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  1. 41 minutes ago, Kevin Perry said:

    How slow is slow?  Mine boots in a consistent 9 seconds.  It's just not worth worrying about that, so shutting down and letting things be clean on startup is a non-issue (it's a decent, but nowehere close to top end machine: Ryzen 2600@3.4GHz, 6/12 cores, 32GB, Samsung NVMe boot drive).

    My boot takes about 20 seconds on a modest machine, Intel i5-9600K, at 4.3GHz, 6 cores, 16GB DDR4, Samsung SSD 860 500GB boot, running on ASUS Prime Z390-A.

    Not top end, but fast enough for me not to have to go make coffee while waiting. :)

  2. 1 hour ago, slartabartfast said:

    I have been on Win10 Pro on my main work machine since 2015. I bought my first SSD about 18 months ago, and I must say I was pretty disappointed in the change in speed of a cold boot with the new drive--better, but nowhere near the instantaneous boot that some people talk about.

    Yep, Win 10 has a lot more going on when it boots. A few years ago I upgraded a laptop with a HDD spinner from Win 8.1 to Win 10, and it was barely usable with Win 10.

    But YMMV. I always try to shut off as many non-Windows auto-loading processes and services as I can.

    You may already be familiar with this, but for the sake of others reading >>> Autoruns for Windows by Microsoft Sysinternals is free, and can give you a lot of insight into what is starting up in Windows, and you can easily uncheck any entries you wish (non-destructively) to prevent them from loading. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/downloads/autoruns

    "This utility, which has the most comprehensive knowledge of auto-starting locations of any startup monitor, shows you what programs are configured to run during system bootup or login, and when you start various built-in Windows applications like Internet Explorer, Explorer and media players. These programs and drivers include ones in your startup folder, Run, RunOnce, and other Registry keys. Autoruns reports Explorer shell extensions, toolbars, browser helper objects, Winlogon notifications, auto-start services, and much more. Autoruns goes way beyond other autostart utilities."

  3. 23 hours ago, aidan o driscoll said:

    I get you now, thought you had somehow managed to move the samples themselves across

    You should really check out Unify. Since it is a plugin host you are able to load 3rd party plugins such as Spitfire Player on multiple layers, and never need to open or look at the native plugin UI. They are still there in the background and are accessible if needed, but can also be ignored. :)

    Great idea @Reid Rosefelt!!!

    Edit: You can insert 3rd party plugins in Unify layers regardless of whether or not they have already been "Unified". You just select the patch in the native plugin GUI, and set any desired effects in the respective Unify layer, then save it in the Unify user library yourself. Once you have done that, the preset is "Unified" and available to load directly from the Unify browser.

    All "Unified" presets will appear in the Unify preset browser, allowing you to completely bypass the native plugin UI.

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  4. It's a shame that BandLab doesn't just re-release Rapture Pro, which replaced Rapture and Dim Pro back in the day.

    Probably not worth investing much to update it, because there is some rather stiff competition out there in the soft synth market today. Even some of the free synths are very high quality.

    Although it's probably not the market that BandLab is going after, but IMHO it would be very good PR for BandLab!

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  5. 16 hours ago, Magic Russ said:

    If you have downloaded the Muz3um patch set for Rapture, I invite you to download my Magic Russ in the Muz3um set of patches which I have posted to the Rapture Patches page on KVR.  I will also post the 30 for 30 set there tomorrow or so.

    Already had the 30 for 30. Just added the Magic Russ in the Muz3um set. Very nice, and a fresh reminder of what a great sounding synth that Rapture is!!!

    ¬†Cool stuff! ūüĎć

    Just a note that for some reason at first the F5 preset refresh did not work for me in CbB, after adding the new folder to the Rapture Programs folder. But finally got that working. Maybe stuck keyboard, I dunno...

  6. 1 hour ago, DallasSteve said:

    Is there any update on adding a chord track to Cakewalk?  Are there any work arounds like an third party add-on chord track?

    Haven 't seen any recent discussion on the topic.

    Not likely to be a workaround for a DAW centered project chord track that all tracks in a project would respond to. But there are a few 3rd party plugins that will generate MIDI chord progressions that you can drag and drop into a project track.

    Have you looked at Scaler 2 by Plugin Boutique? https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/3-Studio-Tools/93-Music-Theory-Tools/6439-Scaler-2

    "Scaler 2 is an inspirational and powerful music theory workstation that gives you access to a world of new ideas, expressions and melodies. With powerful detection of MIDI and audio, Scaler 2 can determine what key and scale you’re in and suggest chords that match your music. The plugin helps you discover the perfect melody with performance expressions, and can even suggest ways to change from one key to another."

    The main difference with using 3rd party tools is you need to build your song track by track around the same scale, rather than having a global track in the DAW where other tracks could follow along with any changes made within a single chord track.

    Not an easy feature to implement at the DAW level!

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  7. 6 hours ago, John Bradley said:

    I was much more impressed with Arturia's Tape MELLO-FI, fwiw.

    Wouldn't pay $99 for it, but grabbed it at the much lower intro price (free) and have been enjoying it. Even used the 'tape-stop' effect in one of my tracks.

