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  1. Hello friends i have Roland VST Sound Canvas, and seem to be unable to load the instrument definition file I have to assign program changes correctly All I get is gs midi , so can I ask, does ins def not work on midifile where an external hardware module is not plugged in? I’ve tried to add ins to cakewalk content/ cakewalk core/ instruments directory, no change has anyone got a lead?
  2. Hello friends, how do I get the instrument bank to change when I select another in the ‘edit’ field? there’s no cc in the midi file, yet Roland VSC changes back to ‘piano’ which seems to be the default.
  3. When I loaded Cakewalk TTS-1 I see note NUMBERS, when I loaded Roland Canvas VSC I see NOTES. It could be a default setting in Cakewalk TTS-1 ?
  4. Thanks for the recommendations, I appreciate the feedback
  5. Hello friends. A decade ago I had Korg hardware modules NS5R and NX5R in a rack and used Cakewalk Sonar to control the outputs. Now I’m using Cakewalk by Bandlab, have sold the Korg ages ago, and I am seeking a software version of those great sounds I used to have. can anyone point me to a software version please?
  6. I use Xpand!2 often when creating unplugged versions of backing tracks. It’s my ‘goto’ nylon guitar and acoustic bass
  7. I would prefer staff view to piano roll when editing notes in midi
  8. Some midi files also are velocity and volume controlled within the midi. If you do an ‘event search’ you can find them and delete them. Then you can add your own to your own preference
  9. I open the midi first, then the Sampler. Often I use Roland VST to identify the preselected midi channel instruments. I’m amazed how many professional midis don’t list channel assignments
  10. I have the same issue as above, I’m going to try this to see if it works on Roland VST
  11. Rest the tuning? Did you mean reset? thank you for the speedy reply
  12. Thanks for making it clear, I’m struggling with Kontakt setup in Cakewalk
  13. I downloaded those, but I must be honest. The samples from NI Factory can easily replace these for daily use.
  14. Please explain this for me. I have guitar sounds in kontakt doing the same, likely the pitch wheel, but don’t know how to ‘reset’ the sampler before the song replays
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