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  1. Cheers Doug - they did indeed - I'll pass it on
  2. Maybe I will mate. Glad you like it Lynn
  3. Hi David. I used a (very good) karaoke backing on this. Would have loved to do the music myself but didn't have enough time.
  4. daryl1968

    If Time is Money

    Great words and very true Bjorn.
  5. Wow 2.44 - it's a veritable single. Love it Wooks - really cool. Let's hear your voice a bit more in future
  6. Maybe the word fecking. A-fecking-mazing. So so good.
  7. Amazing. No other words required.
  8. Thanks a lot Andy - it certainly took some patience - my dog learned a few new swear words. 12, 350 views on Facebook now
  9. Thanks a lot mate. They're a great bunch of women.
  10. Thanks a lot Bjorn. I had 2 days to get it done as it had to be posted the evening before VE day. There were overwhelming moments
  11. Cheers mate. Some of the ladies are living alone during the lockdown and really enjoyed the challenge.
  12. Thanks Nigel - that's a lovely tribute. All the photos in our video are family of the choir members. I had 2 days to do the whole thing - lots of midnight oil burned.
  13. Thanks so much mate. The worst part was that I didn't get the videos from the singers until Tuesday, so spent 2 full days on it. Mind you, bugger all else to do
  14. I meant to say, all audio was mixed in CbB and this is the first time I have used Cakewalk for extracting audio from video - it works very well
  15. Hi nice people of the forum Yesterday I finished this video. It is my wife's choir here in Wales, UK singing We'll Meet Again - a tribute on VE day's 75th Anniversary (WW2 Victory in Europe). I had to fix the audio from 23 videos taken on mobile phones (UK is under strict lockdown), then manually align them to the backing track they were singing to, then create a video from all of it. It was posted last night and has 9,000 views on Facebook so far. I hope you enjoy. https://vimeo.com/415956582
  16. Thanks so much Steve - you'e very kind mate
  17. Brilliant Tom! Did you have anyone in mind when you wrote this?
  18. Thanks so much Paul - stay safe mate Thanks for the kind words Bjorn. Yes, they're still 200 miles apart. It's making them a stronger couple though.
  19. I'm a cutsie kind of guy Thanks David
  20. Thanks a lot Nigel - I'll take Squeeze!
  21. Thanks so much Makke you're the best - thanks Freddy Thanks so much Andy - you too mate
  22. Thanks Lynn - really appreciate it mate
  23. Thanks Tom. Yes they heard it and loved it. My daughter is still a bit pissed off with him but they should be back together in around a week. I like a happy ending keep safe and healthy my mate. We must be due another colab......
  24. Thanks Tim. It is a very strange and sad time mate
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