    MELLO - FI is cool, as is the included "tape-stop" effect! :)

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  8. 7 hours ago, Anxiousmofo said:

    Anyone know if a v5 full license would also work for the v4 installer?  I'd rather not install to find out.  I got on the bus at v5 and I have some Push racks for v4 that I'd like to use.

    I already had a AL 4 license, and was granted with AL V when they released it, so now I have both versions (on same license). I don't know if that works in reverse, though.

    I would check with Arturia support.

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  9. 46 minutes ago, sarine said:

    Where can I read about this?

    Just going by intuition, as IANAL, BUT (see what I did there)... Plugin vendors have been selling perpetual licenses to consumers and professionals. If their licenses were effectively revoked, they could sue the vendors. The vendors would file a class-action lawsuit against Steinberg. Steinberg is based in Germany. EU laws are fairly pro-consumer. License terms are not above the law. For Steinberg there would be virtually nothing to gain and everything to lose, so in conclusion I think this scenario is paranoia and not reality.

    I think the topic is only related to the possibility of revoking developer's VST2 dev kit licenses for future development and distribution of VST2, not the end user's product already in hand...

  10. 3 hours ago, Brian Cadoret said:

    In my account The PreSonus Hub installer requires Windows 10 

    Was there ever an installer for Windows 7 ,  does anyone have it installed.



    PreSonus Hub is a fairly recent thing (v1.0.0 December 12, 2019). Microsoft ended support for Windows 7 in January 2020.

    There are a few posts over at the PreSonus forum commenting on the Windows 10 requirement for Hub, such as this one  from Dec 30, 2019 "I tried to install the Hub, but the install program indicates that the user has to have Windows 10 or later for that".

    I assume that user would have been trying with the v1.0.0 installer. Any doubts, probably should check with PreSonus support.

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  11. 9 hours ago, PavlovsCat said:

    The only thing that stopped me from upgrading in the past when there was a sale is the fact that a lot of the sounds in the Lite version duplicate bread and butter sample libraries I already own formatted, mostly for KONTAKT. 

    Given both formats for bread and butter sounds, my preference is for anything Arturia over sampled Kontakt instruments. Samples are great for orchestral and acoustic sounds, however. Just my opinion, of course, but the quicker preset loading for modeled presets is my top reason. All of my samples are on an SSD, but still...

  12. On 1/26/2022 at 8:24 PM, PavlovsCat said:

    What would you think of Analog Lab if you didn't have Aurturia's other synths? 

    Even with the V Collection, I would still recommend using the Analog Lab V to browse and audition the sounds from the AL V browser. And the AL V macro controls are already setup to tweak the most common performance controls in each preset, so you don't really need to open the full synth edit page.

    I currently have 12,578 presets available to search from in my Analog Lab V browser. That includes all of the full V Collection 8 presets, the Pigments 3.5 presets, plus a few additional Arturia and 3rd party libraries.

    So being able to search all of those presets from a single browser makes it a bit more manageable. Still chipping away at marking my favorites for a faster search. It is a massive keyboard collection, and more than just synths! Piano, Digital Pianos, Clavinet, Organs, Mellotron, etc.

    Analog Lab will let you open the full instrument in edit view if you own it, so once you find a sound you like and want to tweak it more to taste, that is very accessible with one click. But Analog Lab alone is quite a value.

    I already had Analog Lab V, Pigments, and Piano V, so I wasn't really planning to upgrade to V Collection. Until Arturia sent me an upgrade deal that I couldn't refuse last year. But I'm really glad that I did the full upgrade! :)

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  13. 36 minutes ago, aidan o driscoll said:

    But doesnt always happen however more often than not succeeds. When it doesnt succeed its a punt also :D 

    I should have said that it's impossible for the offense to score with a punt play. It's intent is simply to turn over possession of the ball to the opposing team and push them back as far away from your goal as possible. Similar to the way a goalie defending their goal in soccer (futbol) can drop kick the ball away.

    The alternative would be a place kick play for a field goal, that may or may not go over the upright at the goal posts. The punt is reserved for situations where you are too far away to kick a field goal.

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  14. 1 hour ago, aidan o driscoll said:

    Yes, here in Ireland it would be similar in that PUNT & kicking Ball in Gaelic Football. Taking a chance kick from outfield to score a POINT over the cross bar ( below crossbar is a defended by keeper goal. Score a goal is  worth 3 points ). Gaelic football and hurling goals look like a combined soccer and rugby goal/posts in one

    BUT BUT, I will give you all a lesson in Irish. Pre the EURO our currency was the Irish pound IR¬£ ... In Irish POUND is PUNT ( with whats called a FADA over he U - P√ļnt ). The Irish Pound -¬†¬†punt √Čireannach ( "air-an-knock" )

    So now :D


    When we Americans PUNT there is no realistic expectation to score a point, it's not like kicking a field goal. We are giving the ball back to the opposing team for them to begin a new offensive drive with.

    But the explanation of the Irish Pound (PUNT) is very interesting! Or the English version, "worth a bet" (PUNT). Wow, this word sure can be confusing, LOL!

    Either of those would make sense in the context of "worth a punt".  :)

  15. 17 hours ago, aidan o driscoll said:

    worth a punt

    That phrase had me wondering for a minute. In American football, "to punt" means kicking the ball away to the other team.

    Apparently over there "worth a punt" means "worth a bet".

    I get it now! :)

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