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  1. I can't thank you enough for fixing both the "stoppage" when I copy FX from one channel to another and assigning outputs while the DAW is running. Not only that but you also fixed the problem that while the DAW is running I could not get it to stop when hitting the space bar. It would run until the graphics caught up with the stop command and sometimes it wouldn't stop until the song was finished playing. GOD BLESS YOU !!! Keep up the good work because I do this professionally (28 years) and I've used Cakewalk Sonar since 1994 and these past problems had me looking at other DAWS to replace you. I currently use Cakewalk exclusively for all my projects because of the way it sounds and functions. You should research the article regarding Terry Howard and Ray Charles. He wouldn't use digital recording because he didn't like the sound and he had very critical tastes when it came to making his records. HE could hear the difference and chose only Cakewalk (Sonar) to work with after audutioning All of the major DAWS available. Again, Thank you so much Michael Wells Engineer/Producer/Musician
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