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  1. Thanks for this! I guess I've been enjoying your theme for many years without proper thanks. Had to update it on the latest cakewalk update to get it to work again.
  2. 38 seasons and counting of the TV show Survivor produced entirely in Sonar/Bandlab... http://www.koskenmaki.com/lomaloma.mp3 http://www.koskenmaki.com/lomaloma.jpg http://www.koskenmaki.com/fijiending.mp3 http://www.koskenmaki.com/fijiending.jpg
  3. matt

    active topics or latest posts?

    ok thanks I told you I was dumb.
  4. Am I missing this somewhere? Every other forum I visit (including the old sonar forum) has a place to view either active topics or latest posts or both, instead of having to click through each individual subforum. It's especially weird here because you have "general" and "Q & A" which seem redundant and you have to click through both of them. Maybe I'm just being a dummy and missing it somewhere..?
  5. This is great, thanks. I've made accounts on a bunch of these sites now.
  6. matt

    frog guiro project

    Everything was shot in LA, mostly in my back yard!
  7. Awesome, that's it thanks! Also changes media browser etc.
  8. I really like the look of the light green. I'm starting to get into the theme editor and coming up with my own tweaks but it's a bit confusing at first. One thing that has me currently stumped, if you don't mind helping a noob out. Where on earth can I find the color of the text for the volume/pan controls?
  9. Scook, thanks for this. The light green is quite nice on the eyes. I also nabbed the tools editor from your site, excellent! Let me know how I can return the favor.
  10. Curious what other sites you guys use as resources. Forums, chat rooms, facebook groups? Obviously gearslutz though I find the size a bit unwieldy at times. https://vi-control.net is a good site for virtual instruments. They also have a discord server where a few of us Sonar/Bandlab/Cakewalk users hang out: https://discord.gg/kntDCen What else?
  11. matt

    frog guiro project

    First time posting in the new forum. Been in the other forum since 2003 though I never posted all that much. (Was much more active on the old newsgroups before that.) Been on every version of Cakewalk/Sonar since 1995 roughly. Still am, unbelievably. It's been a wild ride. This track was done entirely in CbB and in the video you'll see some screen captures of the track in action. Not posting this as an ad but if you do decide to get the frog guiros know that your $5 goes 100% to charity.
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