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  1. lovely stuff Fred - the interlude in the middle section is especially pretty
  2. Very nice of you Tom. Thanks
  3. Thanks Bert - I agree on the bassline - I love Bap's throbbing bottom Thanks a lot Makke
  4. Thanks so much mate - I'll take Squeeze
  5. Your voice is the bizniss on this mate. Sounds great Lynn.
  6. Cool stuff Bert. Snare is a tad sharp but I really like this arrangement
  7. Triple albums - those were the days. Thanks so much Nigel - you're very kind Thanks so much Paul - I really appreciate the listen
  8. a bit like yerself Thanks a lot Makke
  9. daryl1968


    Trump's in a movie? This is really cool David - really gets the vibe across
  10. daryl1968

    Under Your Umbrella

    Heard this on Amazon this afternoon. Very nice again.
  11. daryl1968

    S P A N

    It's everywhere. I use the scattergun approach
  12. daryl1968

    S P A N

    I just followed you on Amazon Music - I'll try and crank up some streams for you mate
  13. Thanks so much Freddy - you're very kind mate Thanks Lynn my mate - made me day
  14. daryl1968

    Oh So Beautiful

    Did you put 2 coats of polish on the car? Nice song and mix Paul. Some lovely guitar work.
  15. Love this Bjorn. Cinematic composition well mixed. The video is hypnotic too.
  16. Thank you very kindly Wookster. Very nice of you mate
  17. daryl1968

    Bridges Fallen

    Bloody fabulous again. Classy stuff
  18. Thanks so much Andy. Your comments made me very happy mate. Yes, these places are like war zones
  19. Thanks so much @PavlovsCat - made my day Thanks Jack
  20. daryl1968

    Walking on Eggs

    yes, I know the feeling Great stuff Freddy - love the Ska feel
  21. Mr Q - how's it going my mate? Interestingly those high sweeps made my dog's (three of them) ears stick up. I like dogs and I like you Mr Q
  22. daryl1968


    this is bloody lovely Mark - some of the harmonics hanging around are gorgeous
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