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  1. The singer has a sore throat but otherwise this is nice
  2. kakku

    Jam In Am

    Thank you. I thought the name would do something like that
  3. kakku

    Jam In Am

    Thank you
  4. kakku

    Jam In Am

    Hi. For some reason I made this tune private when I posted it long ago. Now it is public. I do not know where put the project files so I cannot edit it more. I hope you like it and I welcome comments
  5. kakku


    Very cool tune
  6. Really good song and the performances were great too
  7. I liked it. Very good song. Listened with koss portapros and mix sounds good
  8. I do not like the plain pringles but the paprika flavored is alright
  9. kakku

    Dance Tryout

    Thank you Wookster
  10. kakku

    Dance Tryout

    Thanks Tom. I did the project files with my old 32 bit daw so it would be a lot of work to fix the mix as I would have to do replace all the plugins in the project. My old daw comp is missing since after I moved. But thanks for the tip. Maybe I will remake the project on my current daw. I am experiencing reduced thirst for all daw related stuff so it may be much later
  11. kakku

    Dance Tryout

    Thanks much. I used the free Aquestone plugin
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