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  1. Tom B

    Rewind to landmarks (W)

    Hopefully, I'm understanding your question ... these two shortcuts will Play/Pause like the button in the transport controls. Ctrl+Space Bar -- stops playback. The now marker is located where stop occurred. Press Space Bar -- playback resumes where it was stopped. P.S. If the above doesn't work, try setting the option per Kevin Perry's previous post: setting "On Stop, Rewind to Now Marker"
  2. Mark, Thanks for the new video explaining how hidden parts of a clip can affect "Process->Apply Effect". This was very insightful. Think I've been lucky, and likely have been applying the Gain effect where there were no hidden areas -or- I had bounced the clip already.
  3. I use "Process->Apply Effect->Gain" often to fix things such as uneven vocal levels. My usage has been within a single clip (luckily). Based on the discussion so far, it seems like it still works on single clips. I have a short-cut key to apply the gain effect which makes the work flow easier. Hope the Gain effect stays intact!
  4. I received the e-mail from PreSonus this morning (California, USA). The e-mail has a license code and link to download from "Mastering The Mix" (as abacab described in the OP). I don't have any plug-ins from Mastering The Mix. I suppose it's worth checking them out.
  5. I see these available directly from Toontrack for $10 (USD) https://www.toontrack.com/weekend-deals/ Not sure what it costs in other currencies.
  6. Thank you very much for creating the new sub-forums. This should help make discussions about gear, computers, production, etc. more organized and accessible. One request: Would it be possible to move the "deals" sub-forum up one level in the hierarchy? This would make the "deals" sub-forum visible from the Cakewalk Forum Home page.
  7. The Tower Records in the photo looks like one in San Francisco. There's a sign in the foreground which says "North Beach" and the top of the distinctive TransAmerica building is in the background. That store was several blocks from Fisherman's Wharf. I only visited it a couple times. Perhaps, the photo is a montage! Or mirage 🙂. Many Tower stores had a similar facade. I bought a lot of LPs and CDs from other Tower locations. Drifting away from the original topic ...
  8. Shawker, have you heard back from support regarding this problem? I also have a mix of Waves V9, V10, V11. I certainly don't want to update to V12 if it affects CbB projects created before the V12 update. Thanks, for letting us know!
  9. Thank you for reminding us about the Steinberg "Generic Low Latency ASIO driver". I avoided installing it when demo'ing Cubase back in 2017. I noticed it recently appeared in my CbB device preferences. Fortunately, it wasn't being used. But, why and how was it installed? Apparently when I decided to try Dorico (Steinberg's notation software), that sneaky driver was installed. The uninstaller got rid of it (located under the Windows Program and Features window).
  10. Is this release an update for the UAD-2 VST plugin too? Or, is it only an new update/extension for LUNA?
  11. I found this reference to Nectar 3 Plus on the Izotope web site. The first topic says Nectar 3 Plus is a "forthcoming" update (with RX8 breath control). The second topic is a bit confusing to me because it's not what I'm seeing on my Product Portal.
  12. I found two interesting pieces of information on the Izotope web site: 1.) In the Ozone 9 documentation, under the heading Plug-in Module, it says, "... Add the Plug-in module to choose an iZotope plug-in to add to your signal chain." This seems to imply the 'Plugin Module' is used primarily to allow other Izotope VSTs to be used with the Ozone 9 standalone application. 2.) However, it appears some third party VSTs will work with the Ozone plugin module too. See this article on the Izotope web site Third Party Compatibility in Ozone . It says Waves is not supported in the Ozone standalone application. It also says some VSTs won't work properly. I don't know if this information is current. I may have misinterpreted the information. However, this information would explain the various results we are seeing with Ozone's plugin module. I suppose someone could contact Izotope to clarify. In my case, none of my VST3 plugins were found when scanning, but I don't have many VST3s. Not all of my VST2 plugins are found. I usually use Ozone 9 as a plugin inside a DAW, and not as a standalone app.
  13. Zo, I will try some other VST3 plugins later today. I'm wondering whether anyone else was successful with loading VST3 plugins.
  14. I did a quick experiment using external plugins with Ozone 9 Advanced as a stand-alone application. Like others observed, scanning would not load the Waves plugins. The scan found my UAD plugins. The UAD plugins are VST2; Waves are VST 3. Is there a problem with Ozone using external VST3 plugins? I had my paths set to the proper VST2 and VST3 plugin locations. Another observation: I used two UAD external plugins in the Ozone project. The real-time graphics (e.g. meters) on the two UAD plugins were sluggish. There weren't any audio problems with two external plugins.
  15. Yes, same error for me. I have been trying to get to JRR Shop since yesterday afternoon (PDT) with no luck.
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