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  1. Another thanks for the Superior Drummer 3 (SD3) instrument definition. This makes identifying the default SD3 kit pieces so much easier in the PRV.
  2. Confirming ... I experienced the same issue and applied the same fix after installing Syntronik 2 CS. The first SampleTank 4 (ST4) rescan after installing failed to find the new presets. After reopening ST4, rescanning fixed the issue. I have Syntronik 1 Deluxe and installed Syntronik 2 CS only.
  3. I have two promos left. Perhaps I'll get both the Stealth Limiter and Saturator.
  4. I have a couple promo items left. Any thoughts on the Stealth Limiter and/or Saturator-X? I already have similar plugins, but sometimes having an alternate choice is useful.
  5. Tom B

    UAD Question

    I just noticed the "12-days of UAD sale" coupons now have an expiration date of Nov 30. Seems like the sale is continuing for a few more days. Thought I was done buying last night!
  6. Thanks for the additional information and suggestions. Where are those ".plist" files located? I haven't been able to find any ".plist" files related to IK products. The ".plist" extension seems more related to Apple. I'm on a PC.
  7. I’m seeing similar problems with Sample Tank 4 and Syntronik (legacy). I have not installed any components of Syntronik 2. After installing ST4 "Alternate Keys" (Group Buy), all my "Syntronik Deluxe" synths (i.e. instruments) became “unauthorized” in SampleTank. Most of the synths are now missing in Syntronik (legacy) too. I tried "Restore Purchases" in the Custom Shop and restarted the apps (i.e. Product Manager, Sample Tank, etc.) several times. This did not restore the missing synth activations. Also, installed the latest Sample Tank 4. For my case, based on information on the IK Forum, I discovered a temporary but somewhat unreliable work-around: Open the old IK Authorization Manager and enter the new Syntronik 2 CS license key. The key is located under “My Products” on the IK web site. After doing this, all my Syntronik Deluxe instruments were restored in Sample Tank. However, the Syntronik 1 App was still missing about half the instruments. [Edit] I skipped the “Restore Purchases” in Product Manager since this action removed all the synth instrument authorizations. For those who installed Syntronik 2 and have missing instruments: According to posts on the IK Forum (last night), it appears that the license key for ”Syntronik 2 CS” needs to be registered using the IK Product Manager. However, this did not work for my case, thus the work-around above. Please check the IK Forum for the latest. I have reported the problem to IK Support, but discovered the work-around after sending the support request. My knowledge about this problem is limited. Hopefully one of the IK experts will chime-in with more information.
  8. I downloaded the Vox Continental demo last night, and had a lot of retro-music fun with it. I'm not even a keyboard player! I'm considering the V-Collection 8 -- it looks like a nice collection for a wide range recording projects. Hopefully the other instruments in the collection are just as good. I'm still rationalizing the expenditure!
  9. Tom B

    Waves SSL EV2 Channel

    I have the same issue (i.e. expired SSL Collection). However, this new SSL Channel looks like a nice upgrade and worth replacing the old SSL versions. I suppose it's time to try the demo. I see @simon suggested everyplugin.com to help with the decision.
  10. That's what I gathered. I'm wondering whether the 50% discount is only available through BestService. So far, the retailers I normally deal with are listing V8 at full price.
  11. Is the "V Collection 8" pricing ($279) exclusive to BestService? Wondering whether other retailers are (or will be) offering similar Black Friday deals. I've been looking for a good Vox Continental emulation, and understand Arturia's version is well regarded. Seems like the V8 bundle is a good way to get the Vox plus some other really good keyboard plugins.
  12. Is the question about the time sound travels from the source (e.g. bass) to the ear? Or is it about quality of the signal/sound from the bass because of the cable? Here are some thoughts about both. In addition to the explanation by @jackson white above, a good rule to remember is: The speed of sound is approximately 1ms per foot -or- 3ms per meter (the speed of sound varies with temperature, air pressure, humidity). The length of the cable, practically, has nothing to do with the time it takes the sound of the instrument to reach the ear. As mentioned by others above, the sound quality of the instrument (e.g. bass, guitar, etc.) can be affected by the capacitance of the cable. The longer the cable, the higher the capacitance which causes high frequency loss. The amount of loss is dependent on many factors including: length of the cable, the impedance of the pickups/controls and amp input. I suggest looking for high-quality guitar "instrument" cables, with lower capacitance (per foot/meter). I tend to use Mogami 5 or 6 meter "Instrument" cables for recording guitar. But, that's certainly not an absolute rule. It's often a matter of personal choice. Frankly, I've gotten great results with cable runs that are much longer. Try some different lengths and see which ones you like! Some folks like a bit of high-end roll off. Hope that helps! Edit: By the way, active pickups tend to have lower output impedances which allow significantly longer cables.
  13. Thanks for the information. The Dayton EMM-6 is (approximately) in the same price range as the IK MEMS and Sonarworks SoundID measurement microphones.
  14. I plan to get the ARC System software as a GB freebie. Other than the IK MEMS mic', what other measurement microphones have folks used successfully? I've been looking at a couple of options.
  15. Good suggestion! Unfortunately, I got into the Group Buy a few weeks ago at the $149 level and upgraded my Amplitube collection first. Sorry for not making that clear in my post. The good news, I can still pick up a couple of nice synths with the freebies I haven't used yet!
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