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  1. There you have it folks, after many years of speculation that craigb wasn't his real name, now we know........it's craigvE.
  2. I sometimes have a similar thing happen but during payback rather than export. Nothing to do with ARS or your I/O because I have neither. I've never managed to narrow it down to a specific circumstance other than it's always the last thing I did (obvs). Sometimes it's a plug-in, sometimes freezing a synth. If it's a plug-in then removing it solves the problem, if a freeze then unfreezing and refreezing usually cures it but not always. On one occasion I had to copy the synth/midi to a new project, freeze it there and the import the audio back into the first project.
  3. Yeah, that's why I wanted to like it, but I just couldn't take to it despite what was a killer deal at the time.
  4. I really wanted to like Samplitude. I got the demo a few years back and tried to get into it, but then the 1980's called and said that they wanted their UI back.
  5. Trying............. ..........Succeeding.
  6. I think the photo of Strummy is a fake. I've seen a picture of him before and he's looks much more like a young man from the 70's with curly hair.
  7. Dig out your 3d specs for some retro goodness.....
  8. You don't need to worry about him. Where he's from that counts as a vegetable.
  9. I was once told that there was something wrong with any man who didn't also order a pea fritter....... Advice that has yet to be proven wrong.
  10. As opposed to this kind of middle class......?
  11. Black pudding is actually quite nice as long as you pretend that you don't know what it is. I don't like it enough to go out and buy it for myself, but if I was served the breakfast in the video I would have no problem eating it and I'd eat it all day every day over pancakes and cremated bacon drowned in syrup.
  12. Somebody I know made a new year resolution to follow a gluten free diet. So far, only 16 days in she has lost ....
  13. Not sure when it started, but I can confirm that it happens to me in 2019.09 - haven't felt inclined to install the later updates yet. Clicking on the clip in question brings it up immediately so it seems like it is drawn, but not displaying for some reason. EDIT 17/01/19 : Further to above, out of curiosity checked and can confirm that Melodyne (v works as expected in final version of Platinum, so it seems to be a bandlab version that has caused this problem. This hasn't always happened to me and previously the only BL versions I have installed are 2019.05 and 2019.07 so I guess it got broken in either .07 or .09 and as it feels like a relatively recent issue I would guess at 2019.09. HTH.
  14. Amish equivalent of sinking jars and chatting up birds.... "Why don't you come by around 8, bring a fresh bottle of buttermilk, and we'll sit silently amongst my large family."
  15. Rough neighbourhood..? CJ: I'm going out ma..... Ma: Have you got your keys? CJ: Yep. Ma: Have you got your wallet? CJ: Yep. Ma: Have you chained it up? CJ: Yep. Ma: Have you got your knife? CJ: Yep Ma: Have you got your other knife? CJ: Yep. Ma: Don't forget that the wallet chain can also double as a useful weapon. CJ: I won't.... Ma:You could always take that heavy tin, just in case. You could cave someone's head in with that. CJ: FFS Ma, I'm only going to my flower arranging class. Ma: You can't be too careful. CJ: Ok Ma.
  16. paulo

    Arturia KeyStep Pro

    Yeah, agree again re the SL - I don't really care about the sequencer at all. I do have things that are everything I expected them to be and things that as it turned out have disappointed in some way, but at least at point of purchase I thought it was what I wanted so that's all I can go on. What I can't do is spend a comparatively large amount on something that I already don't like in some way before I have it, especially when it's a want rather than a need.
  17. Did you want one that isn't white? This is not your lucky day,
  18. paulo

    Arturia KeyStep Pro

    Still equivalent of $700 here (UK) - which is quite cheap compared to the price at launch. I don't mind paying higher prices for quality things that I really want and I can accept compromise if it's cheap, but I have trouble convincing myself to pay over the top for something that I'd still not be 100% happy with.
  19. paulo

    Arturia KeyStep Pro

    I think the same as you re the NI one. SL3 prices have started to drop now, but even then it still seems overpriced to me. I've been waiting in the hope that something new will be announced at NAMM.
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