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  1. There's also a demo version available on the DDMF site. The demo version periodically limits functionality for about 30 seconds.
  2. Thanks for this info. I also have a Focusrite 2i4 Gen 1. It's not my primary audio interface, and only use it with a laptop. Fortunately, the laptop is setup for a full shutdown (i.e. slower startup), and I haven't run into the issue. It's good to know about this issue for future reference.
  3. Yesterday, I upgraded an Izotope product and added the license using the Izotope Product Portal without any problems. I'm also running rev My Windows 10 is version 1909 which is a bit behind. Could the problem be Win10 version dependent?
  4. Yes, version UAD 9.12.2 has the older Neve 33609 version. Our registry data should be the same for UAD 9.12.2 (except, maybe path names). The latest UAD version is 9.14.5. I decided to update to that version about a week ago, and now have the updated Neve 33609C. Interestingly, my Cakewalk test project was able to automatically find the 33609C. There are a few differences in registry data for UAD 9.14.5: The dll is now "UAD Neve 33609 C.dll", the DosName is different, the uniqueId (i.e. plugin ID) is the same, My test project uses Cakewalk 2021.04 (perhaps it started one rev earlier). I'm guessing your projects started out with earlier Cakewalk versions. Note: I haven't activated the 33609 plugin because it's only being used to understand this issue. However, I don't think that matters. For those not familiar with UAD, the installation includes all the VSTs whether activated or not. I think this is done to make it easier demo and/or purchase the plugin. An inactive plugin can be inserted, but it isn't functional.
  5. My UAD software is two versions behind the current version. I have the older "UAD Neve 33609" (inactivated). I'm wondering whether my older registry data might be helpful in understanding the update problem with the current "UAD Neve 33609c" experienced by Jono. If helpful, I'll post the pertinent data for the plugin such as: DosName, UniqueId, Path Name, etc. I'm running UAD V9.12. I've been delaying updates for UAD software because of a similar issue regarding the newly updated and enhanced UAD 'API Vision Strip'. Eventually, I'll update.
  6. Verified this helpful shortcut! It looks like the Color Editor copies the 'Original' value to a new 'Theme' value.
  7. sjoens, thanks for posting this issue in the Feedback Loop. For those not familiar with the issue, there is a discussion in the 'Themes' forum. Hopefully, a fix can be applied in a feature Cakewalk release.
  8. Thanks Matthew! Your work-around fixed the problem and the Console View background is now the original Mercury theme color. Summary: As Matthew wrote, enter 333333 as the color. After closing the color editor, the theme editor will display: 333333FF (FF is the 'opacity', it's appended by the color editor). Oddly, the 'Original' and 'Theme' color values are the same. Something is going wrong with the 'Original' and is fixed by the 'Theme'. BTW, I'm using Cakewalk 2021.04 Build 175.
  9. Thanks for all for the replies to my question. Glad others were able to confirm this. I'll try changing the color per @Matthew White 's post. I'll report back after trying the work-around -- probably later this evening (Pacific US time). Hopefully @sjoens post in the Feedback Forum will result in a fix in an upcoming release.
  10. I recently updated to Cakewalk 2101.04. Of course, I received the message about my custom theme possibly being incompatible. Even though the theme works fine, I couldn't find a a way around the warning message each time Cakewalk is started. I started from scratch using the theme editor with the Mercury base theme. The theme change is: Add a red, dashed-stripe around the punch-in button when it's selected. It's a simple graphics change which I've been using since theme editing became available in Sonar. After using the Theme Editor to make the change, I opened Cakewalk and switched to the new theme. The punch-in button change worked as expected. However, in the empty area between channel strips (console view), Mercury normally sets the background color to a Dark Charcoal Gray. After adding my theme, the background is now white (not my intention). Any ideas why this happened and/or is there a simple way to revert the console background back to the dark gray? Thanks! Here's a pic:
  11. Tom B

    UAD Half Yearly Sale

    Did UAD send e-mail regarding the Half Yearly sale? I haven't received anything yet. I checked my spam folders too. Given recent purchases, my account is active.
  12. Tom B

    Rewind to landmarks (W)

    Hopefully, I'm understanding your question ... these two shortcuts will Play/Pause like the button in the transport controls. Ctrl+Space Bar -- stops playback. The now marker is located where stop occurred. Press Space Bar -- playback resumes where it was stopped. P.S. If the above doesn't work, try setting the option per Kevin Perry's previous post: setting "On Stop, Rewind to Now Marker"
  13. Mark, Thanks for the new video explaining how hidden parts of a clip can affect "Process->Apply Effect". This was very insightful. Think I've been lucky, and likely have been applying the Gain effect where there were no hidden areas -or- I had bounced the clip already.
  14. I use "Process->Apply Effect->Gain" often to fix things such as uneven vocal levels. My usage has been within a single clip (luckily). Based on the discussion so far, it seems like it still works on single clips. I have a short-cut key to apply the gain effect which makes the work flow easier. Hope the Gain effect stays intact!
  15. I received the e-mail from PreSonus this morning (California, USA). The e-mail has a license code and link to download from "Mastering The Mix" (as abacab described in the OP). I don't have any plug-ins from Mastering The Mix. I suppose it's worth checking them out.
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