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  1. Here a screenshot from the Z3TA+ 2 About screen with ten of the sound designers and their initials.
  2. If there’s one thing the Theme Editor has been sorely missing since day one, it’s a way to dump all images in a theme in a structured format onto your drive. I have used a numbered folder structure in File Explorer that mimics the order found in the Theme Editor tree-view to make the images organized and easy to find (partly seen in the image below). But of course it’s only practical to export one folder at a time. An export/import batch function that kept the internal tree-view structure would help a lot.
  3. Canopus


    Great title! And I enjoyed listen to the song as well!
  4. You say you want a Revolution Well, you know We all want to change the name of Kontakt libraries
  5. Canopus

    UVI Drum Replacer

    Drum Replacer, huh? Now where have I heard that product name before?
  6. Great that you’ve got things at least partly going. However, I’m not sure I understand your next step. Is your organ solo from the Juno recorded as MIDI or have you recorded its audio? How old is your Juno? Does it even support MIDI Out? The input to Vintage Organs should be MIDI based, but I get a feeling that you are searching for a way to put an effect on your existing audio clip. If so, at least I don’t know of any way to make Vintage Organs do that for you. Unless I’m mistaken, I see two options: you either re-record your solo once again as MIDI using Vintage Organs. Once it’s stored as MIDI you can use whatever drawbars, effects and amps that comes with the plug-in to tweak the sound. But of course, that requires a keyboard that supports MIDI Out. Or, optionally, you can try to find an effect that does what you’re looking for and apply it to the existing audio clip. But I don’t know what effect that would be. As for the general error, I have no idea what might be causing that.
  7. Kontakt comes in two forms: as a stand-alone executable and as a VST plug-in. The VST is most likely stored in the folder c:\program files\native instruments\vstplugins 64bit. Anyway that’s where it will be installed by default. Make sure you’ve got the path to that folder included in the CbB scan paths and then scan again. The Kontakt.exe you are mentioning is the stand-alone program. You never add paths to executables in the VST scan path. Of course, you could alternatively run Vintage Organs using the stand-alone Kontakt executable, but that would be outside CbB so you wouldn’t be able to record to your projects. I think that we should try to keep this setup as straight-forward as possible and primarily make the Kontakt Player plug-in accessible inside CbB.
  8. No, not Komplete Kontrol. You’ll need Native Instruments Kontakt to play Kontakt libraries. There are two versions of Kontakt: the full (and quite expensive) Kontakt, and the free Kontakt Player. The former works with all Kontakt libraries (including all third-party ones), while the latter only works with libraries authorized by Native Instruments. But as Vintage Organs is a Kontakt library sold directly by Native Instruments, the free Kontakt Player should be possible to use. Unless you already have Kontakt and/or Kontakt Player installed, you can download the latter for free from here: https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/samplers/kontakt-6-player/ . Of course, the Kontakt Player plug-in must also be scanned after installation. This is done either automatically or manually depending on your settings in Preferences. Kontakt is then inserted into your CbB project just as any other VSTi, either by dragging the Kontakt Player VSTi from the browser into Track View, or using the Add Track button in the CbB Track View, clicking the Instrument tab and then selecting Kontakt Player from the Instrument drop-down menu. To load an instrument in Kontakt, you simply expand the “Instruments” tab below the target library in the left-hand pane by clicking on it and then navigate until you find files called *.nki (see picture below). You then drag the *.nki file you would like to load into the right-hand pane. After the selected instrument has loaded (this might take a few seconds depending on the library size), you’re good to go. Note: if you don't see the left-hand pane, you'd have to click the third button in the Kontakt top menu and make sure "Browser" is checked. This is how Vintage Organs looks on my computer when everything is installed and the library has been loaded into Kontakt. In this case I have loaded the instrument "Tonewheel Organ B3.nki" located under the Default folder. Good luck.
  9. Vintage Organs is a Kontakt library, not a plugin. That’s why it will never show up in your list of plugins. You will however see it in the list of available libraries when inserting Kontakt or Kontakt Player into a project.
  10. I think scook was referring to the eighth line in the linked post, which states: Should you need to revert to the 2020.01 release, you can download the Cakewalk 2020.01 Rollback installer.
  11. A new free Kontakt library from 8DIO called ”The New Cajon and Bongo” is now available for download. Contains 8 Solo Instruments (4 Bongos, 2 Cajon Drums, 2 CJ Snares) and 3 Ensembles (Bongo, Cajon, & Combi Ensembles). Installed Size 1.9GB (7,500+ Samples). Download from here: https://8dio.com/instrument/the-new-cajon-and-bongo/ As always with anything from 8DIO, this library requires full Kontakt.
  12. I like Key Suite Electric as well. The wealth of instruments is a good thing. Not only do you get all the to-be-expected Rhodes and Wurlis from different periods, but you get a total of 63 different instruments to choose from. With all these instruments at your fingertips you would be hard-pressed not to find something that meets your needs. I mean, where else would you find a sampled Nippon Columbia from 1962?
  13. Sorry, I don’t have Keyscape so I can’t compare. But as for the Key Suite Acoustic bundle I like in particular the F Grand (a Fazioli I guess). I often start from the IT Basic Dry preset and work my way from there. Since I bought that bundle in March last year the F Grand has more or less become my go-to grand piano alongside my three TrueKeys Pianos from VI Labs, as well as my 8DIO New 1928 Scoring Piano when it comes to more cinematic stuff. I agree about the Key Suite Digital. That was the one suite I didn’t already have, and it was a positive surprise. I had expected some cheesy 1980’s lo-bit pianos, but after playing around with it today for a while the grin on my face started to get bigger and I can definitely see myself using some of its modules in the right context. As for the new Austrian Grand (a Bösendorfer I guess) I wasn’t too impressed at first with any of the given presets thinking they were mostly too dark and soft, but once I found and turned on the Cinematic switch with in particular the AG Basic Dry preset loaded, I found a timbre that I liked a lot with an impressive low register. I can see myself use that a lot as a starting point going forward.
  14. I own both Key Suite Acoustic and Key Suite Electric so I got the bundle for just €29. Getting both Key Suite Digital and the new Austrian Grand for the price of a haircut made it a total no-brainer. One great thing about UVI for those of us living in Europe is that even though the amount in USD and EUR are the same (which might seem unfair for Europeans considering the normal difference in exchange rate) the euro price actually includes VAT. I haven’t seen any other European plug-in manufacturer do that. Way to go.
  15. I just tested to insert Carbon Electra 1.5 into a new empty project in CbB 2020.04 EA1 and played around adding some MIDI (no problem), saving it, closing down CbB, reopening CbB, and loading that same project (no problem). So the bottom line is that I can’t see any such problems with CE running in CbB, running Windows 10 Pro (1909). Maybe you should try to reinstall Carbon Electra 1.5?
  16. Canopus

