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  1. I found two interesting pieces of information on the Izotope web site: 1.) In the Ozone 9 documentation, under the heading Plug-in Module, it says, "... Add the Plug-in module to choose an iZotope plug-in to add to your signal chain." This seems to imply the 'Plugin Module' is used primarily to allow other Izotope VSTs to be used with the Ozone 9 standalone application. 2.) However, it appears some third party VSTs will work with the Ozone plugin module too. See this article on the Izotope web site Third Party Compatibility in Ozone . It says Waves is not supported in the Ozone standalone application. It also says some VSTs won't work properly. I don't know if this information is current. I may have misinterpreted the information. However, this information would explain the various results we are seeing with Ozone's plugin module. I suppose someone could contact Izotope to clarify. In my case, none of my VST3 plugins were found when scanning, but I don't have many VST3s. Not all of my VST2 plugins are found. I usually use Ozone 9 as a plugin inside a DAW, and not as a standalone app.
  2. Zo, I will try some other VST3 plugins later today. I'm wondering whether anyone else was successful with loading VST3 plugins.
  3. I did a quick experiment using external plugins with Ozone 9 Advanced as a stand-alone application. Like others observed, scanning would not load the Waves plugins. The scan found my UAD plugins. The UAD plugins are VST2; Waves are VST 3. Is there a problem with Ozone using external VST3 plugins? I had my paths set to the proper VST2 and VST3 plugin locations. Another observation: I used two UAD external plugins in the Ozone project. The real-time graphics (e.g. meters) on the two UAD plugins were sluggish. There weren't any audio problems with two external plugins.
  4. Yes, same error for me. I have been trying to get to JRR Shop since yesterday afternoon (PDT) with no luck.
  5. I'm thinking the same. It was $149 for the Version 4 upgrade. I found a receipt for V4 at 50% off, but that was during a Black Friday sale. Kind of a long wait!
  6. Tom B

    UAD Half Year Sale!

    Any thoughts on the API 2500 bus compressor plugin? I've been demo'ing it, and used it on a "rock" drum bus with good results. Seems like it would work well in other contexts too. I like the added controls for: parallel mix, compression curves, etc. I have the UA1176 plugin collection and trying to determine if those cover similar ground (without the extra controls found on the 2500).
  7. Tom B

    UAD Half Year Sale!

    @garybrun Some of your UA compressors could be updated to the latest (non-legacy) versions. If I'm reading your list correctly, the Fairchild and 1176s are the "legacy" versions. UA's "Analog Classics Pro Bundle" has the latest versions those compressors. The bundle includes other plugins which you already have the latest versions. However, UA usually discounts packages based on what you already own. There are also separate 'Fairchild' and '1176 Collections'. I remember getting a discount on those collections because I owned the "legacy" versions. But, that was a few years ago. The non-legacy Fairchild 670 plugin has two very useful features: 1.) Mix control for parallel compression; 2.) Adjustable Side-chain Filter which adjusts how the low-end triggers the compression. Then again, you could wait for the usual end-of-year sale!
  8. Tom B

    UAD Half Year Sale!

    Thanks for the information @Craig Fowler and @LasWaltz. I'm currently demo'ing two UAD plugins, and will purchase the first one separately in hopes of an additional coupon.
  9. Tom B

    UAD Half Year Sale!

    During past sales, UAD has sometimes added another discount voucher to my account after a plugin has been purchased. Has anyone seen this happen during the current sale? I've also seen UAD add vouchers after a sale is over -- which is not as enticing!
  10. Tom B

    Waves 25% Off WUP

    I WUP'd some plugins a year ago when Waves offered a 25% discount. I don't remember seeing any other WUP deals since then. Perhaps someone can confirm whether there have been additional WUP discounts over the past year. In cclarry's original post, it seems like one of the retailers may be able to offer a modest additional discount. Not sure what the process is for this. Perhaps clicking on the link in the original post explains the process.
  11. Tom B

    Superior Drummer 2

    Slight topic drift ... have any of you tried the SD3 "Decades" SDX expansion pack by Al Schmitt ?
  12. I received e-mail from Wampler, today, announcing the plugins. I haven't downloaded any of them yet. Hoping to hear what others think about them first 🙂
  13. I did a simple search for "waves disconnected device", and saw plenty of results. Does this link on the Waves Tech Support site help? If not, there were plenty of other sites listed in the search.
  14. Regarding the Fireface UFX ... the UFX has an internal power supply and has a standard IEC power connector which can accept 100VAC to 240VAC. My UFX is an older model. I don't know whether the AC power spec's changed with the later UFX II or UFX+ models. Looks like the UCX has an external power supply. FYI, the manuals are available on the RME site.
  15. Tom B

    Eventide CrushStation

    I wonder how the plugin sounds vis-a-vis the CrushStation running in the H9 effects pedal?
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