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  1. As a young boy, I often had to endure a relative "learning to play" the violin. I still find it hard to listen to those things. *shudders*
  2. It takes me longer than that to remember that I have it......
  3. Where the hell is S.L.I.P. when you actually need him?
  4. Choose the name very carefully. Don't make the same mistake as the therapist who wanted to offer counselling to victims of sexual assault.
  5. Nah. Clearly tries way too hard to make people imagine that he's always looking at the ladies.
  6. I like to have many different textures occurring through a piece, so I find it useful in small sections like a breakdown or intro/outro or even just triggering the odd sample here and there to supplement a snare hit or something like that.
  7. The OP clearly knows nothing about cats.......... Dogs have owners, cats have staff.
  8. Maybe Mrs Gorsky is keeping him busy.
  9. Hey Rain, Nothing to say re guitars - they're all just different colours of the same thing to me, but nice to see you back here. Still living the dream?
  10. I think that was supposed to be the idea as the walls were just bare concrete block before. The other guys were convinced that everything sounded better but in reality most of the time the guitarist drowned everything else out anyway.
  11. 13 is supposed to be an unlucky number tho..............
  12. I also once spent a weekend glueing those things to the walls of our practice room, which had been a small milking parlour in a previous life. A false "ceiling" was then made out of an old RAF parachute. TBH I had no idea why we did either, but it looked cool at the time.
  13. I haven't had need to contact them for some time, but usually they are among the very best in my experience so it might be worth checking to see if something has gone astray.
  14. I forgot about them - probably because in my head I've already written them off as being too flimsy and toy like (like most of the other brands in fairness to Akai). The Advance just seemed more robust generally.
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