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  1. Ooh, I know this one..............it's that everything is exactly the opposite of what it seems to be, right?
  2. I'm thinking that Strummy posted this thread title purely as a challenge.
  3. Nah, you need to have a general area to dump all the other crap in or we'll have to wade through it all the time.😀
  4. It would be nice if they just automatically followed the order in which their output tracks are in the project - ie if I make Omnisphere 1 the first track it becomes the first in the synth rack. If I later make it track 3 it's third in the rack. I suspect that the reason it isn't possible is because it would screw up the i/o's. In the past I've had projects where deleting a synth messed up the routing of all the others, so I dread to think what kind of mess it would become if they were dragged around within the synth rack.
  5. Very harsh on Alexa, but regardless of that this thread should be deleted as it's not music related.
  6. If anything I think that you just proved the opposite of that.😀
  7. You know that you're not supposed to believe your own publicity, right? 😀
  8. Save $803.88........LMAO! Not sure why this is posted here, but if anyone is tempted by Union I would recommend trying out the demo first.
  9. Currently $9.99 at PIB for anyone who doesn't already have it but feels the need to buy it right now. Xpand!2 $9.99 Only ever a matter of time before it will be even less than that.
  10. Makes no difference to me. The sections I look at are all bookmarked and I never even look at the forums menu page.
  11. paulo

    My moves

    I'm not allowed to say.
  12. My wife said that she was leaving me because I am so obsessed with Bon Jovi that I can never think of anything else. She said that she had found someone else and was moving in with him. I asked her who it was. She said that his name was Tommy. I said....... "the one that used to work on the docks?"
  13. Mieux vaut tard que jamais 😀
  14. paulo

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    You need to be wheely careful ?
  15. paulo

    My moves

    Nobody is really sure. That will become a recurring theme in part 3 (assuming our hero extracts himself from a tricky situation at the end of part 2 where after searching for the answer to a long term mystery, he accidentally becomes trapped within in a closely guarded computer folder) I've said too much now. You'll have to wait and see...........
  16. paulo

    My moves

    It will be even better. Watch out for the scene where all the people wearing parkas with a target on their back realise that wearing a target might not have been such a good idea once our deadly needle thrower gets his eye in.
  17. paulo

    My moves

    Nah. I was gonna bring it up to date.... The tinkering of the mobo's inadvertently releases a non existent computer virus that it is said will kill all the computers in the world, which the non-gender specific hero character, braigc, has to fight all alone because of not being allowed out and the worldwide banning of the expression of electronic opinions contrary to those dictated by the other main character, Willomena Fences, who somehow made billions despite not really knowing much about how computers work, let alone viruses, but is suddenly an expert on everything. Willomena claims to have spent all the money on some special water to inject into all the mobos to stop then from dying. braigc is powerless to stop Willomena's epic fraud and has to sit at home dismayed that all the computer's owners are standing in line for Willomema's special water, not realising that rather than save them, it will actually kill them because nobody thought to question the wisdom of injecting untested special water into computers that were actually not even broken in the first place. In the end Willomena makes even more money from selling new computers to everyone despite being the one that killed them all because they were able to blame the fact that it didn't work on a few rebels who hid their computers away and didn't inject Willomena's special water into them. Strangely these are the only computers left from the old world that still work in the new world, but nobody seems to question that. However, braigc is not done and vows to get even with Willomena by throwing long needles in a specific order, a skill than unbeknown to him he has been practicing for many years, with seemingly little point.............. until now. To be continued.......] Cue Aerosmith with the cunningly crafted theme music, thus making the whole thing music related. (sorry Gregy, Steven is just too charming to refuse).
  18. paulo

    My moves

    No, but I have the empty packet. Imagine that - you could impress people by telling them that you made a packet by selling the movie rights to a story that you wrote.
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