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  1. It/they have different modes, and all sounds a little different. Worth demoing, IMO.
  2. I'd put it alongside Pro L2 and Ozone Maximizer. It's a good one.
  3. Words become meaningless in times like this 😟 My thoughts goes out to you and yours.
  4. I'm so sorry to hear this Terry! My thoughts goes out to you and your family in these tough times. Wish I could be of any help. All the best from Norway.
  5. Thanks, Jack! The guitar was tracked DI (Drawmer MX60), using S-Gear and Softube British Class A (Console 1) for tone, and a Waves L1 for controlling peaks.
  6. Thanks for the positive feedback, (and waking up your neighbors) Kenny!
  7. I did the PP check, and got the confirmation e-mail. No download code yet. They are not listed in my PP account for having any access. I have a 2 factor verification on PP, but will change my password, just in case.
  8. I've changed the link to Bandcamp.
  9. It has unlocked a discount for a time, using the code "UNLOCKJANUARY" (not sure for how long).
  10. I've been playing geetar for a synth-pop band for 20 yrs, and we've just released a re-mix album (as a follow up to the release before new year). I've done a metal(ish) remix of a synth-pop song from this album. They've gotten my name wrong a couple of places... Trying Bandcamp instead of Spotify. https://subculturerecords.bandcamp.com/track/tomorrow-is-a-new-day-zarg-remix
  11. Happy New Year to you and yours! All the best from Norway,
  12. For me it was Steven Slate Drums 5. Having SD3, it has just felt useless (so far).
  13. Zargg

    Your 2020 best purchase ?

    I've made a few that I wish could put on this list, but I'll go for the most recent. I've finally gotten a patch-bay.
  14. Hi. If you're working with several vocal tracks (singing the same), I'd recommend Vocalign Project 1st. After that S1 5. All the best.
  15. I wish you all a peaceful, creative, and healthy holiday. All the best from Norway.
  16. Be aware that The Snail does not play well with all nVidia graphics cards, and just crashes. I have been in contact with support that told me this, as my version crashes all the time.
  17. Zargg

    Toontrack Day 3

    This is one of the few times it pays to be Norwegian, as it's cheaper for me to pay with Swedish currency (it defaults to it) than other currencies. I almost always get a better price when shopping from them directly. I had this one, though All the best.
  18. Wow! I want that bass and the talent.
  19. Yes and no. The LA3A is not fixed, but the 1176 collection now works in Console 1. All the best.
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