    Falls of Thunder

    I remember a song you posted in the old Cakewalk forum three years ago called ”Does it rhyme?”. My comment at that time was: “A beautiful song and a very touching voice too. Loved it.” That comment might fit here just as well. Sometimes less is definitely more.
  17. To anyone using the Carbon theme; I’m sorry but I just noticed that I’d forgotten to remove some of the glossy design elements found in Gran Vista. I have now uploaded a new Carbon theme file, so those of you having downloaded it during the last 24 hours might want to download the updated version.
  18. That’s not a bug. You are using a User Theme that hasn’t yet been updated to CbB 2020.04. Switch to Mercury or Tungsten and the image will appear as expected.
  19. Both the Gran Vista Black & Blue and Carbon themes have now been updated to support recent modifications in CbB 2020.04. This includes the addition of Arranger Tracks and individual ProChannel module presets. Additionally, the menu drop-down indicators on the Media and Plugin tabs in the Browser have been made brighter for increased visibility. Scrollbar backgrounds have also been made slightly brighter in order to give better contrast against the scrollbar arrows. Unfortunately at this time the black scrollbar arrows can unfortunately not be modified using the theme editor. Please note! Due to the addition off Arranger Tracks in CbB 2020.04, all tab images in the Inspector got smaller. Because of that, the Gran Vista and Carbon themes version 1.07 are not backward compatible with CbB prior to release 2020.04. If you are planning on using older versions of CbB you should thus not update Gran Vista or Carbon beyond version 1.06. As always, download the themes from the links supplied in the OP.
  20. There was a new version of UVI Falcon being released less than a week ago on April 4th. One of the issues being fixed in version 2.0.7 is according to the change log “UI fixes”. I have no idea what that means as I haven’t yet downloaded it myself, but perhaps you should try it.
  21. And here I was, thinking that Germans were very structured and organized, but this adventure of getting a reclaim link to AAS from Beat Magazine has made me think otherwise. It only resulted in a measly six emails from Falke Media/Beat Magazine, nähmlich: Ihre bestellung bei falkemedia Ihr Download-Link für falkemedia Serialcenter – Registrierung Serialcenter – Software-Aktivierung Dokumente zur Bestellung 999999999 (and only two of those) I would have expected a lot more emails than that if the national caricature of Germans would have been true.
  22. It’s great to have a laugh in these miserable times.
  23. To avoid confusion I think you should give your theme a unique name that doesn’t somehow imply that this is a new official version of the default Cakewalk theme.
  24. Given that this is the Coffee House and your track record of jokes in said forum, I had to read your question very cautiously a couple of times to see if this was some kind of joke that just went over my head. It still may be, but otherwise your formula in the green cell would be =IF(B3+C3>0,1,””). Mind you, I don't have an English version of Excel so both the function name and the divider sign are slightly different on my computer, but I think this slightly modified version should work just fine.
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