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  1. Like Promidi, I am always connected to the internet on my DAW. I had the CWBL activation message show up for the first time recently and simply opened Bandlab Assistant, let it update itself, logged in and all was well. It might not hurt to uninstall then reinstall either or both BA and CWBL if that doesn't work.
  2. Before I track vocals (with VST monitoring), I just do a rough instrumental mix (with all the desired FX) and then I archive everything except that rough mix and the vocal track I am going to record. Then there's no FX load to worry about except the one(s) on my vocal track and/or bus. That way I can dial my ASIO buffer down as low as possible and get rid of most latency issues I think a muted track with FX still places a load on the CPU, whereas archived tracks do not. (When I do this I don't think about PDC so I can't answer that part of your question.)
  3. You're not taking about "Auto-Track Zoom" are you, "shift-z" under the track view "View" menu? Is that not working for you?
  4. Oh, this is a blessing. Thank you, Heinz.
  5. I mix all tracks - routed through various sub-buses to the Master Bus - down to a single stereo track. Then I insert mastering plug-ins in the FX bin of that track and export it through a stereo hardware out - several times with tweaks to the FX as needed.
  6. The only time I use SONAR is to view 2 project versions simultaneously on 2 different monitors to compare settings, levels etc. - SONAR on the left, Cakewalk on the right. Pretty handy, but I have to remember never to save the version open in SONAR of I may lose some of the new bells and whistles.
  7. How could it get any better than this? A free, top-shelf Digital Audio Workstation that just keeps getting better. My Cakewalk now is more stable and robust than it has been since I started using it 25 years ago - not to mention features and power that just don't stop improving. If I am dreaming, don't wake me up. Thank you, Noel and everyone else who puts so much time and resources into this product and helps us make cutting edge music. And thanks to all the testers and other forum members who are ever ready to jump in and try to answer question and solve problems. You know who you are. Aloha, Bill Saunders
  8. Always make sure you have input echo turned on (the orange button below) on both the MIDI track and the synth audio track. Once in a while I also have to arm the synth audio track for recording. Of course also be sure your MIDI channels and inputs are aimed correctly at the synth and that your outputs are properly assigned.
  9. Have you tried cleaning the USB cable at both end with some 90+% alcohol, contact cleaner and/or some DeoxIT? Also leave the cord connectors wet with the cleaner/Detoxify and plug and unplug them a few times to clean out the port contacts.
  10. NEVERMIND. Found it. PS Where is the "Lens Dropdown Menu" referred to in the help documentation"?
  11. I'm having the folders not staying where I drag them - the order keeps reverting to an earlier version. I don't use lenses but I'll look around and see if there might be a hidden default I wasn't aware of, like this one from Startrouper Krupa: "I just tried setting the global lens to none, and the issue went away." and this one from msmcleod: "Track View Control Order" Thanks guys
  12. I have the same sort of questions as Krupa. What in your old system setup for Sonar 2.2 was so unique that the backwards compatibility of later versions wont handle?
  13. What is your price range? ZOOM UAC-8 (USB 3.0) has worked great for me - around $600. I just got a PreSonus Quantum (around $1k) that is reportedly the lowest latency interface anywhere (probably so in my estimation) but you need Thunderbolt 2. I run the ZOOM's ADAT out into the Quantum for extra inputs now. Lots of great options out there, its just a question of price, # of ins/outs, connection mode and what is important to you. PS - I really miss my old girlfriends - Gina, Layla and Mona. Great interfaces.
  14. I understand the issue now, bayoubill. You just need another pad of post-its.
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