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  1. Thanks for listening David. Glad you enjoyed the track.
  2. Thanks Wookiee for listening and your positive feedback on the mix. The Tabla sounds are not real, they are from Kontakt VST instrument.
  3. Thanks Douglas for listening and for your positive feedback.
  4. Good one there amiller. Nice guitars and the tempo and time sig changes interesting.
  5. Nice piece there David. Calm and serene sort of a bgm for farmland or countryside scenes.
  6. ramscapri

    Skin Tight

    Nice Bass, guitars and vocals there Bapu ! Good teamwork on a metalish track there 👍
  7. Thanks John for listening and your observations. Yes, trying to explore various sounds, both from traditional acoustic sources and modern electronic and their combinations. Haven't even scratched the surface yet though 😄
  8. Nice start there Allan with that reverby lead. Beats and vocals gel in well. Good one overall 👍
  9. Interesting sounds there Wookiee including the reverby vocals. Didn't know what to expect and stayed that way. The transition at the 2:18 mark carries the track forward well. Good one overall 👍
  10. ramscapri


    Nice one David. A calm and engaging sequence which makes you relate to the BGMs of way back yesteryear movies, a silent movie maybe.
  11. Nice beat and rhythm guitar there Douglas. Deep vocals giving the rock feel. Well done there 👍
  12. Thanks Gary for listening and your feedback. Yeah trying hard to get better at my mixes.
  13. Thanks for listening and your kind comments Tom. Glad you liked it.
  14. Groovy vocals there Jesse with nice rhythm guitar and twangy lead guitar. Nice one 👍
  15. Wow that was rocking and rolling indeed Tom with crunchy guitars and catchy vocals. Truly young times stuff. Well done there 👍
  16. Nice beat John with good clear vocals gelled in and well centered in the mix with accompaniments floating around well panned. Good one 👍
  17. ramscapri

    Galaxy of Dreams

    Ambient Pop Fusion World Music track, or something like that 😄 Both YouTube and Soundcloud links below : Please share at will if you like the piece 🙏 https://soundcloud.com/ramscapri/galaxy-of-dreams
  18. That was awesome bjorn and a lovely gift to the aunt ! Clean, bright and crisp guitars from you to go with her beautiful paintings. Very nice indeed !
  19. ramscapri

    Rocky Flow

    Thanks a lot Tom for listening and providing your constructive comments. Yes truly I didn't do much processing on the rhythm and beats. Some additional reverb on those could have got them to gel better with the lead and stay slightly away in space. Will keep that in mind for next time.
  20. ramscapri

    Rocky Flow

    Thanks Gary for your generous comments. Glad you liked it.
  21. ramscapri

    Rocky Flow

    Thanks for listening bjorn and for your feedback.
  22. ramscapri

    Rocky Flow

    Thanks for your kind comments John. Glad you liked it.
  23. ramscapri

    Rocky Flow

    I get the point Paulo. Was so focused on working on the lead and completing the track that I lost the will to work on variations to the rhythm and beats. 😀🤣 Thanks for listening and for the comments...
  24. Cute pics of the puppy and nice cool track to go along with it. A touching tribute to a memorable pet.
  25. ramscapri

    Rocky Flow

    Thanks Tom. Glad you enjoyed the track. Thanks for the drums suggestion on the dive. Will look to try that sometime.
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