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  1. I have no idea how these things work, but I couldn't even get to any page for quite a long time. Maybe they relied too much on FB to spread the word.I would never have known anything if it weren't for this forum.
  2. Reverberated Strings is my fave.
  3. I've never really taken to IRON. I usually end up muting whatever I have put in with it. Maybe it's just me, but I've always struggled to make it sit well in a mix.
  4. Maybe they were unable to access their customer email database too? I certainly haven't had anything from them for weeks now, which is unusual.
  5. Bapu is just used to people putting on a mask when they stand next to him.😷
  6. Why is a hurricane like your wife? When they arrive they're wet and wild and when they're gone so is your house and car.
  7. When did I say that I had Analog Lab ? I just wanted to know if there was any advantage to having it in relation to V collection purchases.
  8. Thanks for replying, but I don't have an account, which is why I was asking.
  9. I've asked this before, but don't recall getting an answer, so seeing as we're talking Arturia here.......... Is there an upgrade/crossgrade path for Analog lab owners to V collection and if so how many beer tokens would it require?
  10. According to Bapu there is, but I think he's just paid to say that.
  11. Now that you mention it, I was probably delving around that section somewhere when it started, so I guess there's something different about those presets.
  12. Quite a few random audio dropouts for no apparent reason when using exclusively this in a new project today. Several instances, but each one frozen before inserting the next one, so effectively a few audio tracks plus one open instance of the synth each time. Not sure what to make of that right now, but everything else works as it normally does, so..............?
  13. A freebie that I might actually use now. I forgot that I even had the old version because for some reason it had greyed out on my vst menu and I didn't even notice as the old UI meant that I was never really drawn to it anyway. The new UI is much better. Still not what I'd call sexy or anything but hey it's free, so I'll turn the lights down low, have a beer or two and let the old beer goggles do their work.
  14. He probably had one too many cans of.....
  15. Where's the working link? I could always copy/paste the un-linked URL into my browser myself and then do the product search myself, but really these details should be in the initial post of a deals thread.😁
  16. It's what someone with a PHD offers you when you're buying a burger.
  17. Irony is alive and well.
  18. Taking the definition of "free" to a whole new level..........
  19. Well I guess if you really hate them that much, then who am I to argue?
  20. Can't believe that you dropped the C bomb in July........ Go and hang your head in shame.😎
  21. To be fair, the ladies seem to have been after a big ol' slice of everything that they perceived that men had to themselves for years, so quit whining ladies....... Not so much fun when the stiletto is on the other foot, is it?
  22. It's clearly not funny.
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