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  1. I'm running a prior version: Nectar 3 Plus 3.7.0. It replaces the word "Mix" with a numeric value (0-100) while dragging -- just as you wrote above. Assuming you're running "Nectar 3 Plus" too. Seems like a regression in the newer version.
  2. 1, 3, 2 is what I chose too. I haven't looked at the results yet. I'm not much of a keyboardist, but appreciate the variety of types and sounds.
  3. Is the TONEX Capture "Line Input" balanced -or- unbalanced? I tried looking for documentation for the TONEX Capture box on the IK site, but couldn't find technical specifications.
  4. In the past, WLM+ worked fine for me on Cakewalk with 'auto-save' enabled. At that time, Waves V12 or V13 was installed. A couple of weeks ago, I installed Waves V14 on both my DAWs. I hadn't used WLM+ for a while. It was El Diablo's post which prompted me to try WLM+ (VST3) and that's when I saw the issue too.
  5. Confirmed the Wave's WLM Loudness Meter auto-save problem on Cakewalk -and- confirmed @Starship Krupa 's work-around! I added the "WLM Plus (stereo) Loudness Meter" to two separate projects on separate DAWS. At first, I didn't see the issue. Then, I added the WLM plugin to a different project on my old DAW, and the auto-save occurred at a high-rate and virtually froze Cakewalk. The difference between the two: On the Cakewalk DAW without the problem (new computer), I had not enabled Auto-Save (i.e. minutes =0 and changes = 0) . The problem immediately appeared when I set Auto-save changes = 30. @El Diablo please try Starship Krupa's suggestion. BTW, I'm still on Cakewalk revision 2022.02. All my Waves plugins are at Rev 14. I hadn't encountered this type auto-update issue with Waves or any other plug-in.
  6. Me too! Hopefully, now that UAD has released Spark for native Apple M1, the focus will shift to the Windows version.
  7. I was considered skipping the GS-V too given it's appx 30GB, but decided to try it out. I'm going to manually install the missing files per Jacques' suggestion. Hopefully, there isn't something else missing that would require downloading it again!
  8. Thanks! I now see those missing "pak" files in "SYN2_GS-V_Part_4.zip" (installation file). I'm going to try copying over too.
  9. Thanks for confirming Jacques ( @Jacques Boileau ). All three of the GS-V "Funky Wah ..." instruments generate the error. I found a couple others which also reference the missing "GS-V Funk Piano.pak." The "GS-V Harpischord I.pak" is missing too.
  10. I've been trying out the GS-V. Unfortunately, a handful of instrument presets generate the dreaded "Instrument ST4 Error. Cannot locate Tank ..." message. For example, when I select "Funky Amped Wha E piano 1" , this error message pops up: "Instrument ST4 Error. Cannot locate Tank at path 'G:/AudioSamples/Syntronik 2/Samples/Syntronik GS-V/GS-V Funk Piano/GS-V Funk Piano.pak'. ''G:/AudioSamples/Syntronik 2" is where the Syntronik 2 synths are located on my DAW. I thought it was the same installation problem as "Syner V". However, I can't find the missing 'GS-V Funk Piano.pak' in any of the usual suspect locations. If someone has installed the (massive) GS-V, would you verify the "GS-V Funk Piano.pak" will load. I'm using the Syntronik 2 stand-alone app. Additional missing files: GS-V Harpischord I.pak used by the "FM Harpsichord" instrument presets.
  11. It can be really confusing since there's so much nomenclature and conflicting use of terminology. I (and certainly others) have experienced this at various times during our gear quests. 😀 It's all good!
  12. S/PDIF is defined to use either fiber optic or coaxial cable (with RCA connectors) to transmit the digital signal. This is part of the S/PDIF specification. It's a design choice by the manufacturer. This Wikipedia article S/PDIF description has more information. The good news is the OP is getting proper coaxial cables (with RCA connectors) to connect the gear. 🙂 I hope to hear back about on how it went.
  13. Glad to hear you ordered the coaxial cables. I'm not entirely surprised the audio RCA cables didn't work for S/PDIF. Those cables aren't designed to work at the speeds required for transmitting digital signals. BTW, in the MX200 and Opti-Capture documentation, I see there are some settings to configure the S/PDIF. Hopefully, you saw that info too. Edit: Additional info ... For those who are curious about the technical details behind some of the popular digital transmission formats, here's an article titled "Connections & Clocking For Digital Audio" at the Sound on Sound (SOS) magazine web site. The SOS article mentions the pitfalls of using regular audio RCA cables for S/PDIF connections. Scroll down to the S/PDIF section to read more. The article references a document known as "IEC standard IEC-60958". The Octa-Capture user guide says the coax in/outs use this standard.
  14. Wanted to understand your main goal: Is the goal to connect the Lexicon MX200 to the Octa-Capture as an external effect? Or, do you want to add general-purpose stereo Analog ins/outs using the Octa-Capture "Coax" ports 9/10 ? I skimmed the Octa-Capture manual. As others have said, the "coax" (9/10) are digital I/O ports. One thing unclear in the manual is whether the "Coax" ports are S/PDIF compatible. The MX200 and the D/A converter suggested by Kurre are both S/PDIF. I'm speculating they are compatible, but you should contact Roland or a knowledgeable retailer to make sure. Perhaps someone will chime in here too. S/PDIF is a digital transmission specification. If the Octa-Capture Coax ports are compatible with S/PDIF: You will need two cables (in and out) to connect the MX200. Technically, you should purchase two 75ohm coax cables (w/RCA connectors) to make the connections. However, as Zargg mentioned, you can sometimes get away with regular home stereo/video cables. Keep them short if you try this. The converter suggested by Kurre appears to provide stereo analog outputs only but no inputs. In this case you would need one coax cable (same specs and caveats as above). Maybe a coax cable comes with the converter. I believe the Lexicon MX200 can be configured to allow the analog stereo inputs to be converted to digital without effects. Sweetwater carries S/PDIF Coax cables. I would imagine they are available at major music stores, audio retailers, and Amazon. FYI ... the "75ohm" coax cable is a specified to maximize digital signal integrity. Using regular audio cable may cause digital transmission problems. Hope this helps -- rather than cause more confusion!
  15. Thanks @scook! This is very timely. I have a new DAW arriving soon, and have been trying to figure out how to install the old SONAR VST and VSTi along with Cakewalk by Bandlab. I've spent a lot of time this evening going through old posts. Fortunately, my old Cakewalk Products account still works. Thanks @RexRed for asking the questions. Looks like I should download the old command center on the new DAW too.
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