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  1. I have updated to the newest CbB, restarted the computer, this bug won't go away. After working in Track View for a few minutes, all of a sudden I can't move the mouse cursor above or below the region containing the shuttle and measure numbers. I have to hit the windows key or Alt-Tab to activate an entirely different application to get full motion of the mouse cursor back. At the same time, if I change the now marker when paused, when I playback it stars playing where the Now marker was before I moved it. I don't know what i'm doing to make this happen.
  2. Genuinely not visible, nd shuttle not moving. I have to stop playback (and not auto-rewind) to see where the now time now is. Works fine in PRV though.
  3. Somehow I managed to make the vertical bar under the shuttle showing Now Time to disappear from Track view. Also, the shuttle at the top doesn't move during playback. How can I get that back?
  4. I found te answer. For anyone else who runs into this, the feature is called Ripple Editing, and you can enable/disable it under the Options menu in Track View.
  5. Long time Sonar user. Just installed CbB, seems mostly exactly the same as Sonar Platinum. Anyway, I don't know how I did this, but now I can't move clips independently of other tracks. I will select a clip in Track 1 and try to slide it over, and the clips in all the other tracks move along with it. I tried finding some flag to disable, but couldn't. I tried to simply copy and paste the clip instead, but pasting it inserts a hole in every other track. It appears that it's trying to be helpful by making sure all my clips stay in sync with each other, but I don't want it to be so helpful. I just decided I want the harmonica solo to appear at the end of verse 1 instead of verse 2. So I'm trying to move the harmonica solo clip earlier in the song. What do I need to switch so it won't do this?
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