two separate projects on separate DAWS. At first, I didn't see the issue. Then, I added the WLM plugin to a different project on my old DAW, and the auto-save occurred at a high-rate and virtually froze Cakewalk. The difference between the two: On the Cakewalk DAW without the problem (new computer), I had not enabled Auto-Save (i.e. minutes =0 and changes = 0) . The problem immediately appeared when I set Auto-save changes = 30. @El Diablo please try Starship Krupa's suggestion. BTW, I'm still on Cakewalk revision 2022.02. All my Waves plugins are at Rev 14. I hadn't encountered this type auto-update issue with Waves or any other plug-in.
  12. Me too! Hopefully, now that UAD has released Spark for native Apple M1, the focus will shift to the Windows version.
  13. I was considered skipping the GS-V too given it's appx 30GB, but decided to try it out. I'm going to manually install the missing files per Jacques' suggestion. Hopefully, there isn't something else missing that would require downloading it again!
  14. Thanks! I now see those missing "pak" files in "SYN2_GS-V_Part_4.zip" (installation file). I'm going to try copying over too.
  15. Thanks for confirming Jacques ( @Jacques Boileau ). All three of the GS-V "Funky Wah ..." instruments generate the error. I found a couple others which also reference the missing "GS-V Funk Piano.pak." The "GS-V Harpischord I.pak" is missing too.
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